Virtual Influencers and Online Content Creators computer-generated are now everywhere.

Do you want to grow your business and online presence?

Here is the thing: collaborate with virtual influencers on Instagram.

Working with the top global cyber-creators helps target wider potential consumers beyond your current audience.

All the Best virtual Influencers accounts in the world

Accelerated brand growth is a guarantee when you work with highly-engaged international virtual influencers.

Imagine how many people around the world see your product on Qai Qai’s Instagram post.

Or featured on Lil Miquela, the robot sensation, daily Reels.

Wider audience scope can increase the chance of your product or service

Getting discovered by people with aligned interests.

Here is the up-to-date, versatile list of top fictional, computer-generated influencers in the world

In 2023 with a wide audience demographic.

Let’s dive in.

The Top 10 Virtual Influencers in 2023 👇🏼

  1. Lil Miquela – @lilmiquela
  2. Imma – @imma.gram
  3. E.M.O.I – @e.m.oi
  4. Ion Gottlich – @iongottlich
  5. Shudu – @shudu.gram
  6. Thalasya – @thalasya_
  7. B – @bee_nfluencer
  8. Body by Ralph – @bodybyralph
  9. Bermuda – @bermudaisbae
  10. Qai Qai – @realqaiqai

After becoming an online sensation a few years ago,

There are more Lil Miquela’s coming to the influencer scene.

Don’t get me wrong, their influence is as strong as the biggest creators sitting on the highest global thrones. 

Pick the ones that have real quality for your brands & companies,

Here is the well-curated list of the most-followed & best global cyber influencers in 2023.


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1. Lil Miquela – The Biggest, most Well-known Virtual Instagram Influencer

Who doesn’t know Miquela?

She was literally the first robot sensation on Instagram

After her uncanny human resemblance sparked a discussion of her authenticity.

I mean, look at her?!

Lil Miquela, or Miquela Sousa, is one of the most known virtual influencers globally.

She was once featured on TIME Magazine’s “25 Most Influential People on the Internet.”

On Instagram, Miquela builds a persona of a singer, activist, and fashion model.

Don’t question her brand partnership anymore.

From Calvin Klein, Prada, Samsung, to one of the biggest music festivals in The US, Coachella.

Add her to your list and reach the “miqualiens”, her dedicated fanbase around the world.

2. Imma – The first Japanese Virtual Model & Influencer in the World

If you think Miquela’s resemblance is just incomparable, wait until you see Imma.

She is the first virtual model & virtual influencer from Japan.

While Miquela’s look is phenomenal with her bangs & freckles,

Imma pulls off iconic pink hair in a bob cut, and also full bangs.

And just look at her! You just can’t tell if she’s a robot or a pure human.

While others don’t often address their “robotness”,

Imma shows a persona of questioning her own existence with the hashtag #ithinkimcgi.

Already worked with big brands like Valentino, Amazon, Calvin Klein, Porsche Japan, Dior, Puma, and Nike,

Imma is an important virtual figure in Japan you should try working with.

3. E.M.O.I – International Virtual Instagram Creator from Vietnam

The virtual influencer scene has reached Vietnam,

Where E.M, created by Ogilvy T&A and Colory studio, is joining the bandwagon.

Apparently, virtual influencers are already a thing in Southeast Asia.

She is the first cyber creator & model from Vietnam.

A fashion collection called “Back To The Future is her first appearance as a public figure.

FYI, her username comes from an expression in Vietnam, “Em ơi,” which means “Hey, sweetie!”

E.M’s elegant fashion & aesthetic sense is the best asset to grow her online presence on Instagram.

Add her to your list, and leverage both virtual & nano influence from an influencer in Vietnam.

4. Ion Gottlich – Sports & Health Virtual Global Influencer

Don’t get me wrong, a fictional character can also be an inspiration for your diet.

Like Ion Gottlich, a sports and health virtual influencer who loves cycling.

His bulky appearance is in line with his persona: confident, bordering arrogant,

But also funny & lovable.

Ion’s Instagram, as expected, is full of his biking activities.

By growing his presence on Instagram, he has met some of the biggest names in the industry.

Like Sean Sako, Jean Biermans, and Andre Greipel.

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5. Shudu – First Black Virtual Creator Worldwide

Do you want to be more inclusive?

Try working with Shudu, the first-ever black supermodel from South Africa.

Big companies like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Balmain are after her.

