In 2024, the Food market’s revenue in the Philippines is projected to be US$145.50 billion, with an expected annual growth rate of 7.01% (CAGR) from 2024 to 2028.

These Filipino food influencers are the best, specially curated for brands that want to grow in The Philippines through influencer marketing

I think we can all agree that Filipino food is among the most popular cuisines.

Top 10 Filipino Food Influencers in 2024

  1. FEATR – @featrmedia
  2. Ninong Ry – @NinongRy
  3. Judy Ann Santos – @JudyAnnsKitchen
  4. Abigail Marquez – @abigailfmarquez
  5. Marvin Agustin – @marvinagustin
  6. Juju – @jujumaoeats
  7. Cathrena Chen – @cathrena.chen
  8. Hazel Cheffy – @HazelCheffy
  9. Aide – @foodaideals
  10. Miguel – @juanbigbite 

This is proven by the number of Filipino food chains existing in many other countries, which is unsurprising knowing how flavorful and comforting it is.

The food itself, along with its representation of Filipino culture, makes many Filipinos cherish it wholeheartedly.

Filipinos love food and connecting with others through it.

Now, with the help of social media, more and more people share this love for food for others to see.

And they are none other than food influencers.

They share many things about food for people to enjoy and learn from.

So, when you need a recipe to follow or eating place recommendations, food influencers are who you need, no one else.

Filipinos welcome them for all the content they offer and always consider their suggestions when it comes to culinary.

This, topped with Filipinos’ preference to go on social media before purchasing something, 

Will bring your brand nothing but increased exposure if you work with food influencers.

Food Influencers selection in the Philippines

For real, it’ll be a great help to promote your brand through social media with the help of these content creators.

Ready to know who they are?

Here are the top 10 most-loved Filipino food influencers in 2024.

1. FEATR – Entertaining Food YouTube Influencer in The Philippines

FEATR or “Food, Encounter, And Travel” is a YouTube channel from The Philippines that’s pretty much about what it stands for.

The channel is produced by The Fat Kid Inside Studios and is dedicated to food, travel, Filipino culture, and telling better stories over a meal.

From how-tos, recipes, cooking competitions, travel shows, features, and documentaries, the team is here to connect everyone through food. 

FEATR is well-known in The Philippines because some of the hosts are already famous, even before the channel is established.

And since FEATR offers various types of quality food clips and documentaries, the channel has continued to grow more and more.

Because of this, I do encourage you to collaborate with them if you want to reach the food enthusiasts as well as the general public in the country.

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2. Ninong Ry – Established Chef Influencer in The Philippines

Ryan Morales Reyes, best known online as Ninong Ry, is one of the most established Filipino chef influencers.

Ryan has a culinary degree and before becoming a YouTuber, he was a head chef at a restaurant.

His expertise in culinary is definitely not to overlook.

Now, Ryan shares cooking content on YouTube which is enjoyed by many due to his entertaining personality.

His recipes are also super good, be it Filipino or other types of dishes.

With his experience and useful knowledge, no wonder many people watch his videos and follow his instructions.

Ryan is your ultimate gate to reach all the foodies in The Philippines.


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3. Judy Ann Santos – Funny Home-Cooking Influencer in The Philippines

Before becoming a food influencer, Judy Ann Santos was already known for her appearances on TV as an actress and host.

Then, she started uploading cooking videos on YouTube to showcase her skills.

Her channel covers cooking tutorials for Filipino and International dishes.

Judy is also hilarious. Her fans thoroughly enjoy watching her not only because of her actual content but also the jokes she cracks

Everything she uploads is just overall insightful and entertaining.

If you want to get your brand recognized by home-cooking enthusiasts in The Philippines, Judy is your definite answer.

4. Abigail Marquez – The Philippines’ Lumpia Queen & Food Influencer

Abigail Marquez is a food TikTok influencer from The Philippines known as the “lumpia queen” among her followers.

Let me explain why.

Abigail once made a content series showing her wrapping foods with lumpia skin and frying them.

This unique concept then gained her popularity, hence being called the lumpia queen.

Now, Abigail shares many other food recipes you can try at home, 

Being comfortable doing it on TikTok, her videos are relatively short and straightforward – perfect for those who don’t like watching long cooking videos.

All of Abigail’s recipes are top-notch, from recipes of stir-fried veggies, lasagna, wonton, pasta dishes, and even desserts.

I guarantee that if you follow her instructions, they will come out so delicious!

And if you plan to expand your business in The Philippines, I recommend you to work with Abigail since her content is always crowded by online traffic.

5. Marvin Agustin – Dedicated Filipino Cook & Food Influencer

Here we have another celebrity-turned-chef in The Philippines, Marvin Agustin.

Although he had a comfortable career, Marvin chose to follow his passion in the F&B industry.

His brands include SumoSam, Tai Koo Hong Kong Roast, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, and Kondwi, all of which are successful eating places.

During the pandemic, he learned how to bake, something that he had been scared of trying.

