In Malaysia, the beauty and personal care industry generating approximately 2.68 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

is something that you definitely need if you want to expand your business in the Malaysian market.

Here’s why.

Malaysia has had a high demand for innovative cosmetic and personal care products over the years.

And Influencer Marketing Industry in Malaysia is a mature market.

This has generated many beauty influencers in Malaysia who cater to the ever-expanding request for beauty product recommendations.

Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Malaysia 👇🏼

  1. Sally – @sallywho
  2. Sofea Shra – @sfeashraa
  3. Cik Peoh – @cikpeohh_
  4. Nur Syafinaz Utagha – @nursyafinazutagha_
  5. Hafizatul Atikah – @hafizatulatikah
  6. Hanni – @hanninajla
  7. Hanna – @hannabunnyb
  8. Sakinah – @sakinahmalaysia
  9. Eka – @eka0.9
  10. Aina – @ainaalie

Meet our big creator stars in the beauty industry of Malaysia,

Here are the top 10 beauty influencers in Malaysia in 2024.

In doing so, beauty influencers have been considered a great help to the vast number of Malay cosmetic enthusiasts.

Best types of influencer content by category in Malaysia
Fashion, Beauty, entertainment and food to be a followed influencers

These beauty content creators from Malaysia are the ultimate source of information and inspiration when it comes to makeup and skincare.

They are looked up to by their viewers because they help in choosing the right products, as well as giving out makeup and skincare tips.

With the large crowd in the lucrative cosmetic market of Malaysia, it is no wonder that brands line up to collaborate with these beauty influencers.

Because once they do, brand sales and awareness expansion are promised to come their way.

Brand owners, wanna follow their path and have these influencers pave their way to success. 

Worry not, because,

Listing of the Top beauty Influencers in Malaysia

I have curated a list of the Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Malaysia to give you a closer look at the promising industry in the country.

1. Sally – Malaysian Leading Beauty Influencer


HERE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE LOOK!😍 SIAPA TEMA HITAM?🖤 #makeupraya2021 #makeupmalaysia

♬ original sound – Sallyforshort. – Sallyforshort

Going by Sally on the internet, Siti Saleha is one of Malaya’s leading beauty content creators whose reputation is well-known on TikTok and Instagram.

With her tan complexion, she gives out makeup tips for fellow tanned Malaysians out there.

Her makeup tutorials are easy to follow and very insightful.

And she also shares the best beauty tips and product recommendations.

Sally has many loyal followers across her platforms.

Those who are always ready to compliment her looks and ask what products she’s using so they can look as flawless as her.

With such online traffic, working with Sally will guarantee your brand improved exposure in the country.

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2. Sofea Shra – Malaysia-Based Fun Beauty Content Creator


Replying to @unaaaaaa Here you gooo🫶🏻 sorry lambat replyyyyy hehe

♬ original sound – Sofea Shra – Sofea Shra

Sofea is a Malaysian female influencer & online personality whose makeup tips are awaited by her fans.

Her content shows her expertise in makeup and fashion tutorials.

Sofea also presents her hijabi outfit ideas, ranging from formal, casual, and chic.

She also gives out brand suggestions to her followers because,

Whenever you go to her comment sections, you’ll see her followers asking her to spill her products.

She truly is the inspiration for Malaysian women who want to look polished from head to toe.

Brands and businesses, her online popularity among beauty enthusiasts in Malaya are not to ignore.

3. Cik Peoh – The Funny Beauty Influencer of Malaya


Replying to @umai19 Makeup mafia tukar Gangster’s wife boleh? Berbelit lidah woi, punya laju nak lip sync 😂 . #fyp #foryou #makeuptransformation #makeuptransition #gangsterwife #tiktokmalaysia @Maaez Beauty HQ

♬ A Gangster’s Wife – Ms. Krazie

Cik Peoh is another beauty influencer based in Malaya.

With her amazing makeup skills, people watch her to be better at elevating their looks.

The mom of two is also pretty much creative and inspiring with her out-of-the-ordinary makeup look.

She has turned herself into a clown, Maleficent, and many more.

Cik Peoh is also known to follow viral makeup trends, even the weird ones, like doing makeup using M&Ms

The combination of everything I just mentioned, topped with her funny narration in her videos makes her admired by many.

With the significant online presence she has, Cik Peoh should be your top-list beauty influencer if you want to grow your business in Malaysia.

4. Nur Syafinaz Utagha – Malaysia’s Talented MUA and Beauty Influencer


WANITA MELAYU MAKEUP TUTORIAL . Lama tak mekap muka sendiri 😂 #makeupbynsu #BeautyHacks #fyp @bodyglit_hq @laurienemy

♬ Joget Berhibur – Siti Nurhaliza

Nur Syafinaz Utagha is a talented MUA & beauty influencer based in Malaysia

The makeup artist mostly displays her ability in making brides look beautiful for their big days.

Sometimes, the content creator shows her own makeup look, too.

And as an experienced MUA, she has a bunch of makeup and skincare tips up her sleeve and she shares them with her audiences.

