Here is the up-to-date list of top & well-known influencers and content creators on Social Media in Malaysia in 2024.

For brands and businesses that want to penetrate the Malaysian market.

Content Creators can deliver a great brand exposure for your Brand. It’s mostly the case for the tourism industry this year.

Malaysia’s tourism renaissance is now clearly defined by influencers, trends, and innovations

Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Malaysia

  1. Nicole Chen
  2. Master Ramen
  3. Karen Kho
  4. Parammaries
  5. Pojie
  6. Tasnim Shah
  7. Hael Husaini
  8. Kim Leow
  9. Farhanah Azhari
  10. Ryan
All the best content creators accounts of Influencers in Malaysia

Once Malaysian influencers engage with the branded content, your brand can generate leads to increase sales.

Doing brand sponsorships with these influencers on the list will ascend your brand to greatly accelerated brand growth in Malaysia.

But only the best influencers bring the best results.

That’s why I have picked the most popular Malaysian influencers in their niche on this list,

the best for your Instagram marketing strategy.

There are lots of influencers in Malaysia in every niche.

Best types of influencer content by category in Malaysia
Fashion, Beauty, entertainment and food to be a followed influencers

Malaysia Boleh!

You must choose the influencers carefully unless you waste your money,

like what happened to Nippon Sushi recently, and some others who pretend to be extra-rich, but only rent Private jets for photoshoot 🙃

So, I have selected the best influencers and made

A well-curated list of Top Malaysian Influencers in 2024 with a diverse niche.

From beauty & makeup, photography, and fashion, to mom influencers,

The list consists of a wide variety of niches with the best influencers in the field.

Here are the best Instagram influencers in Malaysia in 2024.

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1. Nicole Chen – Malaya’s Makeup Junkie & Micro Beauty Influencer

Nicole Chen loves makeup so much.

She is one of the best Malaysian beauty content creators who will turn makeup into art on her face.

Nicole is among the rising micro-influencers in Malaysia who has built a quite audience base.

Her passion for makeup is mixed with her nice taste in fashion.

Nicole also loves doing dance covers!

She is more than that: encouraging her followers to be true to themselves.

Nicole exudes confidence and she wants people to follow her step, believing in themselves.

Add her to your list and run an empowering campaign for your brand.


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2. Master Ramen – Established Malaysian streamer & gaming influencer

Firdaus Hashim, a.k.a Master Ramen on Instagram, is a gaming video creator.

In Malaysia, gaming influencers are important figures in the industry.

He established his reputation both offline and online,

And now he owns the Malaysian PUBG team, Bapak Ah Sports.

He is also the brand ambassador of Gank, a video game culture & lifestyle brand.

On Instagram, Firdaus loves sharing his tournament documentation,

special moments with his loved ones, and lots of brand sponsorships.

Mostly, Firdaus promotes software and tools that support his gaming lifestyle.

If your brand wants to reach the esports community in Malaysia, better add Master Ramen to your list.

How much make an influencer per year in Malaysia?
Good money depends on your niche in 🇲🇾

3. Karen Kho – Fitness influencer based in Malaysia

Here is a certified fitness instructor, plus a fitness addict, Karen Kho from Malaysia.

More than that, Karen prioritizes her health and well-being in life, both for her and her family.

Yes, she just gives birth to her daughter and enjoys being a mom.

Karen’s Instagram feed is very aesthetic, making her posts full of comments and likes.

When she posts brand promotions, she also manages to make them look appealing to her audience.

In line with her usual content, also with the audience’s expectations.

Karen is a high-quality fitness influencer in Malaysia to work with!

4. Parammaries – Malaysia-based Cafe Hopper & Food Reviewer

As a food influencer, Parammaries loves hanging out in every Malaysia’s cafes and coffee shops.

Whether it’s new or old restaurants, she will visit and give honest reviews about the place and food.

As she doesn’t want to show her face,

Her Instagram page is full of food images, making you crave them in seconds.

From pastry, pasta, burger, and ice cream, you will find the best cafe recommendations from her across Malaysia.

Parammaries deserve to be on your list to help promote your new cafe in Malaysia!

5. Pojie – Malaysian Micro Travel Blogger

Let’s meet the rising travel content creator & one of the best male influencers from Malaysia, Pojie!