Now, the passionate cook is one of the most known in The Philippines, and with his dedication in the field, I believe that he’s only going to get bigger.

Work with Marvin now because he will be your golden gate to reach all Filipino foodies.

6. Juju – Loved Filipino Food Influencer

Juju is a Filipino food influencer who gives out delicious recipes for many kinds of food.

His content doesn’t only revolve around Filipino dishes but also foods from other countries, such as Japan, England, India, Korea, and many more.

His love for cooking and his passion for exploring diverse cuisines have gained him many followers on both TikTok and Instagram.

Juju’s content usually follows a certain template.

First, you will see a short clip of him plating the food, followed by him trying it and saying “Oo, baby,” to show how good it tastes.

Yes, “Oo, baby” is a catchphrase he’s known for and always uses in every video.

Then, you will see the whole cooking process in the rest of the video.

Juju is well-known on the internet and he is the perfect influencer to choose if you plan to target the foodies in The Philippines.

7. Cathrena Chen – Famous Filipina Food Reviewer & Influencer


Found a new place that can satisfy my Korean Food Cravings @kuyakorea ❤️‍🔥🔥 BTW, Kuya Korea is owned and managed by @David Licauco 🫶 #LearnItOnTikTok #PhoodTour #wheretoeat #koreanfood #koreanrestaurant #qceats #foodreview #foodcrawl #koreanchicken #chickenburger #foodvlog #CathCreations #FoodiePH #fypシ #fyp #wheretoeatph

♬ Similar Sensation (Instrumental) – BLVKSHP

Want to eat out but don’t know where to go? Follow Cathrena Chen.

Cathrena Chen is a food reviewer in The Philippines loved for her never-ending restaurant suggestions.

She is here to cover all the must-visit eating places in the country, including street food stalls and modern cafes for her millennial & gen-z followers.

Whatever it is you’re craving, she has the answer.

Want to eat at home instead? Don’t worry, she got you.

Cathrena will teach you how to make tasty meals without leaving the comfort of your home.

Her recipes are all easy to follow and must-tries.

Cathrena is who Filipinos go to not only for food recommendations but also for tasty recipes.

If you think Cathrena’s audiences are who you want to target, follow the steps of many food chains in leveraging her influence.

8. Hazel Cheffy – Admired Filipina Food Influencer & YouTuber

Hazel Cheffy, also called “mamshie”, “ate Hazel”, and “chef” by her dedicated fans, is a culinary school graduate passionate about sharing her skills on YouTube.

She also creates food vlogs, cooking ASMR, grocery haul, and kitchen tour content, which is as well-loved.

Whatever she posts, fans always think that Hazel’s videos are comforting.

She’s like that one patient aunt you have who loves spending time with you and teaching you how to cook.

Moms, students, basically everyone learning how to cook Filipino dishes follow Hazel.

She is the perfect fit for your influencer marketing in The Philippines.

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9. Aide – Passionate Food Reviewer & Influencer in The Philippines

Aide is a rising food content creator who mainly posts on Instagram to review restaurant menus.

His review is presented in a classic food blogger way.

Aide posts pictures of him enjoying some food in a restaurant along with an informative caption attached.

His reviews cover a very engaging introduction, then followed by the menus you can enjoy and his personal thoughts on the food.

His captions are not too long, so they’re never boring. They’re just perfect to make you stay curious and want to try the food for yourself.

Aide’s account is truly what you need if want to try new food in The Philippines.

Brand owners, you might not wanna miss out on his expertise.

Start working with Aiden now and get your brand introduced by him to his loyal followers.

10. Miguel – Filipino Foodie & Food Content Creator

On Miguel’s channel, you will find Filipino food recipes, reviews, and more.

Miguel loves food and knowing many people do too, he started sharing food recommendations with others.

His type of content is like Aide’s but Miguel posts Instagram reels on his account as well.

I can guarantee that you will be drooling upon scrolling through his feed.

Everything is just well-shot and makes you wanna wish you could grab the food from your phone screen and eat it.

Miguel said that he loves supporting local businesses, hence dedicating his page to making the food he truly likes get more recognized.

Wanna get your brand more recognized, too? Working with Miguel is your ultimate option.

Collaborate with the best Filipino food influencers now and grow your business in The Philippines.

We have come to the end of the article.

That was fun, wasn’t it? – Learning about the dedicated food content creators in The Philippines.

Their love and food and content making is unmatched and honestly very heartwarming to learn.

That’s why fans love them dearly, knowing how genuine they are in providing only the best food content on their platforms.

These food influencers are who you need to grow your business in the archipelago.

Because their online presence will immensely help you reach the desired audience.

Then, increased awareness and sales will automatically come your way.

Don’t believe it? Let your influencer audit speaks for itself

Just remember, do consider their niches and audiences before working with a Filipino food influencer.

Ask yourself, will their content genre help you grow your business?

Good luck with your campaign journey in The Philippines!

Want to work with Filipino influencers in different niches?

Check all other Content Creators and Influencers in the Philippines:

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