Her knowledge of long-lasting and flawless makeup made her one of the most loved in the industry.

The Malaysian influencer is definitely your go-to if you want to reach the nation’s beauty & makeup enthusiasts.

5. Hafizatul Atikah – The Trusted Beauty Influencer in Malaysia


Why i love makeup #obsesscosmetics @Obsess cosmetics HQ official

♬ love on the brain sped up – xxtristanxo

Hafizatul Atikah is who people look up to for simple makeup inspiration.

Upon scrolling through her TikTok and Instagram pages,

You’ll notice that she shares a lot of product suggestions and skincare tips through viral trends.

Whenever Atikah uploads her makeup tutorials without mentioning the products, her fans would flood her comment section, asking:

“Where did you get the eyeshadow?” or, “What brand is your foundation?”

Fans trust Atikah’s taste in makeup and will follow her makeup advice.

Because of this, your business will thrive in Malaysia should you collaborate with Atikah

Content Strategies from Malaysian influencers to stand out from their peers
Stay relevant and interact with your followers

6. Hanni – Aspiring Beauty Influencer of Malaya


Say no more to dark underarms with Vaseline! Korang cepat cepat grab tau! #fyp #foryoupage #vaselinemy

♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

Hanni is a Malaysian micro-beauty influencer who narrates her videos in both English and Malay.

Hanni does skincare and body care tips and reviews on her Instagram and TikTok.

She also makes use of her platforms to share all about her makeup.

Her simple yet flawless makeup tutorials are definitely to follow!

Hanni is your gate to reach Malaysian beauty and skincare addicts.

7. Hanna – Malaysia’s Beauty Influencer for “Lazy” People


The young Malaysian beauty content creator mainly shares all things skin and body care on her TikTok

She can be seen trying viral skincare trends, too, such as toner masking, and using moisturizer roller.

Hanna occasionally does makeup and her famous series is the “malas” makeup.

Translated to “lazy” in English, she documents her versions of lazy eyeliner, lazy makeup, lazy eye makeup, and others – 

All are intended for people who do not want to go above and beyond with their looks, 

Which is why she is the go-to creator for Malaysian teenagers and young adults.

Brand owners, work with Hannah now and get a hold of her audience in the country!

8. Sakinah – Talented Beauty Influencer in Malaysia

Sakinah is another Malaysian beauty influencer I have on the list.

The Malaysian content creator delivers cosmetic recommendations for her fans.

Which is to be expected since her fans always want to know what she uses to achieve her perfect looks.

From cute, bold, and natural, she is the queen.

The mother of two also models and is the face of several fashion and beauty brands.

Connect with Sakinah ASAP and expand your market in Malaya.

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9. Eka – Malaya’s Beginner-Friendly Beauty Influencer


Replying to @samyangorengz Smokey Eye Makeup for dinner! Harap upload dekat tt dapat lah jadi HD😫 #dinnermakeuplook #fypmalaysia #fypdongggggggg #viral

♬ i love you – +𝟮𝟭𝟮🇲🇦✨

Eka is a comfort beauty influencer for Malaysian makeup beginners.

She presents detailed and easy-to-follow makeup tutorials on her platforms.

Her followers often ask her makeup questions, such as how to choose the right shade, or how to do a western look,

Of which she always answers with a complete tutorial video.

The content creator also sometimes features her skincare routine and tips on her TikTok.

She is a rising beauty star in Malaysia with her beginner-friendly approaches.

Brands, I do encourage you to work with Eka to target the makeup lovers in the land.

10. Aina – Malaysia’s Beauty Influencer for Skincare Junkies


Nak jumpa ji hyo kena cecantik 🥰

♬ love on the brain sped up – xxtristanxo

Aina is a self-care fan who tells her struggles in achieving her now-better skin.

And after her skincare journey, she is here to share her stories with those who might need them.

The Malaysian beauty influencer is also seen recommending skincare products and giving skincare tips for beginners.

She is truly looking out for her followers and constantly reminding them to wear sunscreen, moisturize, and do their skincare routine.

With her helpful tips and recs, Aina’s content is always awaited by skincare lovers in the nation.

She is totally your ticket to reach the Malaysian lucrative market for beauty brands.

So, with our list,

Are you ready to work with the top 10 Malaysian beauty influencers in 2024?

No matter your needs, you’re sure to find a suitable Influencer Marketing agency amongst Malaysia’s flourishing scene.

I hope you are. Because I guarantee you that they all have dedicated fans who listen to their makeup and skincare advice.

This is an amazing opportunity for brands planning to grow in Malaysia.

With their unique niches and reputable online presence, I can assure you that they are not fake influencers.

If anything, they are a few of the most dedicated in the industry.

Each of the influencers I have is your ultimate gateway to connect with the makeup and skincare enthusiasts in Malaysia.

Now that I have prepared you with our reliable list, it’s your turn to choose one that matches your brand’s values.

If you’re interested in influencer marketing in Malaysia, read our Malaysian influencer articles here.

Good luck!

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