This is the most reliable list of the top 10 Filipino YouTubers in 2024.

Perfect for those who need recommendations for entertainment purposes and brands looking for Filipino Youtubers worthy of sponsorships.

Are you planning to grow your business in The Philippines?

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Best Youtube Influencers in the Philippines

Because YouTube is super famous there and many people of all ages use it as their ultimate source of entertainment.

Research even reports that more than 40 million adult Filipinos spend time on the video-sharing platform every month.

That’s a huge number! And it’s only going to grow over time.

I think we all can agree that YouTube is very popular in the country.

Knowing this, you should consider working with who people watch on the platform, who is none other than YouTubers themselves.


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Whatever their niches are, their content is always awaited by their dedicated fans.

Just imagine having your brand introduced in their videos. Think of how many people will see it!

Like I said, Filipino YouTubers are who you need to expand your market in the country.

Don’t know who they are?

Well, worry not because I have the most carefully curated list of influential content creators in The Philippines.

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I can guarantee that they will help you achieve your marketing goals in the country.

Top 10 YouTubers in The Philippines in 2024

  1. Ivana Alawi
  2. Niana Guerrero
  3. Cong TV
  4. Zeinab Harake
  5. Donnalyn
  6. Doc Willy Ong
  7. Vanjo Merano
  8. Vice Ganda
  9. Alodia Gosiengfiao
  10. PATCH

1. Ivana Alawi – Famous Female YouTuber in The Philippines

Ivana Alawi is a famous Filipina-Moroccan actress, model, and YouTuber.

She had been long known even before she joined YouTube.

So when she did, she automatically rose to fame in no time.

Now, Ivana focuses on creating content on the platform, covering vlogs, mukbang, pranks, tours, and family content.

Aside from her entertaining content, Ivana is loved because of her sweet and humble personality.

Ivana’s fans are all across The Philippines.

And if you work with her, I can guarantee that your brand will be recognized by the general public in the country.

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2. Niana Guerrero — Filipina Talented Dancer & YouTube Star

Niana Guerrero has been a well-loved internet personality since she was 7.

She got famous for covering dance choreographies with her older brother, Raz Kyle.

I mean, when you see a cute 7-year-old dancing so skillfully to your favorite song, you have no other choice but to love her.

Especially when her friends are actively watching, yes Filipina children spend most of their time on YouTube.

Now, she has a little sister who is also a very good dancer. I guess dancing talent truly runs in the family.

On her channel, you can watch videos of her dancing, eating, traveling, and giving generous surprises.

Niana’s fans are not only Filipinos but also people from all over the world.

Therefore, when you collaborate with her, your brand will be known internationally by people of all ages and backgrounds. 

3. Zeinab Harake – Established Filipina Video Content Creator

Zeinab Harake is a half-Filipina, half-Lebanese YouTube star who was known for her entertaining vlogs in her college days.

Then, Zeinab became a mom at 18 years old when she officially adopted her son Lucas and  has been adding motherhood and parenting content ever since

Now, Zeinab’s content revolves around traveling, family, vlogs, and games.

Whatever types of content she uploads, her followers agree that it’s worth watching.

No wonder Zeinab’s videos are always crowded with online interactions.

If you plan to expand your brand reach in The Philippines, you must consider collaborating with her and leveraging her online presence.

4. Cong TV – Funny Filipino Influencer & YouTuber

Having a bad day? Try watching Cong TV. 😉

Lincoln Cortez Velasquez, better known as Cong TV online, is a Filipino YouTuber, comedian, musician, vlogger, and online streamer. 

He started his career as a vlogger but is mostly known for his comedy skits and parodies on the platform

Which are well-loved by the public not only because they are super funny but also relatable. 

Cong TV is just overall entertaining and the perfect YouTuber to watch if you want to have a good laugh. 

And might as well be the perfect content creator for those wanting to grow their brands in The Philippines.

5. Donnalyn – Multi-Talented YouTube Influencer in The Philippines

Donnalyn Jereos Bartolome is an established actress, singer, and vlogger in The Philippines.

She is a multi-talented content creator who started her career as early as when she was only 14.

Her content genres range from makeup tutorials, parodies, reality shows, vlogs, and couple content, to song covers.

