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Top 10 Indonesian Photography Influencers in 2023

Do you want to be familiar with the top photography influencers in Indonesia?

Then this article is perfect for you.

Because I have curated the best Indonesian photography influencers for those currently learning about photography,

And for brands planning on working with Nusantara’s photography influencers.

Photography plays an important role in creating ‘memories’ for Indonesians.

And that explains why so many of them love taking photos, either professional ones or mere selfies.

Now with the popularity of social media, the public utilizes them as the ultimate source of inspiration when it comes to camerawork.

Which is a brilliant idea, considering there are many photographers who share their knowledge and amazing portfolio online.

They are well-loved by their fans and their advice is always considered helpful, hence gaining them a significant online presence.

For brands, this can only mean one thing:

These content creators are your ultimate means of growing your businesses in Indonesia through influencer marketing.

You will be more convinced once you read this whole article, I promise.

So, this is it, I present to you:

Top Indonesian Photography Influencers in 2023

  1. Sofyan Pratama – @sofyansap
  2. Bukaan Moment – @bukaan.moment
  3. Asya Putra – @asyaaputra
  4. Fiqrul – @fiqruls
  5. Hendy – @lil_hend
  6. Mario Wibowo – @mariowibowo
  7. Glen Prasetya – @glennprasetya
  8. Wira Siahaan – @ceritawira
  9. Valen – @difotosamavalen
  10. Ario Primadi – @arioprimadi

1. Sofyan Pratama – Indonesia’s Beginner-Friendly Photography Influencer


Udah cobain belom?! Cuss biar ga emosi foto di keramaian yekan #SerunyaBelajar

♬ original sound – Sofyan Pratama – Sofyan Pratama

Sofyan Pratama is an Indonesian photography influencer for all beginner photographers.

Whether you have a fancy camera or only a smartphone, you can learn a lot about camerawork from him.

Sofyan shares many things about photography tips, and even self-portrait pose ideas.

And he also shows how to enhance your photo results so they look “Instagrammable”.

Moreover, the influencer’s content is enjoyed by everyone, even those who don’t plan on taking photography seriously.

For brand owners, I encourage you to work with Sofyan if you want to reach both Indonesian portrait enthusiasts and the general public.

2. Bukaan moment – Established Indonesian Birth Photographer

Bukaan Moment is a well-known Indonesian service specializing in birth photo and videography.

The founder, Stefany Putri has documented candid delivery room moments for over 1.500 Indonesian families.

The photos she took are full of raw and heartwarming emotions of welcoming a tiny human being into the world.

Bukaan Moment is so influential in the country’s birth photography community.

And is even trusted by many Indonesian celebrities and influencers to capture the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you plan on hiring a photographer for your upcoming labor, I highly recommend Bukaan Moment.

And if you are a brand owner looking for an established birth photographer to work with, Bukaan Moment’s presence is impossible to ignore.

3. Asya Putra – Portrait Photography Influencer of Nusantara


Kali ini gantian fotoin kocheng Putih Abu nih 😸📸. #photography #fotografi #kucing #cat #kocheng #sony #catwalk #fyp

♬ dudul – pinkbrain

Asya Putra is another Indonesian photographer who loves taking candid pictures of strangers and animals.

He makes use of both his camera and phone to produce high-quality pictures of his muses.

Asya is pretty famous on both Instagram and TikTok and he uses his platform to share photography tips.

Whatever he posts, Asya’s content is flooded with comments, whether about his skills or how beautiful his pictures turned out.

Business owners, you must not overlook Asya’s online traffic. If anything, start to leverage it and grow your brand awareness in the country ASAP.

4. Fiqrul – Fun Indonesian Photography Content Creator

Fiqrul is a photo and videographer in Indonesia whose content is about taking pictures pretty much… everywhere.

No, for real, he shows how to take good photos on a mountain, at the beach, at a waterfall, in a corridor, and even in a Ferris wheel!

And actually, there is so much more.

Fiqrul also gives out pose ideas and portrait-taking tutorials which you can follow with only a smartphone.

On top of that, he shows many G-Cam hacks for Android users, as well as presets to enhance the taken photos.

His content makes photography fun and that’s probably why he gains such popularity among Indonesian beginner photographers.

If Fiqrul’s audience suits your brand’s needs, then working with him is highly recommended.

