Are you planning to collaborate with the most influential YouTubers in Singapore?

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Top YouTubers in Singapore 👇🏼

Take a look at our list to be familiar with them.

And be one step closer to growing your business in the home of the Merlion.

  1. Naomi Neo
  2. Our Grandfather Story 
  3. Sanghavi and Senthil
  4. Ridhwan Azman
  5. Seth Lui
  6. Super Princessjo
  7. Jebbey Family
  8. Xiaxue
  9. Benjamin Kheng
  10. Tokaku

Because after careful research, we can guarantee that,

These top Singaporean YouTubers are the perfect fits for your brand to reach the crowded market.

Favourite Content on Social Media that Singaporean prefer to watch

The best YouTubers in Singapore will help your brand reach its desired audience and increase its awareness and sales.

Not to mention that Singaporeans actually spend most of their time on YouTube, compared to other social media.

Now, for you only, we have curated the 10 most followed YouTubers in the Republic of Singapore.

Best Youtubers in Singapore to follow

They vary in niche and content genre, so all you have to do is to choose one that best portrays the value of your company.

Get to know the biggest Singaporean YouTubers to follow in 2024.

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Naomi Neo – Established YouTuber in the Republic of Singapore

Starting YouTube in 2009, Naomi Neo is one of the leading YouTubers in Singapore.

Naomi’s content is initially about relatable and funny parodies.

Now being a mom of two, she shares all things parenting and her journey as a housewife and a young mom.

Being in Singapore’s lucrative YouTube industry for so long, Naomi’s fans basically grow with her and are there in many phases of her life.

That’s why, when talking about loyal fans, Naomi surely has many of them.

If her niche suits your brand, you must definitely collaborate with Naomi and benefit from her influence.

Our Grandfather Story – Singapore’s Insightful Documentary YouTuber

Our Grandfather Story is a media production company dedicated to uncovering overlooked stories across Singapore and South East Asia. 

Based in Singapore, the team invites informants ready to share their authentic and never heard before stories.

The channel explores society, culture, and the human condition to inspire the nation.

The documentaries they cover vary, from touching to controversial ones.

And because of the valuable insights offered by this video-producing company,

The channel is subscribed to by both Singaporean and international fans.

To work with Our Grandfather Story is to have a promising future for your brand in Singapore.

Sanghavi and Senthil – The Couple YouTuber from The Lion City

Sanghavi and Senthil are Singaporean YouTubers whose content covers their life as a couple.

The now-married pair is now traveling the world to make up for the honeymoon they didn’t experience due to border restrictions.

They will take you along to the many countries they are visiting.

The fun husband and wife also upload funny content about their life after marriage.

Should you collaborate with this entertaining couple, your brand will be exposed to a wide range of audiences.

Ridhwan Azman – Singapore’s Parody King and YouTuber

Ridhwan Azman, a rising YouTuber from Singapore, makes comedy skits and parodies content.

Many of his videos are about relatable everyday problems with a dash (or maybe a lot) of humor.

People enjoy his content so much,

And they always let him know how entertained they are in Ridhwan’s comment section.

With the engagement he gets on his platform, brands shouldn’t miss out on working with him.

Seth Lui – The Versatile Singaporean YouTuber

Seth Sui is an F&B entrepreneur who tells interesting street food and restaurant stories that give you a close look at what’s behind the scenes.

Seth’s food content covers, well, so many things.

To be honest with you, we are having a hard time explaining because of its versatility.

On the channel, he has food stories, interviews with restaurant owners, fancy food reviews, street food reviews, food battles, and many more.

This Singaporean food influencer is here to serve fresh and innovative content on YouTube.

Singaporean food Youtubers never hesitate to spend a lot of money to find the hidden gem.

And because of this, Seth sticks out from the many other food content creators in the nation.

Work with Seth now and get ready to watch your brand flourish in the country.

Super Princessjo – The Loved Singaporean Beauty YouTuber

Jyoti, a.k.a Super Princessjo is an established YouTuber from Singapore who helps the public take care of themselves and elevate their looks.

The channel provides beauty hacks and routines in Indian and English.

Jyoti also documents her daily life living in Singapore in her vlogs.

Fans are drawn to her because of her helpful tips and reviews.

If you want to target makeup and skincare enthusiasts of Singapore, make sure to have her on your influencer list.

Jebbey Family – Famous Family YouTuber in Singapore

The Jebbey Family channel belongs to the husband and wife Jianhao Tan and Debbie Soon. 

Having a new addition to the family and also the YouTube channel three years ago,

This family of three now shares funny skits about family and parenting, representing the best family influencer in Singapore.

The daughter, Starley, is now a new face that frequently stars on the channel.

And fans love her just as much.

Find the broad Singaporean market for your brand through their online presence now!

Xiaxue – A Talented YouTuber from The Republic of Singapore

Also going by Wendy Cheng, Xiaxue, has been in the content creation industry for nearly two decades!

She used to blog in 2003 and has been a dedicated YouTuber since 2009.

The Singaporean makeup artist shares makeup tutorials, life hacks, and travel vlogs on her platform. 

Upon having her son, now the mother of one shares her parenting stories and cute moments of her baby.

Her openness about her takes on controversial topics and her plastic surgery story is also one of the many reasons her fans stick around.

Link with Xiaxue now and have her significance help your brand thrive in the country.

Benjamin Kheng – Singapore’s Passionate Musician & YouTuber

The Singapore-based musician, actor, and writer Benjamin Kheng is one of the most loved in the industry.

He debuted in a local pop quartet The Sam Willows.

The talented artist has impeccable musical talent and has released some groundbreaking singles, such as “Lovers Forever” and “Find Me”.

Benjamin was also nominated for the MTV EMA’s Best Southeast Asia Act in 2020, representing Singapore.

His fans can only expect more achievements and releases from him, all thanks to his deep-seated passion for music.

To reach the music lovers community of Singapore will be a piece of cake if your brand works with Benjamin.

Tokaku – Lion City’s Rhythm Gaming YouTuber

Last on the list, we have Tokaku, a Singaporean gaming YouTuber who streams and does reaction videos.

She is literally the Twitch streamer you must check out.

She started off with Osu! content and still continues to upload some now.

Tokaku also plays other rhythm and arcade games.

And she is really good at them.

Fans are fond of her content because she brings back all the sweet arcade gaming memories.

If your brand wants to reach gaming enthusiasts in Singapore, waste no time and connect with Tokaku ASAP.

Contact and work with YouTubers in Singapore

The content creators we have curated are all remarkable in their own ways.

They all have a passion for what they’re doing and that has presented them with followers who truly adore them.

Their videos are always awaited and flooded with interactions.

For businesses, this means that they are your one-way tickets for your brands to thrive in Lion City in terms of awareness, visibility, and sales.

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