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How to Change Instagram Fonts using the best Generator – A Guide for a Unique Text for your Profile

Know how to use Instagram fonts generators and you will have an aesthetic Instagram bio or caption creation. A unique bio or caption will bring more engagement and increase your IG account’s aesthetics. Here is a step-by-step guide to changing an Instagram Font Generator using Inflact.

Do you feel like your profile looks too plain?

If you want to step up your profile creation, try to use an Instagram text generator.

Having a unique typeface is the perfect way to make your profile look more aesthetically pleasing

And gain more engagement.

You can use it on your Bio to push people to press the Follow button,

Or a call-to-action to generate leads, clicks, or more traffic,

And even on Captions to encourage more interaction.

Stylish font literally is the best attention trigger.

If you are interested in applying the unique typography to your profile,

Here is a tutorial on how to use an online Instagram font generator for free in 2023.

Let’s get into it.

TL;DR: 4 steps to use an Instagram font generator for your IG account:

  1. Type your text in the Instagram Font Generator’s input box
  2. Scroll down and choose any Font you desire from the IG text generator
  3. Preview the chosen type style and see how it looks on your Instagram profile
  4. Copy the chosen typeface & paste it into your Instagram profile

4 steps to use an Instagram Fonts Generator

Having an Instagram-themed profile is important.

They represent your online persona at best.

To use an Instagram fonts generator, you will need 4 steps to do it.

  1. Type your text
  2. Choose any Font you desire
  3. Preview the chosen type of style
  4. Copy & paste it into your Instagram profile

In this tutorial, I will use Inflact as our ‘tour guide’ to make it a lot clearer.

Why Inflact?

It’s totally FREE and very easy to use.

Do you want stylish calligraphy from the online text changer?

No worries, Inflact has over 80+ font style options.

The typeface option on an Instagram font generator
Choose whatever style you like and generate the text :)

You only need to type the text, choose your favorite typography, then copy & paste it.

The best thing is: you will have a preview of the selected font

And see how it looks on your IG profile.

It is the best cool & fancy text generator ever.

Now, let’s start the tutorial.

Type your text in the Instagram Font Generator’s input box

First off, open the Inflact Instagram font generator.

Find the input box and type your text.

If you haven’t arranged your text, either it’s for Bio or Captions, do it first.

Because the process is quite easy: you type and Inflact will change the text characters.

Once you input the text, wait for the generator to load different font options for you.

The input text box on an Instagram font generator
Literally just type, copy, & paste :)

Scroll down and choose any Font you desire from the IG text generator

The results are there and you just need to pick the most attractive one.

There are over 80 font options, you are free to choose.

Let’s try using the second text character from the previous image.

Preview the chosen typestyle and see how it looks on your Instagram profile

Do you want to make sure the font looks good on your profile?


Just tap on the selected typeface and it will display a popup menu like this.

The layout looks exactly the same as your Instagram profile,

Take a closer look until you’re sure it fits you.

The preview page on an Instagram text generator
Preview the font look on your profile and see if it matches your expectation.

Copy the chosen typeface & paste it into your Instagram profile

When done, tap “Copy Text”.

Now open your Instagram account and go to the section where you will put the script.

Let’s try with the Bio section.

Click “Edit Profile” on your IG profile and click Bio and paste the text.

Click “Done” and voila! Your Bio is now beautifully adorned!

Check out these Bio Ideas and match your font with your description.

The copied text from an IG font generator on a user’s Instagram profile bio
Paste the text and you’re ready to go.

What is an Instagram Font Generator?

An Instagram Font Generator is an online tool to generate and copy & paste unique text to put on Instagram and other social media platforms.

The tool will give you plenty of text characters you can freely choose from.

From the basic Italic ones, fancy & cool typefaces, to the most ‘cryptic’ ones.

The cryptic font from an IG text generator on the options
If you want to look mysterious, this one might be a perfect choice.

It’s a great tool, but do I have to use it?”

Yes, if you want to look fresh on Instagram.

Find out more about why should you put fancy text on your Bio, Captions, and other sections on social media.

Why should you use an Instagram Font Changer?

To look unique & different.

Sometimes, high-quality photos aren’t enough.

Your text has the ability to drive the users’ next action.

For example, Bio is the first page users see when they check your account.

An online font changer helps decorate your IG Bio and makes visitors impressed,

And potentially encourages them to push the Follow button.

Who knows? 😉

You can also use unique scripts on your Caption as the header.

A convincing call-to-action for your Instagram promotion with a curated font.

Creative Instagram fonts help grow your business.

Plus, they are FREE and easy to use.

No reason to abandon the helpful tool.

What is the best IG Font Generator so far?

For me, it’s Inflact.

It is totally FREE and very easy to use.

Just type the text, pick the desired typeface, then copy & paste it. Very simple.

The unique font on a business page on Instagram.
Look how cool the bio is!

It also has over 80+ text style options you can freely pick.

The best thing has yet to come:

You can preview the chosen script to make sure it looks good on your profile.

Here, if you need more tools recommendation, I have ranked and reviewed the 5 best IG text generators.

More on Inflact, you can also download other content from Instagram, totally for Free:

And all of them are very simple.

Type any keywords or username/profile URL and Inflact will automatically load them for you.

Inflact is indeed the best FREE generator ever!

This is my final recommendation on the best IG Font Changer in 2023

An Instagram font generator might not be the main growth strategy.

But taking advantage of it isn’t wrong either.

Fancy & cool text characters highlight your persona & help decorate your profile with some Instagram themes.

Encourage visitors to Follow you, and even generate more leads & traffic.

Plus, you don’t have to spare a budget for this.

Just copy and paste. That’s all.

Use Inflact, it’s the best option onine.

It’s simple and it gives a little push to your business,

I have tried several tools and Inflact is still the best in class.

It is completely FREE and very easy to use.

It has a preview feature and also provides 80+ font options.

You don’t speak English? No worries.

You can still change your Spanish or French text as long as it is written in Latin.

Did this article help you? Is there another helpful tool to change typefaces for your IG bio?

Note: Contact us here & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

Answering your Questions about Instagram Fonts 👇🏼

How do I change the text font for my Instagram Bio?

Use an Instagram font changer. Search on Google or use my recommendation and open their websites. Type the text you want to change the style, let the tool generates font options, and copy & paste the result.

Is it legal to use the text from an online font changer?

It’s allowed as long as it is free and commercially licensed. Fonts may be protected if it qualifies as computer software or a program. Just make sure the typeface is not used for commercials unless you do a copyright infringement.

What is the best font for an Instagram bio?

Depends on your personality and what you want to show to people. If you are a bright, playful person, using cute text styles with a mix of emojis might match your persona. But if you are a simple person, you might wanna try using the “plain” or easy-to-read typeface.

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