5. Hendy – Indonesian Nightlife Photography Influencer

Hendy is a photographer from Indonesia who finds comfort in documenting the city’s nightlife.

It’s like he is a nocturnal photographer or something.

Hendy likes to play with lights and colors and oftentimes, you will see his muse and objects photographed beautifully with bokeh in the background.

He also shares tips for those who also share the same interest in cityscape and nightlife photography.

The Indonesian influencer has generated a quite number of followers who genuinely enjoys his breathtaking pictures.

If you think your brand’s niche matches Hendy’s, then you shouldn’t wait any longer and connect with him now!

6. Mario Wibowo – Nusantara’s Architectural Photography Influencer

Mario Wibowo is one of Nusantara’s top architectural photographers.

His professionalism and experience have allowed him to work with many prestigious clients.

Mario is also into interior styling and is very good at it.

On his platforms, Mario shares many tips, BTS, and camerawork Q&A for those wanting to get new insights into interior and exterior photography.

He also shares his photography stories in his captions, making his content overall very engaging for his followers.

With his content delivery and the abundance of knowledge he serves, it is unsurprising that Mario is well-known among Indonesian architectural photographers.

With his online presence, I can guarantee that Mario is who you need to grow your business in Nusantara.

7. Glen Prasetya – Indonesian Professional Photographer and Influencer

Pro photographer is the word to describe Glen Prasetya.

He is popular not only among Indonesian photographers but also among big brands in the country.

He has worked with many companies and has shot portraits of top celebrities in Indonesia.

Not only that, Glen is also an editorial photographer on the side, wow!

With his professionalism, he is now motivated to share photography knowledge with the public, for free.

And this makes him even more admired by so many.

If you work with Glen, we’re sure you will be among the brands that benefit from both his impeccable skills and experience.

8. Wira Siahaan – Insightful Indonesian Photography Influencer

Wira Siahaan is a must-follow influencer for every Indonesian photographer.

Because he has not only tips but also valuable photography fundamentals.

Try to spend some time scrolling through his TikTok and I promise you, you will be a whole new person with so many photography insights in hand after.

Wira is super talented and on his platform, he shares his knowledge on patterns, color harmony, black & white camerawork, selection, figure ground, and many more – all at no cost.

Then, he also shows how he edits his pictures so they look even more amazing.

And if you want to learn more about photography, Wira has book and movie recommendations you can learn from.

He is truly an angel in disguise for aspiring Indonesian photographers. And might as well be one for brands who want to reach this community in Nusantara.

9. Valen – Product Photography Influencer of Nusantara

Valen is an Indonesian-based photographer specializing in product and food camerawork.

He has shot for many brands – big and small.

From bags, beverages, food, snacks, and skincare, to accessory products, he is the master.

Valen occasionally does portrait photography, too if a brand requests it.

Just look at his portfolio on his Instagram account and you will understand why many businesses trusted him to take their product photos.

With his expertise, you should definitely work with Valen now and watch your brand grow in Nusantara.

10. Ario Primadi – Couple Photography Influencer in Indonesia

Romantic and captivating are the promised characteristics of the pictures that Ario Primadi took.

Specializing in couple photography, Ario has worked for many couples and is trusted to capture their important moments.

Well, they made the right choice because you can always feel the love radiating through every photo he took.

His niche is candid moments and that honestly makes his work even more beautiful.

Work with the freelance photographer now if you want to reach couples and candid photography lovers of Nusantara.

Ready to work with Indonesian photography influencers?

The influencers I have on the list are all amazing and talented.

They are also very insightful and do not mind sharing their valuable knowledge with the public for free.

Consequently, their pages are followed by a huge number of people, whether they are camerawork enthusiasts or the general public.

On top of that, their content is always flooded with online engagement.

Which is totally understandable because how can you resist complimenting such beautiful masterpieces?

That, topped with the fact that influencer campaign in Indonesia is very promising, is good news for brand owners.

Because it means that you are now ready to elevate your brand’s awareness in the country through these influencers.

Just remember, always choose the one whose niche will benefit your company the most to maximize your influencer marketing.

If you also need help from a marketing agency in Indonesia, this is the “Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in Indonesia in 2023”.

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Wow, I really got you prepared, didn’t I?

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