Are you a brand that wants to expand your market in Malaysia?

Here is the thing: collaborate with the biggest YouTubers video creator and Influencers from Malaysia.

YouTube is one of the most-used social media platforms in Malaysia.

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Malaysian entertainment niche is 💰

Top 10 YouTubers in Malaysia in 2024 👇🏼

  1. Alyssa Dezek
  2. Namewee
  3. JO Channel
  4. Ling Bigyong
  5. Syahmi Sazli
  6. Isa Isarb
  7. TV Terlajak Laris
  8. Bella Khan
  9. MeleTOP
  10. Jordan Yeoh Fitness

Looking at influencer marketing in Malaysia,

There are a lot of famous Malaya influencers & YouTubers in the country.

They have various fitness influencers, gaming YouTubers, and of course, beauty content creators.

But choosing the best ones with the most dedicated followers is not easy.

An Ad on YouTube can reach almost 24 million Malaysians or 72% of the total population.

Now, imagine a brand sponsorship on the most followed Malaysian YouTube channels.

Exactly, your brand can reach a wider yet targeted audience for your products/services.

Especially when the Malaysian YouTubers are highly-engaged influencers

With many subscribers and comments on their channels, perfect to target a local audience.

Also, Malaysian trust reviews & opinions from YouTube influencers as they bring authenticity to their content.

Working with the best YouTube creators is definitely the best solution to reaching the Malaysian

And accelerate your brand growth.

Here is the up-to-date, versatile list of top YouTubers in Malaysia in 2024

With a wide audience demographic and various niches.

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From parenting channels, cover singers, fitness & health, daily shows, and more.

Let’s dive in.

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From 5000 to 20000 followers you are good to go

So, this is it, I have carefully curated the best influencers on YouTube in Malaysia in 2024

That you can collaborate with. Here we go.

Here are the most followed Youtubers in Malaysia in 2024.

1. Alyssa Dezek – Malaysian Cover Singer & Biggest YouTuber

Here is the biggest star on YouTube, Alyssa Dezek.

She is a young YouTuber who has great guitar skills and uploads song covers on her channel.

Aside from singing, she also does unboxing musical instruments and tools.

She once went viral because of her video singing “Merindukanmu” by Dash Uchiha and playing ukulele.

Malaysian netizens start noticing her talent and the voice of the soul. 

Now Alyssa has over 4 million subscribers, one of the most followed YouTubers in Malaysia.

She then receives lots of guest offers on TV shows & dramas.

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2. Namewee – Malaysian Most Famous Artist & YouTube creator

Wee Meng Chee, also known as Namewee on YouTube

Is a Malaysian hip-hop artist & widely known YouTube creator based in Taiwan.

After his controversial song “Negarakuku”, a remake of Malaysia’s national anthem Negaraku, went viral,

Wee gains more popularity with his name, being one of the biggest Malaysian YouTubers.

His channel is the place to release Wee’s official music videos and behind-the-scene interviews.

Aside from making music, Wee also produces fun content like visiting Japan’s popular places when he travels to the country.

Add him to your list if you want to reach the music lovers of Malaysia.

3. JO Channel – Most Favorite YouTuber for Malaysian Children

Here is one of the YouTube veterans from Malaysia, JO Channel.

Starting in 2015, JO Channel has been consistently sharing educational & fun videos for children.

Like reviewing children’s toys, board game challenges, how to ride a bike, and many more.

Now, the channel has gained over 3.31 million subscribers on the platform.

JO Channel is literally the top YouTuber for Malaysian kids.

Also, this channel loves sharing lifestyle tips & parenting strategies.

Literally the perfect channel for parenting inspiration.

Go reach out to them to reach the parents and families in Malaysia.

4. Ling Bigyong – Comedy Group YouTuber from Malaysia

Ling BigYong is a creative content creator & comedian from Malaysia.

He has this natural skill in acting and creating relatable videos for Malaysians.

For example, the types of people in Malaysia, classroom scenarios, and more.

Ling uses full Chinese, but it doesn’t stop people from following him on his YouTube channel.

I mean, who doesn’t laugh at his exaggerated parodies?

Try working with Ling to reach comedy lovers in Malaysia.