Pojie has visited many beautiful places in the world, like London, Iceland, Finland, and many more.

If you peep at his Instagram page, you will find every post is aesthetically pleasing.

No wonder, since he is also a photographer who loves symmetrical photography.

Even with a small audience, he manages to gather a loyal follower base to engage with his posts.

Try working with Pojie for your Malaysian campaign to target the travel enthusiast!

6. Tasnim Shah – Malaysia-based Hijabi Fashion Influencer

Tasnim Shah is a famous Malaysian hijabi fashionista on Instagram.

She constantly looks flawless and elegant in her daily hijabi OOTD.

Tasnim doesn’t need to overdress, she wears only simple and free clothes,

Making the hijabi community inspired every time she posts a new outfit on Instagram.

No wonder she is considered one of the best female influencers in Malaya.

Her posts are overflowing with likes and comments, indicating a loyal follower base.

To release her passion for fashion, Tasnim has launched her own clothing brand, With Love Tasnim.

Aside from fashion, Tasnim does lots of brand deals with beauty brands.

Tasnim will be great for your brand ambassadorships, from beauty to fashion,

to reach the Malaysian general audience.

7. Hael Husaini – Music & Celebrity Influencer based in Malaysia

Hael Husaini is a well-known Malaysian musician, composer, and songwriter.

With his reputable presence, offline and online,

he has gathered a large follower base on Instagram.

Aside from music, Hael is also known for his love for luxury brands.

Gucci, Channel, Yves Saint Laurent, everything is on his wardrobe.

He also does modeling, making him the most versatile male artist and influencer in Malaysia.

If your brand wants to reach Malaysian music lovers slash luxury fans, Hael is the best pick to start.

8 – Kim Leow – Malaya’s Lifestyle & Mom Influencer

Kim Leow is one of the mom influencers in Malaysia

who loves sharing her daily life with her children on Instagram.

When you scroll down her Instagram page, her daughters will likely show up in 1 out of 3 photos.

She will never exclude her family from everything that happened in her life,

including sharing special moments on Instagram.

The only post with no family is when Kim is having moments with her friends.

Start working with Kim, the family-oriented influencer,

to reach a family-oriented audience in Malaysia.

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9 – Farhanah Azhari – All-around Malaysian Lifestyle Influencer

Farhanah Azhari is enjoying her life while doing various brand sponsorships on Instagram.

She is open to endorsing every lifestyle brand,

mostly from the affiliate products on Shopee.

From smartphones, makeup, ice cream, skincare, to shawls.

Once she was also the affiliate influencer for IKEA.

When she is not promoting, she shares her daily hijabi and makeup look.

Even if her audience is relatively small, her engagement is very good.

Farhanah is the best lifestyle influencer that every brand can endorse.

10 – Ryan, Kuala Lumpur-based Photography Content Creator

If you’re looking for the best photography content creator in Malaysia,

Ryan is very worth trying!

He matched his passion for photography with interior design,

making his Instagram feed look very magnificent.

You just can’t get bored when scrolling down Ryan’s page.

His great taste in taking pictures, which is mostly in cafes and coffee shops,

Makes many people curious about the place.

No wonder his posts are crowded with engagement.

Add Ryan to your list ASAP to promote your new restaurant and invite more people to come!

Start your Influencer Campaigns in Malaysia with the Top Influencers on the list

So, that’s it, my list of top 10 influencers in Malaysia in 2024.

Now if you want with them, few options:

  1. If you are a Brand, drop me a line and let’s build a campaign with them
  2. Do it by yourself, contact them or use a tool to find them.
  3. Hire an Influencer Marketing Agency in Malaysia

These influencers are all excellent in their own way to promote brands and create great pieces of content. 

They are very popular in their market and have the most dedicated follower base

that crowds their posts with high engagement.

One last thing. Medical tourism is also quite popular in Malaysia and promoting positivity online is also a priority.

So, If you are interested to partner with any of them, always remember:

to match your brand needs with the influencers’ niche and quality.

Find the one who best represents your brand and brings the best results.

Good luck and let me know if you need more content creators to start a campaign in Malaysia

Continue to Read if you want more insights from the Influencer Marketing industry in South East Asia and Malaysia

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