Here is our list of the Top 10 Malaysian Food Influencers in 2024.

Malaysia is a food paradise and it’s only natural the country has a huge number of food lovers.

On the internet, food is one of the categories with the most consistent growth in Malaysia, along with beauty and gaming.

Kuala Lumpur is now listed as a top destination for food by Lonely Planet.

One factor that leads to this is the shift in consumer behavior when it comes to searching for recipes and food references.

Nowadays, when the public is looking for restaurant recommendations, they almost always go to social media.

And guess what’s popular right now? Influencer Marketing in Malaysia is Rising.

Food creators Influencers list in Malaysia

They watch food reviews by trusted influencers in the country and see where they can get the same thing.

For businesses, this means that you can get the Malaysian audience to recognize your products with the help of food influencers.

Because the public now depends on them to explore new recipes or get food recommendations.

If you have yet to know the influential food content creators in Malaysia, you don’t need to worry because

Total earnings of Malaysian influencers in a month
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We have curated the top 10 food influencers in Malaysia who have loyal followers who look forward to their content and listen to their opinions.

Malaysia Boleh.

These influencers vary in niches, content, and presentation, and all you have to do is to choose which one suits your company best.

The 10 Best Food Bloggers & Influencers in Malaysia

  1. Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman – @khairulaming
  2. Ash & Wife – @malayfoodlicious
  3. Isaac Osman –
  4. JW Life – @jwquickfood
  5. Fhazila Nasir – @jielafoodie
  6. Hungry Food KL – @hungryfoodiekl
  7. Craze Craves – @crazecraves
  8. Hannan Mubarak – @hannanmubarak_
  9. Amirah Ramli – @amirahramli
  10. Joey Khor – @joey.kmy

Here are the best food content creators from Malaysia in 2024.

1. Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman – Established Malaysia’s Food Influencer

The Kelantan-born food influencer, Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman, is known for his cooking and recipe content.

The established Malaysian foodie narrates his cooking videos in a fun and entertaining way, which gained him tons of followers.

And because of his simple yet delicious recipes, he is watched by people of all ages – either teenagers or adults.

The combination of Khairul’s love for food and humor surely makes fans stick around.

The content creator also has a sambal business that sold 1 million bottles in its first year.

His influence is definitely not to underestimate.

Should your brand collaborate with Khairul, growth in sales and exposure will be promised.

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2. Ash & Wife – Malaysia’s Foodie Influencer Couple

Ash & Wife are a pair from Malaysia who documents their shared love for food on their socials.

Quoting from their bio, food is their love language.

They cover the must-visit restaurants in Malaysia and review their foods.

Their reviews are packed with details about the place, price, discounts, and promos.

Ash & Wife always shoot a little restaurant tour so their followers can get a glimpse of its ambiance.

When they are not eating out, the wife occasionally shares home recipes, too.

The husband and wife’s content is loved by many wanting to get food references in Malaysia or those learning how to cook.

They are your ultimate chance to get your brand noticed by Malaysian foodies.

3. Isaac Osman – Malaya’s Mukbanger and Food Influencer

Isaac Osman is a food content creator in Malaysia who specializes in mukbang.

With the way he savors his food, he always makes anything he’s eating look so appetizing.

Isaac also does street food reviews found on the streets of Malaya.

So, he’s the perfect influencer for mukbang lovers in the country or those in need of Malaysian delicacy recommendations.

Isaac should be on your top list if you want to target Malaysia’s food lovers.

4. JW Life – Healthy Food Influencer of Malaya

For Malaysians wanting to maintain their health through food, JW Life is who they must follow.

JW Life shares healthy, delicious, and yet simple food recipes.

Even her username is @jwquickfood – quickness is really guaranteed if you follow her cooking steps.

She is perfect for those who don’t have much time to prepare meals as her meals mainly need a few ingredients and a short cooking time.

JW Life also presents lunch ideas and even healthy dessert recipes!

She shows that you don’t have to suffer and give up delicious food when on a diet.

