Projected growth for the Men’s Apparel market in Malaysia is estimated at 6.14% from 2023 to 2027, leading to a market size of US$2513.00 million by 2027.

Want to grow your Clothes Brand in Malaysia? Consider working with the country’s top male influencers now.

Because Malaysians look forward to male influencers’ content for shared interests, like sports, music, and men’s fashion.

Best types of influencer content by category in Malaysia
Fashion, Beauty, entertainment and food to be a followed influencers

Other than that, there are plenty of male content creators the public loves because of their talents and creativity.

Top 10 Male Influencers in Malaysia

  1. Wak Doyok – @wakdoyok
  2. MK – @hairiwhuut
  3. Luqman Podolski – @luqmanpodolski
  4. Ahmad Ezzrin Loy – @ahmadezzrinloy
  5. Andre Amir – @andreamir
  6. Imran Aqil – @ijeebster
  7. Nabil Aqil – @kidkylo
  8. Syed Syafiq – @imsyedsyafiq
  9. Arfan Dato Rashid – @arfanrashid
  10. Preston Les – @prestonles.ig

And with the promising state of influencer marketing in Malaysia, your brand won’t get anything but prominent growth in sales and exposure.

With that, we really encourage you to work with Malaysian male influencers to promote your products.

The most promising Fashion Content Creators are already launching their own Brands in Malaysia

So don’t waste too much time or overthinking about working with them.

It’s the best moment to jump on this industry.

Don’t worry, we have the ultimate list of Malaya’s men influencers you must work with.

Male Influencers in Malaysia

Here are the 10 Best Male Malaysian Influencers in 2024.

1. Wak Doyok – Famous Malaysian Male Influencer

Wak Doyok is a Malaysian male content creator known for his signature beard and mustache.

He came up with his famous beard growth cream, called Wak Doyok which is also popular in Indonesia.

On his socials, he documents his life as an entrepreneur and fashion icon, sharing his polished OOTDs.

He also loves automobiles and oftentimes uploads pictures of his expensive cars.

The Malaysian public figure is well-known by the public and he has a significant influence.

If you have an influencer marketing budget

Consider working with Wak Doyok to reach Malaysia’s general audience and benefit from his online presence.

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2. MK – Kuala Lumpur-Based Male Content Creator

MK is a rapper of the established Malaysian group, K-Clique.

He is also an actor and has starred in a few Malaysian movies.

With his popularity in many fields, MK is a charismatic online personality with massive online engagement.

And he is well-loved by his followers, especially his female fans.

No wonder many brands chose him to promote their products and I highly encourage you to do the same.

With that much influence, working with MK is highly recommended!

3. Luqman Podolski – Funny Malaysian Video Content Creator

Luqman Podolski is a famous video content creator who started making videos in the Vine era.

Now, he shares his creativity and passion for content-making on his Instagram page.

Luqman is funny, creative, and relatable.

His videos are always awaited by his long-time followers.

And his posts are never vacant with likes and comments.

The Malaysian male influencer is your golden ticket to expanding your business in the country.

4. Ahmad Ezzrin Loy – Influential Male Content Creator in Malaya

Ahmad Ezzrin Loy is another content creator of Malaya we have on the list.

His page shows his passion for shoes, tech, golf, and soccer.

He also loves sports and MotoGP.

Ahmad’s content is loved mostly by Malaysian younger audiences.

Many big brands, like Huawei and Nescafe have utilized Ahmad’s online traffic.

And if you want your brand to thrive in Malaya, you must follow their steps too.

5. Imran Aqil – Malaysia’s Rising Male Influencer

Imran Aqil is a Malaysian rising influencer.

Imran is also a radio announcer and a badminton enthusiast on the side.

With his charm and personality, many teenagers and young adults in Malaysia follow him.

And because of this, he has been sponsoring many brands on his page, including Biore, Lifebuoy, Mister Potato, and 7-Eleven.

Work with Imran now and leverage his influence to grow your business in Malaya.

The preferred social media platforms to run influencer marketing in Malaysia
Instagram is super powerful for Malaysian Influencers

6. Nabil Aqil – Malaya’s Famous Actor & Male Influencer

Nabil Aqil is a Malaysian influencer and actor.

He has played in several Malaysian dramas, like Ku Punya Hati.

His fans are of many ages who basically watch his movies.

Nabil posts many of his selfies on his Instagram page, too.

And they’re always crowded with likes and comments from his fans.

With the online traffic, Nabil generates on his posts, increased brand awareness and sales are promised if you work with him.

7. Syed Syafiq – Lavish Malaysian Male Influencer

Syed Syafiq is a male fashion content creator in Malaysia.

He has a luxurious style and he is always seen carrying an expensive designer bag.

He always looks polished and he can pull off any look and style.

Syed loves traveling, too, and has visited many countries.

Collaborate with Syed now and get a hold of his huge Malaysian audience.

8. Arfan Dato Rashid – Malaysian Traveler and Male Influencer

If you want to visit other countries without visiting them, you need to check out Arfan Dato Rashid’s Instagram.

The content creator has visited many beautiful countries, like The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, Singapore, and Indonesia.

And he takes his followers with him by sharing every moment of his journey for them to see.

Due to the engagement on his posts, many brands have collaborated with Arfan, including Microsoft Surface.

And we encourage you to do the same thing if you want to reach the travel enthusiasts of Malaya.

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9. Preston Les – Malaya’s Established Photographer, Cosplayer, and Male Influencer

Preston Les is an established Malaysian videographer, photographer, and influencer.

His well-known photography skills even allow him to shoot for the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Lately, Preston has taken an interest in the cosplaying world and he has turned himself into many anime characters, including Nanami Kento and Loid Forger.

He is who Malaysians follow for photography and cosplay content.

So, connect with him now to reach photography and cosplay enthusiasts of Malaya.

10. Andre Amir – Men’s Fashion Influencer in Malaysia

Andre Amir is a male fashion icon and micro-content creator in Malaysia.

He shares all things man fashion and beauty.

Andre also features fitness and lifestyle content on his Insta.

Andre’s style is versatile. You can see him pulling off any style, be it casual, formal, chic, or streetwear.

Being well-known among men’s fashion enthusiasts, he has been trusted to endorse body care, skin care, and fashion products.

If his niche suits your company, you must put Andre on your A-List of influencers you plan to work with.

Final thoughts on the Malaysian male influencers?

With the list that we have,

Your brand is now ready to thrive in Malaysia with the help of its male influencers.

If you can’ do it by yourself, now worries, there is plenty of good Influencers Marketing Agencies in Malaysia.

So just pick the best one for your needs.

The Malaysian male influencers we introduced to you are all amazing and not at all fake.

On top of that, they have a significant online presence among their loyal followers, too.

And their posts are always flooded with likes, comments, and shares.

We can guarantee they will help your brand reach its desired growth in Malaya.

One thing to remember, though:

Always choose the one that matches your company’s needs for maximum influencer campaign results.

That’s it from us. We wish you all the best with your marketing journey.

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