Here is our ultimate list of the top Indonesian Travel influencers in 2023.

Dedicated to brands who want to grow their businesses in Indonesia through influencer marketing.

With the country having many tourist destinations and breathtaking scenery, it is no surprise that traveling is popular in Nusantara.

Whether you are a local or a foreigner, going out there and exploring the rich Indonesian culture is impossible to resist.

Recently, more of Indonesia’s younger generation has taken a liking to travel.

In this article, we have provided a list of the top travel bloggers who will help you achieve what your brand needs through influencer marketing in Indonesia.

Travel Content Creators in Indonesia to follow

Many find it necessary and are not afraid to take risks and challenges they find along the way.

They take pride in the journey they completed and post their traveling pictures on their Insta.

And it is only natural that they follow travel influencers in the country to get traveling advice and recommendations.

Because Indonesian travelers love to ask for advice through social media and they trust others’ recommendations on budgets, amenities, and a sense of security at a certain tourist spot.

But even if you don’t need any of that, following travel bloggers is a must because they often record every unforgettable moment of their trips.

They will show you the people they met, the food they ate, the experiences, and all the stories – even if they are embarrassing or uncomfortable.

It’s like you can the world from different perspectives and angles just by scrolling through their Instagram pages.

If you are a brand owner, you must look forward to working with Indonesia’s travel influencers for the reasons above.

Not to mention that the online traffic they generate will get your brand recognized in the country.

So, this is it,

The 10 Best Instagram Travel Influencers in Indonesia

  1. Backpacker Tampan – @backpackertampan
  2. Nicholas Saputra – @nicholassaputra
  3. Putri Anindya – @puanindya
  4. Medina Kamil – @medinakamil
  5. Lostpacker – @lostpacker
  6. Awan Yulianto – @travelawan
  7. Wira Nurmansyah – @wiranurmansyah
  8. Yunaidi Joepoet – @yunaidijoepoet
  9. Sheren Dev – @sherendev_
  10. Rian Pratama – @rprtma

Here they are, the 10 best Indonesian travel influencers in 2023.

1. Backpacker Tampan – Indonesia’s Famous Backpacker & Influencer

Backpacker Tampan (or Handsome Backpacker in English) is an Indonesian full-time traveler slash top influencer.

Not only is traveling his hobby, but it’s also his job. So, when you follow Backpacker Tampan, you’ll get a constant update on his everlasting adventure!

Backpacker Tampan has been to many cities in Indonesia and other countries, and he always makes sure his followers get a glimpse of what he saw there.

While his Instagram page shows the beautiful pictures he took, his TikTok account covers his vlogs and travel videos.

Whichever of his accounts you visit, you will see that he is still one of the most followed travel vloggers of Nusantara.

And he should definitely be on your top list if you want to reach Indonesian travel enthusiasts.

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2. Nicholas Saputra – Established Indonesian Actor & Travel Content Creator

Nicholas Saputra is actually long-known as an actor.

However, when you take a look at his Instagram feed, it’ll feel like he is a traveler who does acting on the side.

Quoting from his interview, Nicholas began his hobby during his high school years, and now, his love for traveling is only getting bigger.

He loves traveling all around Nusantara and he said that it is more than seeing beautiful places and sights.

He finds that there is always a unique and distinct story in every place he visited and also challenges in each of his journeys.

With his good reputation as a celebrity and him being famous before social media even existed,

We can only understand why every picture he posted is flooded with comments and likes.

Should you work with Nicholas, we can guarantee that your brand will get recognized by Indonesian travel lovers and the general public.

3. Putri Anindya – Travel & Photography Influencer of Nusantara

Putri Anindya is an Indonesian influencer famous for her traveling and photography content.

You can clearly see her love for both being at play on her Instagram feed.

Which will get you thinking, “Am I on Instagram or am I looking at a travel photography book?”

Putri has visited many countries in Europe and Asia, and also many cities in Indonesia.

Mountains and beaches, forests and deserts, big cities and villages, she has experienced it all.

With all the breathtaking pictures she takes, it is unsurprising how Putri’s content is always crowded with online traffic and admiration.

And this is a sign for brands to consider working with Putri Anindya and grow in Indonesia through her influence.

4. Medina Kamil – Adventurous Indonesian Travel Influencer

Medina Kamil is an Indonesian mom and wife with a huge interest in traveling.

She is an outdoor enthusiast and each of the pictures she took screams adventure.

