Here is the latest list of the top 10 Indonesian food influencers on Instagram in 2023.

For brands that want to expand their businesses in Indonesia.

These influencers are highly influential in the Indonesian food industry.

They post quality content, have a dedicated follower base, and high engagement rate.

Definitely a free pass to the best results for your brand.

Food Influencers and Content Creators in Indonesia to follow

Imagine how a single promotion post gives your business more visibility and more customers.

Next thing you can expect: sales increase.

You should add them to your influencer campaigns to grow an audience base in Nusantara.

Let’s get to know them!

The Top Indonesian 🇮🇩 food influencers in 2023 👇🏼

  1. Devina Hermawan
  2. Cindy Lulaby
  3. Dadad Sesa
  4. Yoesi Ariyani
  5. Christo Tjahjanto
  6. Prawnche
  7. Bara Ilham
  8. Andri
  9. Moin Blog
  10. Endang Indriani

Food bloggers & reviewers are everywhere in Indonesia.

But there are only a few who brings maximum results for your brand. 

And here, I have curated the best food influencers in Indonesia to run your campaigns in 2023.

From cafe hopper to chef & cooking master,


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every content creator that supports the food industry is here on the list.

Now let’s greet the 2023’s top 10 food influencers in Indonesia.

Devina Hermawan – Nusantara’s Chef & Food influencer

Who doesn’t know Devina Hermawan?

She is the queen of delicious recipes in the country.

Devina is an alumnus of MasterChef Indonesia Season 5.

Now she is running her YouTube channel, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, becoming one of the best female Indonesian influencers.

To share lots of recipes with simple steps & ingredients but guaranteed delicious.

Devina has built a strong persona online, making it easy to grow a follower base on her social media.

If you want to reach the Indonesian general base who loves searching for easy recipes, Devina is the best start.

Cindy Lulaby – Indonesian Food Reviewer & Cafe Hopper

If you want more than just a cooking blogger, you can try Cindy Lulaby.

She posts reviews of every cuisine available in Indonesia, mostly Jakarta.

From burgers, ice cream, to chicken katsu, Cindy has tried everything.

She started her foodie career as a food blogger with Lulaby Spoon.

Beware of her Instagram page if you can’t control your drooling from delicious foods 🤤.

Aside from posting foods, Cindy also loves sharing her special moments with her loved ones.

Cindy is the type of chill and aesthetic cafe hopper,

Try working with her to reach ordinary food lovers from Indonesia.

Dadad Sesa – Java-Based Foodie from Indonesia

If you need food recommendations from around Java, Indonesia, Dadad is here to serve,

He is your go-to Instagram page to try every single dish in Java,

especially Central Java & Yogyakarta.

As an established food blogger, Dadad has hopped on to tons of cafes and restaurants.

Most of his content is Reels, very easy to be exposed to a wider audience.

If you run a new restaurant in Java, Indonesia, take advantage of David’s influence to promote your business.

Yoesi Ariyani – Biggest Healthy Food Influencer in Nusantara

It’s been a long time since Indonesia enters the vegetarian lifestyle.

Lots and lots of influencers pursuing careers in creating healthy content,

And Yoesi Ariyani is one of the pioneers.

Began her blog in 2013, and she is now one of the biggest vegan influencers who love to cook plant-based dishes.

No flour cookies, unsweetened apple juice, and oil-free dressing,

you can find every healthy recipe on Yoesi’s page.

All of them are vegan but the look is as drooling as normal greasy food.

Brands who are interested in the Indonesian healthy food industry, add Yoesi and see her impact.

Christo Tjahjanto – Indonesian Chef & Food Influencer, Reviewer

Here is another ex-MasterChef Indonesia contestant, Christo Tjahjanto.

As a cooking enthusiast, Christo loves to share videos of him cooking many recipes.

He often makes collaborations with another ex-MasterChef, Sisca (also his girlfriend), who also cooks easy meals.

A double influence.

Christo is the perfect match for brands that need a greater audience since he also posts a couple of content.

Get in contact with him and see the MasterChef impact on your brand.

Prawnche – Jakarta-based Food Blogger & Reviewer in Indonesia

Yes, it’s his real name: Prawnche.

Might be given as a natural foodie born, Prawn reviews and cooks every food he loves.

Be careful of scrolling his Instagram page as it’s full of zoomed photos of foods.

Don’t get me wrong, he is very famous and has been featured in international news portals,

Like NPR in China and TheRiotACT in Australia.

More than just a recommendation, Prawn will always give honest reviews about the dish.

If you want a combo influence, both in Indonesia and overseas, get in touch with Prawn ASAP.

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Bara Ilham – Indonesian Mukbang Food influencer

Bara is among the top male Indonesian influencers.

He is well-known for his mukbang videos, a pioneer from Indonesia.

With the influence he has, lots of brands crowd his page.

Not just foods & drinks, Bara collaborates with digital banks, laptop publishers, and many more.

He is the type of influencer with a niche but is perfect to reach the general public.

Go add him to your list if you have enough budget to work with an Indonesian mega influencer.

Andri – Rising Nano Food Blogger from Indonesia

You want to try working with nano influencers?

Here, Andri is ready to collaborate with you.

With only 5k followers, he managed to grow his Instagram page with overflowing engagement!

He has also worked with several local food brands and promoted them with his signature style.

Nano-influencers are very important in Indonesia’s influencer marketing industry.

Their authentic bond with their followers brings genuine results for brands.

Go add Andri to your list and see the nano influencers’ impact on your brand.

Moin Blog – Cooking & Food influencer from Nusantara

Moin Blog is run by two best friends: Aditya Perdana & Vendryana Larasati.

They start off their culinary journey on YouTube.

Now, Moin Blog is among the notorious cooking & food blogging in Indonesia.

Aditya & Vendryana prefer sharing simple recipes on their page.

Like mayo potato salad, apple crumble, shrimp pasta, and many more.

Their easy steps always make every post overflowing with engagement.

Work with Moin Blog to reach the smaller Indonesian cooking community.

Endang Indriani – Indonesian Food & Cooking Blogger

You want a cooking blogger with a cat?

No worries, Endang is ready to work with you.

She is the kind of influencer who prefers a calm, positive, and healthy lifestyle.

Just look at her page, healthy food recipes everywhere, portraits of her garden, and a cat.

Yep, she also loves growing her greeneries.

With that brand image, many healthy food brands have teamed up for sponsorships.

If your brand resonates with her vibe, contact her to promote your product in Indonesia!

Expand your business in the Indonesian Food industry with the influencers on the list!

That’s it, the top food influencers, bloggers, and reviewers in Indonesia in 2023.

The food & beverage industry in Indonesia has become the main factor in the country’s growing economy despite the pandemic.

Which one intrigues you the most?

Devina Hermawan with a large follower base? Or Andri, the rising nano-influencer?

Whatever your choice is, the right influencer depends on your brand’s needs.

If your brand wants to go grassroots, Andri is the perfect option.

But if your business needs extra influence for a wider audience, Devina might be a better choice.

I know that these influencers are in the same industry, but their colors are very diverse.

Take note that they are very popular in their market and have a loyal fanbase.

No matter what tier they’re in, their posts are always flooded with high engagement.

They are the perfect choices for your food business to grow in Indonesia.

Influencer marketing is thriving with many great & Indonesian top influencers in the industry.

Take advantage of the situation or get behind the competition.

So, ready to work with Indonesian food influencers?

Continue to read if you want to work with Food Influencers in Southeast Asia

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