Fashion market in Malaysia is anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2027 is 2.2%, leading to an estimated market size of US$2,240.8 million by the year 2027.

Wanna grow your brand in Malaysia? Here’s the thing: work with female Malaysian influencers to expand your reach in the country.

Malaysians are active on social media, mainly because they can always stay entertained when scrolling through their feeds.

Top 10 Female Influencers in Malaysia in 2024

  1. Neelofa – @neelofa
  2. Scha Alyahya – @schaalyahya
  3. Janna Nic – @jannanick
  4. Elfira Loy – @elfiraloy
  5. Noor Ayu Fatini – @bungaisme
  6. Venice Min – @venicemin
  7. Josephine Yap – @jyjosephine
  8. Fatin Noraishah – @ftnshc
  9. Shahida Supian – @shahidasupian
  10. Nicole Chen – @thenictionary

Influencer Marketing in Malaysia is booming.

Behind this online behavior, we must say thanks to Malaysian digital creators for providing enjoyable content for the public.

Whether it is something insightful or merely about their life updates, their posts are always anticipated by fans.

Best types of influencer content by category in Malaysia
Fashion, Beauty, entertainment and food to be a followed influencers

And once they upload something, many are ready to show their appreciation and interact with them.

It is obvious that female Malaysian influencers are perfect for your influencer marketing in Malaysia. 

They are your gate to reach more social media users in the country and get your brand even more recognized.

I promise, if you work with them, your brand will automatically increase in terms of awareness, sales, and more.

List of Female Influencers in Malaysia

Here are the top 10 female Malaysian influencers in 2024.

1. Neelofa – Prominent Female Influencer in Malaysia

Neelofa Mohd Noor is famous for being a Malaysian actress, commercial model, TV host, entrepreneur, and one of the top influencers in Malaya.

She also participated in a beauty queen competition, Dewi Remaja, and won the title. 

Besides being a celebrity, Neelofa is also a dedicated entrepreneur with multiple businesses, including Naelofar Hijab & Nilofa Group.

She even made it to the list of “Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia” in 2017.

Not only is Neelofa talented but she is also inspiring to many Malaysian women.

Now, Neelofa is a niqabi fashion influencer in the country who also inspires Muslim women to wear their identity proudly.

Should you need an influencer to help you grow in Malaysia, working with Neelofa is a must.

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2. Scha Alyahya – Classy Female Influencer in Malaya

Scha Alyahya is a Malaysian model, actress, and TV host who got famous for appearing in several Malaysian TV series. 

She then married Awal Ashaari, a famous actor in Malaya, and her popularity has skyrocketed ever since.

Now, Scha is a mom who oftentimes uploads cute moments of her two daughters.

She also shares traveling pictures, outfit inspirations, endorsement pictures, and pictures of her and her husband as Malaysia’s power couple.

On her Instagram page, Scha can be seen promoting many kinds of products,

I mean, with her influence, it’s hard to resist not working with her.

Join many brands in leveraging her online presence and get your brand recognized in Malaysia now!

3. Janna Nick – Malaysia’s Talented Singer & Female Content Creator

Janna Nick is not a new face in Malaysian television.

She is a famous Malaysian actress, singer, and host who started her career by starring in many Malaysian movies, such as Suami Tanpa Cinta and My Coffee Prince.

Janna released her debut single in 2016 called Mungkin Saja, which was warmly welcomed by her audience.

On her Instagram account, Janna shares pictures of herself and a sneak peek of her current projects.

Many popular brands have worked with Janna, such as Dior and Toyota.

With her being one of the most influential content creators in Malaysia, I’m not surprised at this fact.

Follow their steps in collaborating with Janna and watch your brand grow in Malaysia in no time.

4. Elfira Loy – Inspiring Female Influencer in Malaya

Elfira Loy is no stranger to the Malaysian entertainment industry.

She started her acting career at 12 and has starred in more than 50 Malaysian movies and TV series.

Imagine how many dedicated fans she amassed during all those years!

On top of that, Elfira is also admired because of her independence. She inspires Malaysian women not to rely on other people.

Elfira is active on social media, particularly Instagram, to share OOTD, traveling, lifestyle, family, and endorsement pictures.

Brands that have collaborated with her include Dior, Rejoice, Turkish Airlines, Maybelline, and Air Asia.