Medina has traveled to many countries and she shows her followers that moms can be just as adventurous as everyone else.

On her Instagram, you’ll see that Medina has collaborated with many brands.

And we encourage you to do the same if you want to reach the traveling enthusiasts of Nusantara.

5. Lostpacker – Indonesian Travel Enthusiast & Content Creator

Lostpacker is an Indonesian content creator who mainly makes use of YouTube to share his journey across the country.

He has been to Flores, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat, and Banyuwangi, which are known for their tourist destinations.

He also has been to other countries, including Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

When documenting his journey, Lostpacker sometimes recommends the hidden gems of each place.

He is definitely a go-to travel influencer for island vacation enthusiasts

And if you think his audience is who your brand needs, wait no more and connect with Lostpacker now!

6. Awan Yulianto – Travel Blogger & Influencer in Nusantara

Awan has been around in the Indonesian travel content-making industry for so long.

He started as a travel blogger and has even published two travel books, one being about Turkey and the other being about shopping in Hong Kong. 

He jumped on the bandwagon and finally joined Instagram to keep his stories more recognized.

Now, Awan is residing in the US and occasionally takes his followers to see a glimpse of his life there.

Awan has truly loyal followers, those who have been with him since the very beginning.

And if you leverage such influence Awan has, we can assure you that your brand will get its desired awareness and recognition in no time.

7. Wira Nurmansyah – Indonesian Travel Vlogger and Influencer

Wira Nurmansyah is an Indonesia-based travel vlogger who will take you along with him through his adventure.

He features his trips on his YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Along with tourist destinations in the country, Wira has visited Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Korea, and also New Zealand.

And he definitely will add more to the list in the near future.

Wira keeps all his traveling moments on his Instagram highlights which you can always look back and enjoy.

The influencer is well-known among Indonesian travel enthusiasts and always generates crowded traffic on each of his posts.

That’s why we highly recommend you work with him if you plan on broadening your business in the country.

8. Yunaidi Joepoet – Poetic Travel Influencer in Nusantara

Yunaidi is a traveler and overall an amazing storyteller.

He tells his stories through pictures he took (which are very breathtaking), and through poetic words on his Instagram captions.

You can tell that this content creator is truly artistic at heart.

And what’s better than looking at captivating pictures combined with heartfelt storytelling?

That probably explains why Yunaidi is so famous and loved by his audience.

With his influence, you really need to work with him to grow your brand in Nusantara.

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9. Sheren Dev – Young Indonesian Travel Influencer

Sheren Dev is a travel content creator from Indonesia currently residing in Seoul, South Korea.

She always brings her followers with her on all her journeys in the country, including apartment hunting.

She had previously stayed in Hong Kong too and documented the same thing while she was there.

All of Sheren’s content is shooting and she is always transparent about her life in another country as a university student.

Sheren also documents herself going midnight shopping, camping, and visiting the park, farm, and beach.

When Sheren comes home to Indonesia for a while, she always makes the most of her time by traveling to many different cities.

Due to her soothing content and openness about her stories and struggles, many think she is relatable and find comfort in watching her videos.

Her posts are never vacant from likes and comments from her genuine followers.

You should work with Sheren now and we guarantee your brand will increase in exposure due to her online presence.

10. Rian Pratama – Talented Photography & Travel Content Creator in Nusantara

If there’s one thing Rian love, it must be traveling. He has visited a few countries and many cities in Indonesia.

While traveling, this Indonesian micro content creator loves documenting his adventure with his camera.

He takes beautiful photos of the strangers he met and the beautiful scenery he saw.

Be it in busy cities or serene mountain views, Rian loves sharing them through his lenses.

His photos are all amazing and they make you wanna go out there and see the beautiful world for yourself.

Rian’s travel stories and photography are adored by many of his fans.

Should you work with him, we can guarantee that you will get the desired brand recognition in Nusantara.

Final thoughts on the top Indonesian travel influencers?

All of the influencers we have on the list are dedicated and well-loved by their fans.

They are who people go to for tourist spot recommendations and travel tips.

Their content is admired and their advice is always respected.

With this dynamic, big online traffic on their social networks is to be expected. 

And any brands and businesses wanting to expand in Nusantara should never overlook this.

We encourage you to leverage their influence and get the awareness your brand needs.

Just remember, always choose the influencer whose niche matches your company’s.

Because the best influencer is the one who can represent your brand well and whose audience you are aiming to reach.

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