JW Life is should be on your A-List if you want your brand to be recognized among Malaysia’s healthy food enthusiasts. 

5. Fhazila Nasir – Food Reviewer and Influencer in Malaysia

Next on the list we have Fhazila Nasir.

The Malaysian food vlogger does food and drinks reviews and a few mukbang videos on the side.

Her reviews are simple, yet thorough.

And she always encourages her followers to try the same thing.

Her food suggestions are always awaited by people not knowing which Malaysian diner to visit and what Malaysian food to eat.

With her influence, a brand collaboration with Fhazila is not to overlook.

6. Hungry Foodie KL – Kuala Lumpur-Based Food Reviewer

Hungry Foodie KL’s account is dedicated to delicious foods you can find in Kuala Lumpur.

Alongside the beautifully shot pictures, the influencer writes engaging captions that grab the followers’ attention.

With the included price, restaurant name, and a small review on the captions, 

People trust this account for their ultimate KL food references.

And since the captions are written in English, those followers are not limited to the locals only.

If you plan to grow your business in the capital city of Malaya, Hungry Foodie KL is the content creator you need.

7. Craze Craves – Trusted Food Blogger and Influencer in Malaysia

Craze Craves dedicates his content to all of his starving fans.

The food blogger shows off the meals he eats and where his followers can get them.

From appetizers, main courses, and dessert to drinks, Craze Craves has it all.

His feed is neat and his content is always good quality.

You need to collaborate with Craze Craves now to expand your business in the Malaysian food market.

8. Hannan Mubarak – Malaysia’s Famous Baker and Food Content Creator

Hannan Mubarak is a cake shop owner who shares all about dessert on her TikTok and Instagram pages, but is more famous on Tiktok.

Now having a big following on both platforms, Hannan shows her expertise through her baking videos.

She shows her followers how to make mouth-watering cheesecakes, donuts, macaroons, and many more.

And being in the patisserie industry for so long, her viewers know that her recipes are meant to be followed.

Connect with Hannan now and reach the dessert lovers of Malaya!

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9. Amirah Ramli – Homemade Food Influencer of Malaya 

Amirah Ramli, an aspiring Malaysian food video creator, is known for her simple recipes.

Her recipes are easy to follow and only need easy-to-find ingredients.

On her account, Amirah’s videos show how she preps her food and cooks them, and they are just very soothing to watch.

If you are a university student wanting to make your own meals, Amirah is the one you’re looking for.

And if you are a brand planning to get a hold of Malaysian foodies, Amirah is your answer.

10. Joey Khor – Malaysia’s Food Influencer & Future Dietician


Been so caught up with my internship and assignments in the past one month and i barely have time to plan contents nowadays. Sorry for not being engaging as frequently yall pls bare with me 🥺💓 #dieteticsstudent #healthtoks #tiktokguru #jombelajar #learnontiktok


Joey Khor is a future dietician showing her love for food and nutrition mainly on her TikTok.

Her simple, healthy, and tasty recipes are always awaited by their followers.

In her comment sections, her followers express that they’re looking forward to her next videos.

With the valuable food knowledge she has, her fans can’t seem to get enough of her content – they always want more.

I mean, if a dietetics student shared a recipe with you, wouldn’t you think it’s gonna have what your body needs?

Joey Khor is your go-to influencer if you want to increase your brand awareness among healthy food lovers in Malaya.

So, which Malaysian food influencer suits your company’s needs?

These Malaysian food influencers are all around amazing and unique in their own ways.

And even though their persona and content presentation vary from one another, they share the same thing:

The unmatched passion for food and content creation.

And with the combination of both, they have dedicated fans who treat their pages as culinary inspiration.

If you can’t contact them directly, you can hire one the Best Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia.

They truly are your gate to reach Malaysian food enthusiasts and increase your brand reputation in the country.

Just remember, always match your candidate with your company’s values because

The best influencer for your company is that who shares the same audience as you.

Good luck! We wish you all the best in your influencer campaign journey.

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