The Food market in Vietnam is projected to grow by 7.88% (2023-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$137.90bn in 2028.

Working with Vietnamese food influencers is the ultimate way to grow your brand in Vietnam and reach many foodies in the country.


Because Viet follows food influencers for recipes and food recommendations.

And in an era where you can easily access everything on your gadgets, 

The influencer marketing industry in Vietnam is booming.

Top 10 Food Influencers in Vietnam 2024

  1. Misthy TV
  2. Vanh Khuyen Le
  3. Gaming foodie
  5. Culinary Frank
  6. Tai Toi Vlog
  7. Adelia Cooking
  8. Dia diem an uong
  9. Juls Kitchen
  10. Food Oscar

It is understandable why Vietnamese use social media to get the needed information from food content creators.

List of the most popular type of influencer content in Vietnam in 2023
It’s almost always Fashion and Beauty in the top position.

With their content, you are basically a few clicks away from learning about so many food-related things.

That’s very convenient.

This also applies to foreigners out there who want to know more about Vietnamese cuisine.

Food influencers will show you that Vietnamese food is not only Pho or Banh Mi.

Rather, there are a lot of varieties to it that leave you amazed and curious to try them.

All in all, food digital creators’ content is always enjoyable, so even if you don’t want to make or try anything,

Watching food influencers eat and cook is guaranteed to get you hooked.

Selection of the best food influencers in Vietnam

But do you know what other things are guaranteed?

Increase in brand awareness and sales should you work with food influencers in Vietnam.

Their online presence will do nothing but introduce your product to a wider audience.

Your brand will be more recognized in an instant!

Don’t believe me? Read through this article and I promise you will want to contact them right away.

Here are the 10 best Vietnamese food influencers in 2024.

1. Misthy TV – Popular Vietnamese Streamer & Food Influencer

Misthy is the top female streamer in Vietnam who is famous on YouTube.

Although she is known for her popular live streams and gaming content, now her videos are more about traveling and food.

She even has a series dedicated to food challenges and another called “WHAT THE FOOD?”

Where she tries out delicious and unique foods on her adventure.

Since her career is already established for many years, many fans will watch her uploads, no matter what they are about.

But even if you are not her subscriber, her food content is a must-watch since they are very entertaining.

If you plan to reach both the general public and the foodies in Vietnam, then working with Misthy is a must.

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2. Vanh Khuyen Le – Passionate Vietnamese Food Content Creator

Vanh Khuyen Le is a Vietnamese food influencer currently living in Germany.

However, her love for Vietnamese cuisine doesn’t make her forget about it, despite not living in Vietnam anymore.

If anything, it only inspired her to make many cooking videos so people can enjoy Vietnamese food no matter where they are.

Vanh has been cooking from a very young age and her recipes are learned from her mom and grandparents.

So, everything she cooks is guaranteed to feel like a hug from your mom – comforting and nostalgic.

Vanh is also loved because she reminds everyone that “No one is born a good cook, we all learn by practicing.”

Subscribe to Vanh now and practice your cooking and baking skills through her videos.

Vanh’s significance is also your sign to start working with her and grow your business in Vietnam.

3. gaming foodie – Funny Vietnamese Cook & Food Influencer

Here we have Alissa Nguyen, the face behind the channel “gaming foodie’ where she uploads mini cooking vlogs and recipes.

She is known for her funny personality and narrations while cooking.

Her content is also very entertaining because she showcases a glimpse of what it’s like being a mother.

With her children either crying in the background or bumping into something while she cooks, many parents say that her videos are relatable.

“Yo, my baby’s crying.” is her popular catchphrase, said whenever the first scenario plays out. Another one is “Appa, I made dinner,” which she says while bringing food to her husband.

Alissa’s content is mostly in YouTube shorts, so you don’t have to worry about being bored from watching her.

With her fans from Vietnam and all over the world, working with Alissa will grant you the desired brand growth in no time.

4. VNT FOOD & TRAVEL – Saigon-Based Food Content Creator

VNT FOOD & TRAVEL is a channel specializing in exploring all the foods and drinks in Saigon. 

Restaurants and food stalls – all can be seen on this channel.

The channel does not only cover the menus you can eat but also how they are prepared.

The host also chats with the restaurant owner so you can get more information about the food you will eat.

With the huge variety of dishes VNT FOOD & TRAVEL covers, subscribing to it is highly recommended, especially when you plan to visit Saigon.

The channel will save you lots of time and confusion trying to find good places to eat in the city.

