The Influencer Advertising market in Indonesia is projected to grow by 11.66% (2024-2028) resulting in a market volume of US $349.80 millions in 2028.

Here is the list of the top 10 female Indonesian influencers worthy of collaboration and sponsorships.

And the best choices to expand your Influencer Marketing in Indonesia.

And they follow many influencers in the country as their source of entertainment, inspiration, and product recommendations.

These influencers are famous and have dedicated fans who always look forward to the updates on their daily lives.

Female Indonesian Influencers in 2024 👇🏼

  1. Jessica Jane – @jessicajane99
  2. Dwi Handayani – @dwihandaanda
  3. Nessie Judge – @nessiejudge
  4. Fitri Tropica – @fitrop
  5. Ria SW – riasukmawijaya
  6. Marcella Febrianne – @cindercella
  7. Fathia Izzati – @kittendust
  8. Fira Assegaf – @sashfir
  9. Dewi Paramita – @parramitha
  10. Aul – @tutorialhidub

This, combined with the amount of time spent by Indonesians to watch their content, will positively impact your influencer campaign in Indonesia.

I guarantee that once you worked with these Indonesian influencers, your brand will get recognized by the many followers they have.

A graph showing the Most popular Influencer Content by Industry in Indonesia

Even though not all content creators in Nusantara are women,

I have curated the best female influencers because I know many are specifically looking for female influencers to represent their brands. 


Because more than half of the Indonesian population is obsessed with social media.

Best Female Influencers in Indonesia

Ready to learn more about them?

Check out our list and read through it.

1. Jessica Jane – Famous Female Indonesian YouTuber & Influencer

Jessica Jane is first known as a Mobile Legends gamer girl on YouTube.

She ventured into the gaming world, following his older brother, Jess No Limit, who is also an established Indonesian YouTuber.

Now, her content varies from tutorials, daily vlogs, challenges, mukbang, cooking shows, and many more.

She also can be seen collaborating with other content creators, making her well-known among YouTube users in the country.

But whatever the platform is, Jessica’s content is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds – even celebrities love watching her.

She is also adored because of her cute and bubbly personality.

Brand owners, work with Jessica now to reach the general public of Nusantara.

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2. Dwi Handayani – Medan-Born Female Hijabi Influencer of Nusantara

Through her Instagram account, the Indonesian influencer Dwi Handayani shares makeup and hijab tutorials, outfit of the day, and many more.

After getting married in 2018, Dwi is blessed with two children who are just as loved by her fans – if not more. 😀

You can’t blame them, really, they are so cute!

Now, her content revolves around her life as a working mom.

Dwi gives out mom tips and baby food recipes to help fellow moms out there.

She also sometimes documents the raw moments of motherhood and chats about the bittersweetness of it all.

On top of that, Dwi is funny and she basically laughs at everything.

The combo makes her content more and more endearing to many Indonesian moms, hijab fashion enthusiasts, and the general public.

If Dwi’s niche and audiences are what you’re looking for, connect with her now ASAP!

3. Nessie Judge – Female Indonesian Influencer for Horror Junkies

Nessie Judge is known as a YouTuber in Indonesia who uploads horror content, from solved murder cases, and murder mysteries, to conspiracy theories.

She started her career in 2012. Initially, she started off by sharing her traveling moments – which she still loves sharing on her Instagram.

Then, in 2017, she came up with a new theme for her account, NERROR” or Nessie Horror, and her popularity has been growing ever since.

Nessie also makes use of her platforms to spread awareness of sexual harassment, bullying, and other issues, and that makes her even more admired.

You need to work with Nessie now and reach Indonesian travel & horror enthusiasts of all ages.

4. Fitri Tropica – Indonesia’s Funny Female Content Creator

Long before social media existed, Fitri Tropica is already a sensation.

She started her career as a radio announcer, then a comedian and actress seen in many Indonesian movies and comedy shows.

Although Fitri has retired from being on TV, her entertaining nature never dies.

Through her Instagram, she makes funny skits that you would enjoy even if she’s promoting a product.

Now, Fitri is a mother of two and loves sharing motherhood stories in, of course, a funny way. It’s never a boring day with her content around.

Looking at how dedicated she is to coming up with funny dramas to promote a product, it is no surprise why many brands chose to work with her.