Yes, she is wanted by everyone.

Her elegant, flawless, and fancy character, makes her the best luxurious clothing brand ambassador.

If your brand is looking for a virtual character with a high-end fashion sense, Shudu is the one to go.

6. Thalasya – International Lifestyle Cyber-Creator from Indonesia

Thalasya, the first Indonesian computer character, has made her way to a recording studio in Florida, USA.

She loves traveling, yeah. Her Instagram is full of her exploration of the world.

To fuel her expensive hobby, Thalasya has endorsed hotels, restaurants, and even health pills.

Thalasya also built a clothing store with a friend, Zeline, called Yipiiiii.

She is developed by Magnavem Studio and first appears on Instagram in October 2018.

To reach the Indonesian general audiences, try working with Thalasya, one of the in-demand influencers in Indonesia.

7. B – The One & Only Animal Virtual Influencer in the World

An animal character can also be an influencer, yes.

Like B, the first-ever animal influencer who has gained popularity all over Instagram.

Unlike other influencers, B has one goal on Instagram: to advocate saving bees.

One way to achieve that is through raising awareness and working with brands around the world.

Like Bumble Fit, Guerlain, Galeries Lafayette, and more.

If your brand value aligns with B, go collaborate with them.

8. Body by Ralph – International Virtual Life Coach Creator

Body by Ralph is not necessarily a virtual influencer, but more like a comic character.

But his influence is no joke.

Ralph is a personal trainer and life coach character created by Shadows Interactive.

One thing Ralph believes: everyone can look great if they try hard.

As one of the top influencers in the US,

Ralph has created a fun personality, where he brings a comical way to address some issues about fitness.

Definitely worth trying for brands with health products or services.

9. Bermuda – One of The Classic Global Virtual Creators in the World

There is a Kim Kardashian look-alike in the virtual world.

It is Bermuda, the classic beauty, fashion, health & fitness influencer of our generation.

She is actually one of the older computer-generated creators, but her appearance always looks fresh.

First appearing in December 2016, Bermuda wants to motivate young entrepreneurs to succeed in their businesses.

She also has built a music career, where she covers Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on Spotify.

10. Qai Qai – The Worldwide Baby Cyber-Influencer

Qai Qai is actually the family doll of Serena Willians and Alexis Ohanian.

It is instantly becoming a viral virtual personality.

Being a baby doll, Qai Qai is funny and sassy, making everyone interested in following her.

On TikTok, Qai Qai is more famous, gathering 3.7 million followers in time.

She dances, answers questions, lip-syncs to sounds, and just simply entertains.

If your brand is into the character Qai Qai is building, you should reach out.

What is a virtual Influencer and why should you consider them for your Brand?

A virtual influencer is a digital, computer-generated character that is given a personality to behave like humans.

Mostly, they are created to act on social media platforms like Instagram as if they are an influencer.

After the Lil Miquela sensation, more & more virtual characters crowding Instagram,

Garnering more influence and lots of partnerships with brands.

Are virtual influencers the real deal?

Obviously, yes.

Over 52% of the total US population follows a cyber-creator on Instagram.

Also, virtual influencers generate almost three times the engagement rates of real influencers.

Their concept is the key to growing their influence on Instagram.

People are easily intrigued by fascinating things like AI, and robot figures on the visual app.

But computer-generated creators are more than that.

They have created a promising industry that can possibly shift the demand for influencer marketing.

 Brands should take advantage of this to stay relevant, plus drive more business results on Instagram.

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My take for Brands: Work with the top global virtual influencers and gain more popularity in 2023

Seeing how digital, graphic influencers can change the future of influencer marketing.

When it does, having an established relationship with some of them from now is an innovative act.

So, start partnering with Shudu, Thalasya, Bermuda, Ion, and other relevant fictional influencers in 2023.

For the sake of your brand’s current and estimated future growth.

Trust me, any virtual influencer on the list is highly-engaged

And they produce high-quality content, making their robot’s existence almost unnoticeable.

Even if everyone on this list competes in the same industry,

You can still see how they grow their Instagram influence and have a dedicated audience.

Just make sure that:

You work with the ones that resonate best with your brand image & voice.

Do you need help finding more quality virtual influencers?

Try some of these influencer tools to find any creator on Instagram & TikTok.

Leave some thoughts about virtual influencers in the comments.

Check all the other countries using Virtual Influencers

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