In 2023, Singapore’s food market was projected to reach a value of US$12.0 billion, experiencing an annual growth rate of 4.56% over the five-year period from 2023 to 2028.

In the meantime, Influencer Marketing in Singapore is a mature and still growing industry of $162.70 millions forecast in 2028.

If you’re ready to achieve more customers for your food business and grow your followers on Instagram

Working with these influencers will definitely achieve your food business marketing goals.

Here are the top 10 food influencers, bloggers and reviewers, and foodies in Singapore in 2024

Food Influencers in Singapore in 2024

  1. Leslie Tay – @ieatishootipost
  2. Daniel Ang – @danielfooddiary
  3. Brad Lau – @ladyironchef
  4. Maureen Ow – @misstamchiak
  5. Aaron Ho – @rubbisheatrubbishgrow
  6. Joe Yang – @mightyfoodie
  7. Cheryl – @msskinnyfat
  8. SGcafehopping – @sgcafehopping
  9. The Halal Food Blog – @thehalalfoodblog
  10. Marc – @missionsgcafes

If you’re a new Instagram cafe, restaurant, or food business in Singapore

These top Singaporean influencers will bring your brand more social presence and customers.

Favourite Content on Social Media that Singaporean prefer to watch

Higher page performance and a possibility of your restaurant or cafe going viral and famous in Singapore

Read on to find out more about these Singaporean food bloggers so you can pick the best influencer for your business.

List of the Best Food Influencers in Singapore

Here are the top 10 food influencers, bloggers, and food reviewers in Singapore:

1. Leslie Tay – Singapore-based food Influencer, Blogger on Instagram

Leslie Tay, also known by ieatishootipost is a Singaporean food blogger with currently 140k followers on Instagram.

He posts reviews of food that ranges from various cuisines available in Singapore.

Truly versatile, food from all cultures and walks of life has been featured on his Instagram.

Leslie Tay is a well-managed influencer who also does sponsor collaborations with new food businesses.

With a good sponsored saturation rate, Leslie Tay’s Instagram account ieatishootipost is a great option for businesses looking to sponsor a food blogger.

Although you won’t have to worry about your post being flooded by other sponsored content, one thing you would have to worry about is – He’s an expensive influencer.

It’s the price of engaging such a reputable influencer.

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Next up is another famous food reviewer- Daniel Ang

2. Daniel Ang – The Lion City food reviewer & influencer

Daniel Ang, the owner of the famous food blog danielfooddiary.

Started out writing blog reviews and giving recommendations through his blogs,

Daniel Ang had successfully expanded to Instagram.

His Instagram page is successful and well-known among millennials and the younger generation.

With 260k followers and an average of 12k video views, 1.2k likes

Daniel Ang is a quality influencer with great content diversity.

He reviews a diverse range of cuisines and food, which makes him a versatile influencer to work with.

Desserts, cake, pastries, fast food, and a wide plethora of other meals

You’ll surely want to work with this influencer no matter what industry your food business is from.

Next up is Brad Lau, commonly known by his pseudonym Ladyironchef.

3. Brad Lau – Food blogger & influencer from Singapore

Ladyironchef, have you heard of that food blog before? It’s owned by Brad Lau.

Being a pioneer among Singapore’s food bloggers, Brad Lau is a successful blogger and food influencer with 592k followers.

A versatile influencer, Brad Lau not only reviews restaurants and eateries but also posts updates on new cafe openings as well.

Ladyironchef is every food business’ dream blog to be featured on – they’re famous with immense reach, and every Singaporean goes to their Instagram or blog for food recommendations.

Next up is another reputable food influencer and blogger, Miss Tam Chiak.

4. Miss Tam Chiak – Famous Singaporean Food Reviewer

Miss Tam Chiak, owned by Maureen Ow is a famous food blogger who gained a reputation writing food reviews on her blog and then expanded to Instagram.

From desserts, and snacks to lunch meals

Miss Tam Chiak is a diverse and versatile food blogger – no wonder she’s so famous.