And I encourage you to do the same if you plan to grow your business in Indonesia.

5. Ria SW – Female Indonesian Travel Vlogger

Ria SW had been in the content-production industry for some time before focusing on her own YouTube channel.

Her content is mainly about food, traveling, and vlogs.

Ria presents various culinary experiences and occasionally makes mukbang content where she eats huge portions of food.

The Indonesian travel influencer also explores other countries for culinary trips, such as South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

When you watch Ria’s videos, you will get insights on the food, places, and tips when you travel to another country.

Connect with Ria now and get a hold of the traveling and food lovers in Indonesia.

Graph on What impacts Buying decisions on Indonesian Consumer in percentage

6. Marcella Febrianne – Indonesia’s Talented Female Makeup Content Creator

Marcella started her career as a YouTuber.

Now, she is known as one of the best Indonesian beauty influencers who often shares makeup content on Instagram.

Marcella’s makeup skills are not to be doubted. She is so good at makeup, especially face painting.

She can draw various characters on her face using only cosmetic tools. She truly is the ultimate influencer for Indonesian makeup enthusiasts.

If you plan to get your brand recognized by makeup lovers in Nusantara, Marcella should be on your A-List.

7. Fathia Izzati – Talented Female Indonesian Content Creator

Fathia Izzati is a female Indonesian content creator who shares stories about her life, work, opinions, and song covers. 

At the beginning of her career, Fathia used to upload song covers before making other content.

One of the videos that made her famous and is still her most-watched video is entitled “21 Accents”.

Apart from being a content creator, Fathia is also a vocalist in Reality Club, a music group by her, her sibling, and friends.

Then, in 2018, she made her acting debut by starring in Viu’s original web series KZL.

Whoa, Fathia is so talented and can surely do anything! No wonder many Indonesian social media users follow her.

She is that influential. If you are a brand owner, you should definitely not sleep on her online presence.

8. Fira Assegaf – Fashionable Female Beauty Influencer in Indonesia

Fira Assegaf is a fashionable content creator in Nusantara and she is a star to Indonesian hijabis who want to look trendy.

This is because Fira is always well-dressed and would upload what she’s wearing to inspire others.

Although she is famous for her fashion taste, she also produces makeup & skincare content on the side.

Many beauty brands in the country have chosen her to promote their products, which is a good idea because Fira is who Indonesian women follow to elevate their looks.

Therefore, her beauty suggestions will always be considered by her fans.

I highly recommend you do the same if you want your brand to get recognized by Indonesian makeup & fashion enthusiasts.

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9. Parramitha – Cheerful Female Influencer in Indonesia

Dewi Paramita or best known as Mici by her fans is a tongue and inspiring career woman and influencer.

Many think she is inspiring because she teaches her fans to never stop believing in themselves and always do their best.

Mici worked as a Private Secretary for the Indonesian Ministry of Village from 2017 to 2019.

And she has also worked in the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Malaysia – she truly is inspirational, isn’t she?

Mici is also admired because she always chats with her fans about her struggles and other relatable topics. 

Mici is fashionable and often uploads her OOTD photos on her Instagram account.

And many look up to her not only when it comes to fashion but also in life advice.

For brands, connect with Mici now and leverage her influence among her dedicated followers.

10. Nuzulia Rahma – Entertaining Female Influencer in Nusantara

Nuzulia Rahma is a funny female Indonesian content creator who got famous on TikTok.

She goes by the name “Aul” and started her career by uploading funny skits. 

They are super funny that many big influencers in the country reacted to them, making her even more known among social media users.

Now, she has collaborated with many established public figures, including the son of the president of Indonesia!

Aul’s personality is just too entertaining and she has become a new social media sensation.

Aul is your gate to reach Indonesian social media users of all ages.

Ready to work with female Indonesian influencers?

You should be because they are your golden tickets to reach the desired increase in your brand’s sales and awareness.

Their posts are always full of online engagements which can only mean one thing:

When they promote your product, many people will see and click on it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Connect with your favorite female content creator now!

But before that, always pay attention to their niches and audiences – are they what you’re looking for?

Because the best influencers are those who can bring the best results for your influencer campaigns.

Work with other Indonesian influencers

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