In Malaysia, the revenue for the Digital Fitness & Well-Being market is expected to hit US$242.30 million in 2024.

Working with the top Malaysian fitness influencers is an important step you must take to grow your business in Malaysia.

To get your brand recognized, you need someone who can introduce it to a wider audience, which is none other than fitness influencers.

Before we discuss why, let me ask you a question.

Who do you follow when you began your fitness journey?

Top 10 Malaysian Fitness Influencers in 2024 👇🏼

  1. Terrence Teo – @terrenceteo7
  2. Nana Al Haleq – @nanaalhaleq
  3. Joanna Soh – @joannasohofficial
  4. Faiz Ariffin – @faizzariffin
  5. Kit Mah – @kit_mah
  6. Teo Yi Ping – @yipingteo
  7. Hansen Lee – @hansenlee
  8. Gianni Subba – @giannisubba
  9. Sonia Naidu – @sonianaidu
  10. Ishaq Vadillo – @ishaqvadillo

Malaysian fitness influencers are admired by many.

Reasons Malaysian social media users watch or access influencer content
Only ¼ of Malaysian consumers never watched an influencer tutorial video

Perfect if you want to enter the Influencer Marketing industry in Malaysia

Because they will accompany you in your wellness journey and provide the answers to your fitness-related questions.

Most of them also share their workout routines so you can exercise even without an actual coach.

That’s why fitness influencers in Malaysia are highly anticipated for their inspiring content.

Furthermore, Malaysian fitness & health content creators are here to remind you

To take care of your physique and your mind and what to cook to stay healthy.

Which explains why you feel the need to follow them and anticipate their new content.

Having your product promoted by them means introducing it to many of their dedicated followers.

Increased brand awareness is promised when you work with them.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try and watch your brand grow in Malaysia through its influence.😉

Fitness Influencers and Creators in Malaysia

Here are the 10 best Malaysian fitness influencers in 2024.

1. Terrence Teo – Malaysian Shredded Bodybuilder & Fitness Influencer

Are you a man wanting to get bigger, rounder, and thicker shoulders?

Train with Terrence Teo, a prominent personal trainer, bodybuilder, and the 1st Malaysian IFBB Pro olympian.

His love for fitness inspired him to establish TNT Fitness, one of the top bodybuilding centers in Asia, and dedicate his time to sharing workout-related content on social media.

Terrence uploads workout videos, vlogs, and “a day in my life” content on his YouTube channel.

And on Instagram, he posts short workout reels and photos of him showing off his muscles with motivational captions attached.

Terrence has significant fame among male Malaysian fitness bodybuilding enthusiasts, so working with him is highly encouraged.

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2. Nana Al Haleq – Inspiring Malaysian Fitness Content Creator

Nana Al Haleq is a Malaysian fitness content creator who doesn’t only inspire you to build muscles but also to live a healthier lifestyle.

Nana uploads healthy food recipes, skincare recommendations, as well as workout routines you can follow at home.

For Nana, a healthier mind and emotional growth are as important as having flawless skin and a toned body.

So Nana always makes sure to remind her followers to take care of their mental well-being, too.

She is admired because of this and consequently, Nana’s digital presence is notable among female wellness enthusiasts in Malaysia.

This has landed her the opportunity to work with many brands in the country including skincare, tech, and sports brands.

And I encourage you to do the same if you want your product to get acknowledged by her loyal audience.

3. Joanna Soh – Malaysia-Based Personal Trainer & Fitness Influencer

Who says that working out can only be done at the gym? Surely not Joanna.

Joanna provides content that inspires you to build muscles and burn calories without leaving your home.

Joanna has quite the expertise in the field, too. She is a certified trainer, nutrition coach, and women’s fitness specialist who has won multiple awards.

On her YouTube and Instagram, you will find uploads about bodyweight training, workout foods, exercising tips, and also traveling content.

Whether you want to exercise at home or the gym, Joanna’s advice is always helpful and credible, given her experience.

So comments like “You motivated me,” or “You’ve changed my life,” can be found across her platforms.

Joanna truly is your gate to reach female Malaysian workout enthusiasts.

4. Faiz Ariffin – Insightful Male Fitness Influencer from Malaysia

The Malaysian national athlete Faiz Ariffin will be a great help to your fitness journey.

He makes use of social media to upload workout videos short explanatory videos with topics like “Why Am I Not Losing Weight?”, “Stop Counting Calories”, and “Best Time to Work Out.”

His reliable discussions are always awaited by many Malaysian men who want to look as fit as him.

The trusted fitness coach can also be seen helping people achieve their dream bodies. 

Under the hashtag #faizzariffincoaching, you can see just how many Malaysian men he “transformed”. 

Living up to his Instagram bio, Faiz Ariffin is indeed here to help men get their dream elite physique. No wonder he is followed by many male fitness junkies in Malaya.

And if they are who your brand plans to target, then collaborating with Faiz is a must. 

5. Kit Mah – Nutrition & Fitness Digital Creator in Malaya

When Kit Mah was young, he was skinny and got bullied because of it.

