Here are the best, must-follow Malaysian photography influencers in 2023.

They are who you must follow to get inspired, learn more about photography, and grow your brand in Malaya.

Because these influencers are not only skillful but also passionate about what they’re doing.

List of Photography Creators and Influencers in Malaysia

And people love to see all of it – the beautiful pictures they took or the stories behind them.

Beyond this, their content also inspires those who want to pursue photography.

All in all, the general public of Malaysia needs to follow the camerawork content influencers in the country.

The Best 10 Photography Influencers in Malaysia

  1. Patrick – @heartpatrick
  2. Faliq Fahmie – @faliqfahmie
  3. Ian Teh – @iantehphotography
  4. Rayyiu Radzi – @rayyiuradzi
  5. Yap Kh – @yapkh_colour
  6. Rhys – @rhysdury
  7. Jon Teo – @jonteo
  8. Shah Saifol – @lightshowphotography
  9. KL Chong – @ckl_image
  10. Zhong Wei – @zw1023

They will be your ultimate inspiration in photography and even if you don’t plan to do it, following them is a must.

Because you will be presented with multiple breathtaking images that allow you to take a closer look at what’s happening in Malaysia and around the world.

But do you know what else is a must? Collaborating with them for your influencer marketing strategies.

Their influence will become the golden ticket to reaching many photography enthusiasts in Malaya.

Once you do, accelerated brand growth will be at the tip of your fingers.

Learn more about them in this article and you’ll see why you should connect with them ASAP.

Here are the 10 best photography influencers in Malaysia in 2023.

1. Patrick – Commercial Photographer and Famous Influencer in Malaysia

Patrick is a commercial photographer in architecture & interior who showcases his stunning work on Instagram.

He captures raw scenes he stumbled across in Malaysia and other countries.

He also likes to play with perspectives and frames, making you see his muse from an angle that is often overlooked.

Everything that Patrick snaps through his lenses comes out beautiful and that’s why many follow him and look forward to what he has yet to post.

Patrick’s audience is dedicated to him and his content.

And I suggest you work with Patrick now if you want to grow your brand in Malaysia.

2. Faliq Fahmie – KL-Based Photographer & Content Creator

Faliq Fahmie is a photographer based in KL. 

He specializes in portrait camerawork and has been trusted to capture many beautiful women across Malaysia. 

Faliq has a significant online presence on Twitter and Instagram, making his content always crowded with interactions.

This means that should you have your brand promoted by him, it will grow in awareness instantly.

It is obvious that you should work with him now and reach many portrait photography lovers in Malaya.

3. Ian Teh – Prominent Photography Influencer in Malaysia

Ian Teh is a British-Malaysian, award-winning photographer based in Kuala Lumpur who also works for the prestigious British agency, Panos Pictures.

It is clear that Ian has been in the industry for so long and that his expertise has always been considered by many.

The professional photographer slash influencer has worked for many big organizations too, such as Bloomberg, National Geographic, and Habitus.

Everything Ian captures is captivating and inspiring, definitely the best photography influencer in Malaysia.

Should you plan to reach many camerawork lovers in Malaysia, working with Ian is your answer.

4. Rayyiu Radzi – Documentary Photography Influencer from Malaysia

The Malaysian influencer Rayyiu Radzi loves both traveling and photography.

And this passion for both inspired him to turn his Instagram feed into an exhibition to take a glimpse of places he visited.

There, you can see strangers, nature, and most importantly, stories being told through his lenses.

Rayyiu is a pretty well-known photographer in Malaysia and is followed by plenty.

And that’s why I recommend you work with him to reach all his dedicated fans in no time!

5. Yap Kh – Minimalist Photography Content Creator in Malaysia

Yap Kh is a Malaysian photographer who pursues minimalism, harmony, and tranquility.

You can see what this means once you see his Instagram page.

It is full of stunning, calming, and soothing pictures with aesthetic elements ready to please your eyes.

Yap is well-known among camerawork lovers in Malaysia, hence his big following.

Collaborate with him and leverage his presence to reach his audience ASAP.

6. Rhys – Loved Malaysian Traveler, Storyteller, and Photography Influencer

Documentary photographer Rhys has traveled all over the world.

And he is always eager to share the wonders he saw and the people he met with his audience.

The thing about Rhys is that he doesn’t only take pretty pictures but also portrays raw and authentic stories behind them.

To sum it up, Rhys is a photographer telling unique stories through his camerawork.

And he sure is good at it.

Rhys has many followers from Malaysia and other countries and I recommend you work with him to reach his dedicated fans in an instant.

7. Jon Teo – Rising Panoramic Camerawork Influencer in Malaysia

Jon Teo is the ultimate photographer you need to follow for many kinds of pictures.

From landscape, cityscape, portrait, and urban camerawork, Jon is the expert.

Not to mention that the influencer enjoys traveling, so the content you will see from following him will be diverse.

You’ll never get bored of his snaps. If anything, you’ll want more, just like many of his followers.

Because of Jon’s influence, I highly encourage any brands that plan to expand in Malaysia and specifically target the camerawork community there.

8. Shah Saifol – Portrait Photographer and Content Creator in Malaysia

Shah Saifol is a portrait photographer based in KL.

He has a talent for portrait photography and his online portfolio shows how good he is at portraying the beauty of his objects.

Close up or zoomed out, in a studio or outdoors, Shah can adapt to it all.

Shah’s camerawork always turns out mesmerizing and that’s why many people in Malaya follow him.

Connect with Shah now if you need a photography influencer to introduce your brand to a wider audience.

9. KL Chong – Talented Photographer in Malaysia – Nano Influencer from Malaya

KL is a Malaysian travel, landscape, cityscape, and portrait photographer all at once.

And although his followers might not be much compared to others, the nano influencer’s talent is in no way should be doubted.

KL has captured the colorful life in Malaysia through diverse angles, producing gorgeous and high-quality photos each time.

Which explains why many adore his work, follow him, and stick around for more.

If you plan to grow your reach in Malaysia, then I suggest you work with KL Chong now!

10. Zhong Wei – Aspiring Candid Photography Influencer in Malaya

For many people, candid photography is the best way to freeze their special moments in time.

And if you are one of those people, then consider following Zhong Wei.

Zhong Wei is a Malaysian photographer trusted by many to capture moments during their graduation, wedding, and more.

On social media, his exhibited work is also an inspiration to many who are into heartwarming candid photos like him.

Be sure to collaborate with Zhong Wei now to target many of his dedicated audiences.

Ready to work with photography influencers in Malaysia?

These content creators are perfect to grow your business.

As previously mentioned, they are followed by many photography enthusiasts in Malaya.

So, they are perfect for your influencer marketing in the country.

Just imagine your product being mentioned to their dedicated followers – growth in brand sales and awareness are guaranteed.

One thing, though:

Always make sure the photography influencer you plan to work with can represent your company.

Because the best influencer isn’t the one with the most followers.

Rather, it’s the one who can introduce your brand to the right audience.

Want to work with other Malaysian influencers?

Continue to read if you want to work with other Malaysian influencers

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