Wanna grow your business in Malaya like these brands? Consider working with Elfira Loy now.

5. Noor Ayu Fatini – Malaysian Hijabi Rapper & Female Influencer

Have you ever seen a female rapper? Of course, you have.

But what about a hijabi rapper?

Let me introduce you to Noor Ayu Fatini, or known on the internet as Bunga, who might be the only female rapper who wears a hijab on stage. 

Bunga got famous for her 16 Baris Rap video on Instagram that showcased lines she wrote herself.

She continued to rise to fame through rap battles and live performances. Then, in 2019, Bunga finally released her debut single and fans went crazy over it.

With her unique identity and talent, I believe that Bunga is only going to get more and more recognized from here.

Bunga is your gate to reach hip-hop music enthusiasts in Malaysia.

The average engagement rate by Instagram influencers tiers in Malaysia
Nano influencers are the best assets for your Brand in Malaysia

6. Venice Min – Famous Female Model & Content Creator in Malaysia.

Venice Min is a famous Malaysian model, actress, and social media personality. 

Photoshoots are a part of her life as she has been featured in various magazines. 

She is also trusted to model for many brands, such as Braun Buffel and Dior.

Venice’s content revolves around her lifestyle and fashion sense, which is chic and classy.

If you need the inspiration to look professional and elegant at the same time, then I encourage you to follow Venice.

And if you need an influencer to grow your business in Malaysia, Venice could be your answer.

7. Josephine Yap – Fashionable Female Influencer from Malaysia

Josephine Yap is one of the famous travel, lifestyle, and beauty influencers in Malaysia. 

Her content used to be about food covering various Malaysian delicacies recommended by her fans.

Now, Josephine mainly posts about makeup product recommendations, workout pictures, and OOTD content.

Josephine shows her love for fashion through a brand she established, Fondest, with a tagline that says, “Embracing women’s curves and reducing waste.”

Not only does her brand offer timeless designs but it is also environmentally conscious. Pretty cool, right?

Josephine Yap has many dedicated followers, so she is your gate to broaden your reach in Malaya.

8. Fatin Noraishah – Malaysia’s Stylish Hijabi & Female Fashion Influencer

The stylish influencer Fatin Noraishah makes use of her Instagram page to share many outfit inspirations for fellow hijabis in Malaysia.

Whether you need an inspo for daily wear or formal occasions, Fatin got you.

Her mix-and-matches and fashion combinations always look good.

She also uploads pictures of her and her husband in matching outfits that you can recreate with your significant other.

Fatin is definitely the ultimate fashion influencer for Malaysian hijabis.

And if they are who you want to target in Malaysia, then working with Fatin is highly recommended.

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9. Shahida Supian – Female Singer & Content Creator in Malaya

Shahida Supian is a female influencer in Malaysia who uploads song covers on YouTube.

With her soothing and angelic voice, Shahida is well-known on the platform.

On Instagram, however, she mainly shows her life as a mom sharing motherhood moments, cake recipes, and tutorials.

But you can still find short covers on there, too.

Shahida should be on your A-List of influencers you need to work with to grow in Malaysia.

10. Nicole Chen – Rising Female Model & Beauty Influencer in Malaysia

Nicole Chen’s content leans toward beauty, travel, fashion, and dance.

So, when you follow her, you can expect posts about skincare, makeup, photoshoots, OOTD, and dance covers.

Nicole loves bold makeup and style.

You can see her wearing colorful eyeliners, dark lipstick, and smokey eyes, along with edgy and flashy outfits.

Basic is definitely not in her dictionary – or should I say, nictionary? 😉

With her influence, Nicole is just who you need to reach fashion lovers in Malaysia.

Start working with female Malaysian influencers now.

As mentioned before, female content creators in Malaysia are who you need to thrive in the country.

From boutique outfits to industry giants, Influencer Marketing agencies abound in Malaysia

They will introduce your business to their dedicated audience, hence helping you generate the desired brand awareness.

Many brands have proven that influencer marketing in Malaysia works very well.

And it is your turn to see it for yourself

Just remember, pick the influencer who you know can represent your brand well.

The one whose audience needs your products or services.

Easy, right? Especially after reading the reliable influencer list I have curated.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with them ASAP.

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