Here are the top 10 Cambodian influencers you should follow and work with.

Because they are ready to help you with not only your beauty journey but also influencer marketing in the country.

There was once a fraud issue in the Cambodian beauty market, resulting in the burning of tonnes of cosmetic products by the MoH in 2017 and the following years.

Due to health reasons, everything that enters the market now needs to be strictly registered and proven regarding their quality, safety, and efficacy.

However, despite all of this, Khmers have now rebuilt its trust in makeup and skincare products.

List of the best Beauty Influencers in Cambodia

And you know what? Good influencer marketing techniques are one of the things that help the industry stand strong amidst all the issues.

Now, people are not afraid to believe what they see on social media or in online marketing. 

This is a good sign for any beauty brands planning to penetrate the Cambodian market.

Because now they know what they need to get their brands recognized by the public – which are none other than influencers!

Beauty content creators indeed dominate online marketing in Cambodia.

Still not convinced? Read through this article and you will know why influencer campaigns are highly encouraged.

Already convinced but don’t know where to start? Worry not because we have the ultimate list of the most reliable beauty content creators in the country.

So, here it is,

The 10 Best Beauty Influencers in Cambodia in 2023

  1. Sreynea – @sreyneanea
  2. Daa Dao – @daa_mtd
  3. Melia Constantin – @melia.ctsn
  4. Ailin Chea – @adorablin
  5. Picch – @picchdiamond
  6. Angie – @angkorianskin
  7. Sara June – @s.sarajune_
  8. Sochamnan – @so.chamnan
  9. Tori & Dami – @tori.damiskincareshop
  10. Aylin – @spaiter_ter

These are the 10 best Cambodian beauty influencers in 2023.

1. Sreynea – Famous Cambodian Beauty Content Creator

Sreynea is a famous Khmer beauty influencer who makes use of her Instagram and YouTube to upload her beauty content.

There, you can find her secret to achieving flawless makeup looks and learn about her makeup tips.

As I said, she is famous that even some of her videos are English-subbed so her international fans can follow her tutorials.

Whenever Sreynea posts something, her fans would ask what brand her makeup products are.

Which is understandable, because who wouldn’t want to look as good as her?

Sreynea also posts girly and elegant outfit ideas and hauls, so she has pretty much what you need to elevate your look.

No wonder many Cambodian beauty enthusiasts look up to her. If you are a brand owner looking for a beauty influencer to work with, you should definitely leverage Sreynea’s influence.

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2. Daa Dao – Khmer Trendy Fashion & Beauty Influencer

Need trendy, unordinary fashion inspo? Go to Daa Dao’s Instagram page now!

Daa Dao is a Cambodian beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer slash model who provides a bunch of outfit inspiration for fashion enthusiasts in the country.

From glittery and flowy dresses, professional-looking blazers, leather jackets, and short skirts, to 00s denim dresses, she can pull them all off!

And fueled by her love for fashion, the influencer opened up a clothing line called “Amore-D Studio” to encourage women to make their own rule.

“Always wear whatever u wanna wear,” the brand’s tagline says.

Daa Dao is admired by many fashion lovers in Cambodia and if they are your target audience, working with Daa Dao is a must.

3. Melia Constantin – Established Cambodia’s Model & Beauty Influencer

Melia Constantin is a Cambodia-based makeup and skincare content creator.

She gives out tutorials for many makeup looks, such as glowy, flawless, Halloween, date night, e-girl, and even Christmas.

On her TikTok and Instagram, she also invites her followers to take a glimpse of her life as a model by posting Get Ready With Me, and photoshoot BTS content.

Many brands in the country have collaborated with her, including skincare lines,

Which is brilliant because Melia’s fans are always ready to follow her beauty recommendations.

So, what are you waiting for? Work with Melia and utilize her online presence now and watch your brand thrive in the country!

4. Ailin Chea – Young Khmer Self-Care Influencer & TikToker

Want to follow a content creator who gives out complete self-care tips? Try Ailin Chea.

She is a Khmer self-care influencer who does not only share about makeup and skincare but also body and hair care, too.

On her TikTok, Ailin posts Get Ready With Me videos where she shows how she does her makeup and takes care of her skin.

From her, you will learn how to do simple, flawless, glowy, and Korean makeup – perfect for teenagers or those who don’t like bold looks.

The Cambodian influencer also occasionally shares all things body and hair care tips. She really got you all covered, didn’t she?

With all the helpful tips she provides, crowded online traffic on her socials is expected. 

For brand owners, I can guarantee that Ailin will help your brand get recognized among the self-care enthusiasts in the country.