5. MeleTOP – Malaysian Popular YouTube Show Channel

If you love to gossip and sensations, MeleTOP might be to your taste.

MeleTOP produces talk shows inviting famous Malaysian celebs and public figures.

They are always up to date with the latest celeb issues,

Making them a place for artists to share or clarify things.

Aside from “taking care” of big stars, they also do dance challenges and parodies.

MeleTOP is the type of always-in-hype channel, a perfect place for brands to keep appearing in the audience’s sight.

6. Syahmi Sazli – Well-Known Malaysian YouTube Creator

Here is another talented actor & director from Malaysia.

Thanks to his brilliant acting skills,

Syahmi has successfully gathered over 2.7 million subscribers from Malaysian YouTube users to date.

Syahmi is widely known after featuring in Baso Jate Pilih Rupo in 2017 and Mael Totey The Movie in 2020.

As a prolific director, his channel is full of series, drama, prank videos, and even mukbang challenges.

All are original releases from Syahmi.

7. Isa Isarb – Malaysia-based Popular Prankster

If you love prank videos, you might also love Isa Isarb.

He is widely known as the biggest YouTube prankster in Malaysia.

Isa also loves doing lots of social experiments.

One of them was when Isa pretends to be a beggar buying a whole stall.

This video has been watched for more than 3 million views.

Sometimes, Isa also creates unique challenges, doing charity, giving gifts to random people, and more.

If your brand is into crazy and out-of-the-box ideas, you must be in touch with Isa.

8. TV Terlajak Laris – Top Parenting YouTube Channel for Malaysians

This channel is owned by a couple:

Datuk Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman and Datin Nur Shahida Mohd Rashid.

They love doing food reviews, cooking, traveling, and other fun things to do with their loved ones.

The couple also loves to sing, Bobo Dimana is their popular music video.

The life they document can be your go-to channel to understand the family culture in Malaysia.

Contact them for a brand sponsorship and reach any Malaysian family.

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9. Bella Khan – Famous YouTube Celebrity from Malaysia

Badriyatul Laili Binti Bahadar Khan, a.k.a Bella Khann on YouTube,

Is a popular YouTuber in Malaysia with more than 1.27 million subscribers,

She is among those successful Malaysian content creators that earn more than RM150,000 per month.

She creates all-around content appealing to YouTube viewers.

From on-budget beauty reviews, Shein haul, reaction videos, food hacks, gaming streams, and more.

Bella is famous for her funny personality and honest opinions, that’s what makes her loved by her subscribers.

If your brand loves a blatant character, you’re a match with Bella.

10. Jordan Yeoh Fitness – Top Fitness YouTuber in Malaysia

If you need workout routine ideas, Jordan Yeoh might be the one you’re looking for.

Jordan is one of the prominent fitness figures in Malaysia, garnering 3.5 million followers on YouTube.

Through his YouTube channel, he shares fitness-related videos

Like circuit training, how to get lean arms, beginner-friendly workout routines, and many more.

Basically, Jordan gives you workout ideas that you can do at home.

He is literally the health inspiration to Malaysians.

Start working with him to reach the fitness enthusiast in Malaysia.

Our Take: Start working with the most-followed Malaysian YouTubers in 2024

Being the most followed and viewed YouTuber in Malaysia is a big deal.

Just think about how much they are paid per view?

A lot for sure.

And now, imagine their influence.

Working with the biggest creators on YouTube to reach Malaysians might be tricky.

Find a good Influencer Marketing agency in Malaysia, It helps a lot.

Since they have big audiences, the price rate can also be expensive.

But the big platform will also bring a bunch of benefits for your brand.

Here is why.

Their YouTube channels are highly-engaged and full of high-quality content.

YouTube content tends to be long-term, they are searchable and still can reach more people in the future.

Try to think of content investments for YouTube influencer campaigns so you won’t regret spending more budget.

Take some notes before choosing one for your influencer campaign.

Choose the one that resonates best with your brand image & voice.

Do you need help finding more quality influencers?

Try some of these influencer tools to find any creator on YouTube.

So, are you ready to work with the 2024s biggest YouTubers in Malaysia?

Read further about the best influencers in Malaysia in their niches here 👇🏼

Note: Contribute your thoughts and contact us here if you think we miss something to talk about.

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