Here are the 10 best Cambodian food influencers to follow in 2023.

Perfect for your source of culinary inspiration and influencer marketing in Cambodia.

Cambodian foods are unique and exquisite.

And the Khmer people love enjoying them, meaning that they genuinely love eating and snacking.

Best Food content creators and Influencers in Cambodia

Now, with the help of social media influencers, 

The public has found a way to explore more and more choices and possibilities when it comes to food adventure.

They begin to expand their knowledge of authentic Khmer food recipes,

And also worth visiting eating places in many cities in this SEA nation.

The 10 Best Food Influencers in Cambodia in 2023

  1. Kitchen Story
  2. Cooking and Travel with Bong General
  3. KhornPark88
  4. Sovanna – @sovannacooking
  5. Khmer Food
  6. Aspara Kitchen – @apsarakitchen
  7. SreyDa Leajin – @sreydaleajin
  8. Cheanna – @chheannacooks_
  9. The Bopha & Jonathan’s Adventure Show
  10. Chante – @chantevcooks

It is obvious that food influencers have the perfect accounts for all foodies in Cambodia.

Because they can learn about so many food-related things for free.

For F&B business owners, this means that you can easily get a hold of your appropriate audience through food content creators.

So, I encourage you to work with them if you want your brand to thrive in the country.

Here are the top 10 Cambodian food influencers in 2023.

1. Kitchen Story – Dedicated Khmer Food Enthusiast & Cook

Kitchen Story is a YouTube channel that provides many recipes for authentic Cambodian food.

They are all easy to follow and guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Kitchen Story’s videos are also short and straightforward, with English subtitles and captions explaining the cooking steps.

Make sure you subscribe to Kitchen Story now to learn more delicious Cambodian recipes.

And leverage her influence to grow your brand as she is one of the most prominent food channels in the country.

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2. Cooking and Travel with Bong General – Street Food Content Creator from Cambodia

Cambodia offers sooo many diverse street foods.

From spicy ones to sweet ones, Khmer people love them all.

And if you are one of those people who love to stroll around and explore many choices of street food, Bong is the YouTuber you need.

On his channel, Bong provides information about street food places in many cities of Cambodia and what they offer.

If you ever need such kind of suggestion, subscribe to him now.

And if you plan to reach all the street food lovers in the nation, collaborating with Bong is highly suggested.

3. KhornPark88 – Khmer Food Content Creator for Street Food Junkies

Here we have another street food enthusiast in Cambodia.

Khorn, the woman behind the channel KhornPark88, is ready to show her love for many Khmer snacks through her uploads.

The thing is, she always explores many types of culinary in one video.

Her posts are never boring as you can see many unique dishes and the lively atmosphere of the market she visited.

Khorn’s channel is followed by many street food lovers in the country, of course.

So, Khorn is your golden opportunity to get a hold of them all in no time.

4. Sovanna – Comforting Cambodian Cook & Influencer on TikTok


How to make the ultimate Cambodian Crack Sauce. #fyp #cracksaucerecipe #khmermom

♬ original sound – sovanna

The Cambodian rouge survivor Sovanna makes use of her TikTok account to teach the public how to cook Khmer dishes.

She speaks English in her clips and sometimes would crack a joke, making her entertaining to watch.

Her videos are also so comforting, watching her is going to feel like you are being taught how to cook by your own mom.

Sovanna’s fans are from all over the world but they all share the same thing – a love for Cambodian dishes.

So, working with Sovanna will open doors to connecting with her fans and targeting a bigger audience.

5. Khmer Food – YouTube Content Creator for Cambodian Food Lovers

Khmer Food is a pretty self-explanatory channel.

The YouTuber uploads recipes for, well, Khmer food. 😁

On the channel, you can find recipes for traditional, exotic cuisine like fried frogs and eels and many others.

They are promised to help you produce the most authentic taste of Cambodian dishes.

You can also find vlogs of him trying street food to give you inspiration on what to buy.

The Khmer Food is overall helpful for many foodies in Cambodia.

So be sure to leverage his online presence ASAP and watch your brand thrive in the country.