5. Picch – Cambodia’s Productive Beauty Influencer

Picch is a fashion model slash beauty influencer who will help you elevate your beauty in so many ways.

She shares her day & night, after school, and skincare routine, as well as the products she uses. 

And if you’re looking for simple makeup tutorials, she also has them.

Wanna see more? What if I tell you that Picch also has OOTD and fitness content, too?

The girl truly has it all. She even documents her other routines with an emphasis on productivity and wellness to encourage her fans to elevate their mental state.

Picch’s page is suitable for teenagers and young adults and if you think her niche matches your company’s, you need to collaborate with her ASAP!

6. Angie – Khmer Dedicated Skincare Influencer

Here we have Angie, a skincare junkie who is here to help you with all your skincare problems.

Are you having a problem with acne, purging, dull skin, or dry skin? Worry not because Angie’s page will help you pick the best product for you.

Angie reviews and recommends pretty much… everything, from sunscreen, guasha, serum, face masks, and facial wash, to exfoliating products.

You can even learn to know your acne type, common skincare mistakes, and other skin care tips through her. 

And if you have a question, you can send her a DM and the micro influencer will likely answer.

Now, I think we can all see why her content is always awaited by her dedicated followers. She is that reliable and trustworthy when it comes to skincare.

Should you work with Angie, I can assure you that your brand’s awareness will increase among Cambodian skincare lovers in no time!

7. Sara June – Cambodian Micro Beauty Influencer

Sara June’s account is perfect for Cambodians who want to learn about daily and flawless makeup.

And for those who want to take care of their skin because she also chats about skincare.

But wait, it doesn’t end there because sometimes she posts some fashion inspiration, too.

With her tutorials and Get Ready With Me content, you really won’t be missing anything.

If you are a brand owner wanting to expand your reach in the country, Sara June should be on your A-List!

8. so.chamnan – Talented Makeup Influencer in Cambodia

Sochamnan is a Khmer makeup artist who posts easy-to-follow makeup tutorials.

And she has diverse looks to offer, such as Christmas, the 60s, daily, Korean, and simple makeup looks.

Day & night skincare routine and product suggestions are on her page, too

So, whether you want to boost your looks with cosmetics or skincare, Sochamnan is a must-follow.

With all the suggestions, it is no surprise that Sochamnan is followed by many and because they also want to look as flawless as her, Sochamnan’s reviews are always considered.

So, if you plan to grow your business in Cambodia, make sure to connect with Sochamnan right now!

9. Tory & Dami – Two Cambodia’s Skincare Lovers & Influencers

Tory and Dami are two sisters from Cambodia showing their love for skincare through Instagram and TikTok.


Try to simplify your skincare routine of you’re living in Cambodia #moisturizer101 #cambodia

♬ Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

On their platforms, you will find thorough reviews of various cleansers, creams, sunscreens, serums, and many more.

The thing is, when they review something, they will do it to a T! Every information you need about a product, you will get from them.

Tory & Dami often compare similar products with others so you can see which is more suitable for you.

They also recommend which one you need based on the skin problems you have – acne-prone, dull, oily, dry, everything!

And as if it’s not already helpful, the two sisters will help you with ingredient combinations so you can achieve the maximum results.

With all that information from only one account, no wonder they have dedicated fans who value their reviews and insights.

That’s why, Tory & Dami should be on your top list of Cambodian skincare influencers to work with.

10. Aylin – Khmer Hair & Beauty Content Creator

Aylin is a beauty Cambodian influencer known for her skincare and homemade face mask content.

She gives out ways to treat acne and take care of your body at home,

And also reviews many skincare products, ranging from eye creams, ampoules, sleeping masks, and many more

Not only that, she even has DIY remedies for hair loss and shares how to look after your hair and style it at home.

If you need answers for your hair and skin problems, you should definitely subscribe to Aylin now.

And if you are a brand planning to grow in Cambodia, do consider working with Aylin now!

Ready to work with Cambodian beauty influencers?

I hope you are. 😉

Because if you plan to expand your business in the country, working with beauty influencers is a must.

This is because they are seen as the ultimate source of skincare and cosmetic insights and suggestions.

Their dedicated fans always look forward to their content and value their advice.

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Even their posts are always full of comments and likes!

Fortunately, we have provided you with a list of the most influential beauty content creators in the country.

Now it’s your time to find and contact the one who you think will represent your brand well by paying attention to their rates, niches, and audiences.

If you have your answer, go send that partnership DM now and watch your brand flourish through its presence.

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