At the age of 15, he then decided that he wanted to be bigger and gain muscle.  And that was the breakthrough he needed to discover his passion for fitness.

Now, Kit Mah is a fitness icon, nutritional medicine practitioner, model, and TV host.

He is also a certified coach who inspires people to be healthier through not only fitness but also biohacking.

Kit Mah shows people that everything is possible as long as you are committed to what you’re doing.

He has achieved his body goal and is now helping others to achieve theirs.

Many follow Kit Mah and value his advice. Knowing this, I recommend you to work with him and get a hold of workout junkies in Malaysia.

The preferred social media platforms to run influencer marketing in Malaysia
Instagram is super powerful for Malaysian Influencers

6. Teo Yi Ping – Malaysia’s Female Wellness Influencer

Here we have Teo Yi Ping, a wellness content creator who will remind you to take it easy.

Teo is a fitness instructor in Malaya who uploads content of her working out, playing sports, and windsurfing.

On top of that, she also posts about places she visited, foods she ate, her bikini body, and quality time with friends.

Teo’s content emphasizes that your mental health is as important as your physical well-being, 

So she does not only inspire you to hustle but also live your life to the fullest – go outside, travel, spend time with your loved ones, and have fun!

This of course has granted her many loyal fans who are always excited to see her posts.

Teo Yi Ping is just who you need to grow your brand in Malaysia so make sure you connect with her ASAP.

7. Hansen Lee – Yoga Teacher & Influencer in Malaysia

Do you love fitness and yoga? Then you need to follow Hansen Lee.

Fitness is not something new to Hansen as he has been involved in bodybuilding, pilates, sports, and yoga for many years. 🧘🏻‍♂️

But it’s yoga that he loves the most. He is now a yoga instructor who shares clips of his classes and routines on Instagram.

Hansen also shares holistic approaches to achieving a peaceful mental state as yoga is about training both the body and mind to become aware of their own nature. 

Hansen’s page is a platform for men to learn, grow & expand into a new paradigm of masculinity.

If Hansen’s audience is who you want to reach in Malaysia, then leveraging his influence is highly encouraged.

8. Gianni Subba – Flyweight & Fitness Influencer in Malaysia

Gianni Subba is a Malaysian-Nepalese fighter & boxing influencer.

Gianni Subba has established a reputation as one of the most interesting fighters in the ONE Championship cage. 

He also has defeated former prominent challengers ever since he was still new in the industry.

Now, Gianni is a flyweight coach and contender who utilizes Instagram to share his achievements, training sessions, and matches in the ring.

With his passion for flyweight, Gianni is surely going to gain more achievements and followers over time.

Many believe that he has a bright future ahead in boxing, including his fans.

Gianni Subba is the perfect influencer to help you target the flyweight community in Malaysia.

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9. Sonia Naidu – Sarawak-Based Model & Fitness Influencer

Sonia Naidu is a Sarawak-born model and fitness instructor.

Which explains why her Instagram account is full of modeling and gym content. It is basically her platform to express her love for both.

When it comes to fashion, Sonia’s style is also worth taking notes of.

Whether you need inspiration for your next gym session or a date night, Sonia’s posts can help you out.

Unsurprisingly, many brands wanted to collaborate with Sonia, including Zalora and Kree.

Working with Sonia means connecting with a lot of fitness and fashion lovers in Malaysia, so make sure to do it ASAP. 

10. Ishaq Vadillo – Personal Trainer & Men Fitness Influencer from Malaysia

Ishaq Vadillo is a personal trainer based in Kuala Lumpur.

He is a retired semi-pro youth football player from Spain who entered the fitness industry in 2012.

Ever since then, Ishaq has embarked on a journey of inspiring people to improve their well-being through fitness.

Ishaq is now a fitness trainer and influencer using his Instagram account to share his love for weightlifting, boxing, tennis, and football.

But even if you don’t like any of them, you can stay for his charm, just like many Malaysians crowding his comment sections.

Given his online presence, Ishaq should be on your top list of the influencers you plan to work with in Malaysia.

Ready to work with Malaysian fitness influencers?

Find and build campaigns with fitness content creators in Malaya.

One thing’s for sure: You won’t be running out of Influencer Marketing agencies to explore in Malaysia

They provide must-follow wellness content for the public and people see them as “Malaysian influencers I need to follow to learn more about fitness.”

They are also ready to help you to reach your goals by giving you tips to succeed in your fitness journey.

With their accounts, working out seems less intimidating. If anything, they make it look relaxing and fun.

And that’s why many look up to them to get motivated and inspired.

Work with them now and leverage their presence to thrive in Malaysia.

One more thing to point out, though.

The best influencer for your campaign is not the one with the most followers.

Rather, it’s the one who can represent your brand the best and help you reach the right customers.

Just make sure to work with an influencer whose audience will be interested in your product.

Now, you’re ready to start your influencer marketing in Malaysia.

Want to work with Malaysian influencers in different niches?

Continue to read if you want to learn about other influencers in Malaysia

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