If your brand wants the maximum reach possible and has a high budget

Miss Tam Chiak is an expensive influencer with an equally huge audience!

5. Joe Yang – The Little Red Dot Country Best Foodie

Joe Yang is a food influencer and owner of the Instagram food blog @mightyfoodie.

Indeed a mighty foodie – Joe Yang posts food reviews of all kinds of food.

Pastries, meals, fast food, desserts

Joe Yang is a versatile and diverse foodie with a mix of organic and sponsored reviews.

He’s an influencer that you would want to add to your list of food influencers.

Rates and prices of all Influencers by tiers in Singapore

6. Cheryl – Singapore-based Travel, Fitness, and Food Lover

Cheryl, a food influencer and owner of the Instagram food blog @msskinnyfat is an up-and-coming influencer that’s growing in popularity.

Cheryl posts both organic and sponsored food reviews yet maintains excellent content diversity.

Not only does Cheryl post food reviews

She’s a fitness and travel blogger too.

Cheryl is definitely a versatile food reviewer your food business would want to work with.

Up next is a family-owned food influencer blog, The Chua Family.

7. SGcafehopping – For all coffee and best restaurant in Singapore

Managed by @yongweikai

#sgcafehopping explore and review all good Cafes & Restaurants in Singapore

Consistent and good videos straight to the point.

Location, price, atmosphere.

You will find all infos of all kind of food places in Singapore.

8. Aaron Ho – Singaporean Food Influencer and Reviewer

Aaron Ho, also known as Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow is a quirky Singaporean food influencer and blogger.

With honest, witty reviews

His captions are highly conversational, casual, and never pretentious.

He’s a quality influencer with 38k followers and a low sponsorship saturation rate.

It won’t be competitive to work with this influencer, and a friendly budget makes it even more appealing.

Next up is a halal food influencer, blogger, and reviewer.

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9. The Halal Food Blog – Singapore-based Halal Food Reviewer

The Halal Food Blog, as its name suggests is a Singaporean food influencer blogging on the best halal food in Singapore.

Catering to Muslims in Singapore who strictly dine at Halal food establishments

There are not many blogs that cater to those who look for Halal food in Singapore

This food blogger has gained a loyal and growing fanbase of Muslim foodies in Singapore.

Their influence is legit and they don’t use collaborations as an excuse to ask for free stuff from small businesses.

Sorry to say, if your food establishment does not serve Halal food – you won’t be able to work with this influencer.

But if you’re a Halal food provider, then good news! You’ve finally found a halal food blogger in Singapore.

Next up is Marc, a food influencer who loves cafes.

10. Marc – Cafe Hopper, Food Influencer, & Reviewer from Singapore

Marc is a food influencer who primarily reviews cafes in Singapore.

At 8k followers, Marc is a promising influencer who’s rising steadily.

As a seasoned cafe hopper, he has visited and reviewed 690 cafes in Singapore since he first started in 2014.

Not limited to dessert cafes, Marc reviews plenty of food as well.

With a high engagement rate, Marc is a quality food reviewer who’s interactive with his followers and provides cafe recommendations.

It’s no wonder that he has an accelerating account growth rate on Instagram

As a rising food influencer and Instagram blogger, Marc will definitely bring your business more visitors and customers.

Launch your influencer campaign in Singapore with the food influencers on the list!

I hope that list of food bloggers was helpful for your influencer marketing decision.

Even though some of them are not the top Instagram influencers,

They still bring you the best results ever!

Just pick a good Influencer Marketing Agency to work with.

With these influencers ranging from different followers on Instagram

You’ll be able to find the right influencer for your business size

These food influencers on Instagram will help your business stay relevant and build a stronger social presence.

Your followers, page performance will definitely skyrocket once your business gets featured by these influencers

As Singaporeans are always on the look for new food and places to eat at

These influencers are also constantly looking out for new places to visit

So you’d be doing your business and the influencers a big favor by reaching out to them first for sponsorships or collaborations!

All the best in your influencer marketing journey 🙃

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Work with more Food Influencers in Southeast Asia

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