6. Apsara Kitchen – Instagram Micro Food Influencer from Cambodia

On Instagram, Apsara Kitchen uploads recipes and food recommendations.

They all represent true, authentic Khmer cuisine – flavorful, healthy, and tasty.

Apsara Kitchen is of course followed by foodies in Cambodia.

And many brands saw this as a promising opportunity to grow, hence collaborating with the content creator.

Take notes from them and have your brand mentioned in one of her posts so food lovers in the country can see it.

That way, your brand awareness will increase right away.

7. SreyDa Leajin – Passionate Khmer Food Influencer on TikTok


Are you butter hungry? 😜 Here’s my spicy butter dip for shellfish 🦐🦞🦀🧈 or you can just leave the butter out if you’re watching calories and want something more healthy. Ingredients: Shallot Garlic Chili Black pepper Tablespoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon msg (optional of course) 2 tablespoons fish sauce 4 tablespoons = 2 fresh lemon or lime juice 4 tablespoons melted butter #sauce #lobster #recipes #easyrecipe #butter #spicy #asianfood #foodporn #food #delicious #dip #seafood #foodtiktok #tokfood

♬ Days pass – adrianberenguer

SreyDa Leajin loves cooking and she wants to share her cooking knowledge with her audience on TikTok.

She provides recipes on MANY dishes – noodles, seafood, fruit dips, desserts, sauces, appetizers, drinks, and more.

She also speaks English, so you can still enjoy her content even if you have yet to learn Khmer.

SreyDa’s recipes are all delicious, no matter what type of dishes it is.

Which is why she is followed by many home cooking enthusiasts in Cambodia.

If they are your potential customers, try to get a hold of them through SreyDa’s influence.

8. Cheanna – Female Cambodian Food Influencer in America

Living abroad sometimes means feeling homesick and missing the taste of foods you grew up with.

Cheanna has gone through the exact same thing and that’s why she consistently cooks Khmer food to heal her homesickness.

She knows that many surely go through the same thing, so she uploads her recipes on Instagram to help others with the same experience.

Cheanna posts baking reels, food adventures, and recipe videos on her platform.

Sometimes, she posts vlogs showing a glimpse of her life in the US, too.

Follow Cheanna now for her relaxing content and work with her if you want to target her dedicated audience.

9. The Bopha & Jonathan’s Adventure Show – Sweet Cambodian Couple & Food Influencers

Bopha and Jonathan are a sweet couple who love to cook, eat, travel, and explore the outdoors.  

They created the channel to show the world the many beautiful places around them and the fabulous Cambodian food.

Bopha and Jonathan make cooking look simple by providing easy steps even for difficult traditional Cambodian cuisine. 

The pair is also inspiring in the way that they always remind you to enjoy life and go outside.

Whenever they travel back to Cambodia, they upload their vlogs, too for their subscribers to enjoy.

Their channel is perfect for native Cambodians or those fascinated with Cambodian culture.

If you want to reach them all, then working with the pair is a must.

10. Chante – Aspiring TikTok Food Influencer from Cambodia

On her TikTok account, Chante showcases her expertise in cooking Cambodian cuisine.

All of her recipes are learned from her mother and grandmother, so every time you follow them, your food is guaranteed to taste like home.

For Chante and her family, food is a love language and she will help you show your love through the same thing.

Chante is an aspiring food content creator and has a tight-knit community that admires her genuine uploads.

Should you work with her, your brand will be known among her dedicated fans and brand exposure will level up instantly.

Grow your F&B brand in Cambodia through food influencers.

As mentioned, food creators on Cambodian social media are followed by many foodies in the country.

If you work with them, your product will be announced in their posts, which will surely help it get recognized by food lovers in the nation.

More recognition for your brand means accelerated awareness and sales.

Therefore, it is obvious that working with food influencers will help your brand grow in so many ways.

Just make sure that you choose the right influencer to represent your brand.

So your campaign can turn out successful and effective.

Also, check out our article on “Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Cambodia” if you want to work with other Khmer creators.

Continue to read if you want to work with Food Influencers in Southeast Asia

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