Average engagement rate of Vietnamese influencers by tiers in 2023
Nano-influencers are quite powerful in Vietnam

Also consider working with VNT FOOD & TRAVEL if you want to target Vietnamese foodies, especially in Saigon.

5. Culinary Frank – Comforting Viet Cook & Food Influencer

Frank is a food YouTuber who makes use of his platform to teach his subscribers how to make tasty Vietnamese dishes.

His videos are always heartwarming with variations like kitchen vlogs, ‘what I eat in a day’ videos, and recipe testing videos.

Frank currently lives in Australia and because he speaks English and Vietnamese, his content has subtitles in both languages.

Culinary Frank is a comfort channel for many Vietnamese food lovers around the world.

So, leveraging his influence is a must if you want to grow your brand awareness.

6. Tai Toi Vlog – Vietnamese Mukbanger & Food Influencer

Although the channel is all about food and eating shows, Tai Toi Vlog will never fail to entertain you with the incorporated little parodies and humor.

Tai Toi is a Vietnamese YouTuber who uploads mukbang videos.

The foods he eats are always mouthwatering – they’re the kind of foods Vietnamese crave and think about all day.

Watching Tai Toi feels like torture you don’t want to end, if that makes sense. (That kinda rhymes :D)

Tai Toi has many fans. He definitely is your golden ticket to reaching the food lovers in Vietnam.

7. Adelia Cooking – Food Influencer for Cute Snack Lovers in Vietnam

Adelia’s YouTube channel specializes in making desserts and snacks.

Her specialty is not to underestimate because she can cook anything –

Pastries, lumpia, pudding, cake, ice cream, mochi, cookies, brownies, fried tofu, fried chicken, and the list goes on.

The thing is, she loves putting on cute faces and using pretty colors for her cooking. Interesting, right?

Adelia’s videos are very enjoyable with ASMR-quality sounds and high-quality close-up videos.

And if you don’t speak Vietnamese, you don’t have to worry as her content has English subtitles.

Adelia should totally be on your A-List of Vietnamese food content creators to work with.

8. Dia diem an uong – Restaurant Reviewer & Food Content Creator in Vietnam

Dia diem an uong literally translates to ‘places to eat.”

And if you haven’t already guessed, the channel explores all the places you can go to enjoy many Vietnamese delicacies.

Dia diem an uong reviews many eating places from small food stalls to luxurious restaurants.

Perfect if you need restaurant recommendations in Vietnam.

In the uploaded videos, you can also learn more insights from many restaurant owners, along with kitchen tips, recipes, and other information.

All valuable if you were to start an F&B business.

With his content being insightful in many ways, Dia diem an uong is subscribed to by many Vietnamese.

I recommend you to work with him to reach his big audience and grow your business in the country.

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9. Juls Kitchen – Experienced Viet Baker & Food Influencer

Juls is a baker and cooking instructor at a Baking Center in Vietnam.

It’s obvious that she has many experiences and knowledge to offer.

Juls Kitchen’s channel aims to teach people how to cook simple yet delicious daily dishes and desserts.

With her established career, it is unsurprising that Juls’ recipes are followed by many.

People trust her for many recipes that are guaranteed to help you make something tasty in simple ways.

Juls’ must be on your top list if you plan to reach home-cooking enthusiasts in Vietnam

10. Food Oscar – Viet Street Food Reviewer & Digital Creator

Food Oscar is a food channel in Vietnam focusing on the amazing street food in Vietnam.

The channel will show you many spots to get not only cheap but also healthy and tasty food.

Food Oscar also likes to explore foods recommended by fans and give viral foods a try.

Just like in the video titled “8 Amazing Vietnamese Street Food on Social Media 2022”.

The YouTuber will then review whether the foods are worth the hype or not.

So, if you want to try new Vietnamese street foods or find out what viral foods you should try, Food Oscar is your answer.

And if you plan to reach street food lovers in Vietnam, working with Food Oscar is highly encouraged.

Grow your business in Vietnam 🇻🇳 with Viet food influencers in 2024

After reading this article, you’ll know that the food content creators I have on the list are all influential.

Their passion for food & cooking, combined with their love for content creation allows them to present only the most entertaining & informative videos on the internet.

Which explains why fans value their suggestions and never want to miss out on their new uploads.

These food influencers’ presence in the industry is significant and working with them means getting a hold of the many dedicated followers they have.

One thing to note, though:

Before choosing a content creator for your influencer marketing in Vietnam,

You need to pay attention to their niches & audiences.

If you think an influencer will represent your brand very well, then wait no more and give it a go. Contact them now and watch your brand flourish in Vietnam with their help.

Want to learn more about other Viet influencers on Instagram?

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