Yes, she is indeed very good at singing and has released a few songs, including Di Lahat and O.M.O.

You can see just how much she loves producing content for the public.

Work with Donnalyn now and watch your brand grow in the country through her influence.

6. Doc Willie Ong – Insightful Doctor & YouTuber in The Philippines

Doc Willie Ong joined YouTube in 2007 and has utilized the platform to give medical advice and healthy tips with his wife, Doc Liza. 

They are so dedicated that their channel has over 1,000 videos covering all-things health insights.

From dangerous diseases to women’s health, as well as healthy food and mental health, the pair discusses it all!

It is only natural that the channel is subscribed to by millions of YouTube users in The Philippines.

How can you not? Doc Willie Ong gives out healthy insights for free.

His channel is such a lifesaver and it makes you care more about your health.

If you think that Doc Willie’s audiences are who you want to target, do consider working with him ASAP.

7. Vanjo Merano – Talented Filipino Cook & Food YouTuber

Next, we have Vanjo Merano, the creator of Panlasang Pinoy which translates to “Filipino Taste”.

The Phillippines is very famous for its food influencers.

Vanjo has always been a huge foodie and his love for Filipino dishes inspires him to teach people how to cook them.

His recipes are detailed but easy to follow, so even if you are not an experienced cook, 

I can guarantee that you will make the most delicious dishes by watching his videos.

If you are a brand owner, you need to connect with Vanjo now and get a hold of Filipino foodies and home-cooking enthusiasts.

8. Vice Ganda – Entertaining Online Personality & YouTube Star in The Philippines

Vice Ganda is a talk show host, television presenter, actor, entrepreneur, singer, and comedian who resorted to YouTube to express himself more.

I know, Vice is indeed so talented!

Now, Vice makes use of his YouTube channel to post comedy clips and travel vlogs for his fans.

He also has challenge content there, which is just as entertaining.

With the number of fans he has even before joining YouTube, it is unsurprising that his videos are always crowded with likes and comments.

Considering how popular he is, Vice Ganda should be on your A-List of top Filipino online personalities to work with.

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9. Alodia Gosiengfiao – Famous Cosplayer, Gamer, & YouTuber from The Philippines

Alodía Gosiengfiao is a Filipina cosplayer, model, TV presenter, singer, vlogger, actress, and co-founder of Tier One Entertainment.

Alodia uses her YouTube channel to share her hobby in the cosplay & gaming world.

She got involved in cosplay after joining an internet forum for anime and video game lovers called Animé Club.

Her love for cosplaying started as early as 2003 when she was just 15!

She then started joining competitions and won 3rd place in the 2003 C3 Convention as Gun Mage Rikku of Final Fantasy X-2. 

Because of this, she became a well-known internet sensation in The Philippines.

Alodia has been featured in various magazines, newspapers, and TV shows locally and abroad and was named by DOS Magazine as one of the Most Influential Women in the Philippines.

As brand owners, you definitely have to collaborate with Alodia to reach the cosplay and video game lovers in the country.

10. PATCH – Rising Filipina Musician & YouTube Personality

Patch Quiwa is a Filipina music content creator who has a voice of an angel.

She is known for her hit song covers and original releases, such as Simula Pa Nung Una and Torpe.

As of now, she has released 17 singles which are all produced by herself and recorded at home.

But even without help from an established record label, her songs are loved and enjoyed by many.

With her talent and soothing voice, I just know that her name is only going to get bigger.

Work with Patch now and reach pop music lovers in The Philippines.

Ready to collaborate with the top 10 YouTubers in The Philippines?

Even though the creators I have on the list are different in niches, they all share the same passion for content making.

Their names are well-known and their fans genuinely love watching their videos.

Every time they post something, flooding likes and comments are to be expected.

And the combination of the above is impossible to ignore for every brand owner wanting to grow in The Philippines.

Just remember, always choose the influencer whose niche represents your company so you can achieve the maximum influencer marketing results.

Ask yourself – are their audiences who I want to target?

If you have your answer, don’t wait any longer and start collaborating with them ASAP.

Want to work with other Filipino influencers instead? Check out the list here.

Continue to read if you want to work with other YouTubers in Southeast Asia

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