Here is our up-to-date list of the top Vietnamese YouTubers in 2024, dedicated to brands and businesses wanting to grow in the country.

YouTube has become a ground-breaking culture in Vietnam with more than 50% of the population using the video-sharing site.

On top of that, more than 45% of internet users own a smart TV where they watch YouTube.

Top 10 YouTubers in Vietnam in 2024 👇🏼

  1. Hau Hoang
  2. Phúc Mập Vlog
  3. Will in Vietnam
  4. KT Food Stories
  5. Kenjumboy
  6. Dustin On The Go
  7. Kyle Le Dot Net
  8. MienTayTV
  9. Khói Lam Chiều
  10. Chang Doran

Here are the best Vietnamese YouTubers to watch in 2024.

And now, Vietnamese users have moved “from me to we”, considering more than 90% of users watched YouTube videos on TV with friends and families.

All thanks to Vietnamese content creators, the video-sharing platform is now trusted by the public as their ultimate source of entertainment.

Influencer Marketing in Vietnam is a great asset for your business.

List of the most popular type of influencer content in Vietnam in 2023
It’s almost always Fashion and Beauty in the top position.

From funny to relaxing videos, skincare hacks from beauty influencers, and more

They have it all to entertain everyone and every family in the country.

These Vietnamese YouTubers are undoubtedly a significant part of the increasing YouTube popularity in the country.

And they are the perfect gateway for brands wanting to reach Vietnamese audiences, too.

Because once you worked with them, their online presence will give you nothing but increased brand awareness, sales, and growth.

best Influencers Youtuber in Vietnam

Now, if you are ready to work with Vietnamese YouTubers, worry no more.

Because we have the updated list of the

1. Hau Hoang – The Entertaining Vietnamese YouTuber

Hau Hoang channel is a go-to channel for those having a bad day.

This top Vietnamese influencer documents her everyday life in Vietnam. 

She also makes funny videos with her friends.

Her fun personality makes her one of the wealthiest mega content creators.

Due to her big success, Hau Hoang has collaborated with many famous Vietnamese singers.

She is a video content creator you should work with if you want to grow your business in the country.

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2. Phúc Mập Vlog – The Expat Vietnamese YouTuber

Going by Hurley in real life, this Vietnamese YouTuber is known for his funny vlogs.

The bearded expat has lived in Vietnam for the past seven years and always calls it his second home.

His channel covers Vietnamese food, people, and culture in a fun way.

Phúc Mập Vlog is definitely a go-to channel for lovers of Vietnamese culture.

Hurley speaks both Vietnamese and English but mainly uses the latter language in his videos.

And because of this, his content reaches international audiences.

If your brand works with him, increased exposure is a guarantee.

3. Will in Vietnam – The French Vietnamese YouTuber

The “Will in Vietname” belongs to a French expatriate, Will, who found his home in Vietnam.

Will lets his viewers see the amazing Vietnamese culture through his eyes.

He also often invites his foreign friends to be in his video to try and react to Vietnamese foods and snacks.

This series has many episodes and people love how respectful everyone is toward Vietnamese foods and culture.

The Will in Vietnam YouTube channel has loyal subscribers from across the globe.

And if you work with him, he is ready to help your brand reach its loyal audiences.

4. KT Food Stories – Vietnam’s Foodie YouTuber

If you want to take a closer look at authentic Vietnamese cuisine, KT Food Stories is a must-watch channel.

Her channel is perfect for anyone looking for Vietnamese food references or simply wanting to be familiar with them.

She shares easy recipes and cooking videos with fans.

This Vietnamese food creator on YouTube also features her journey of visiting various restaurants and street food stalls to eat delicious Vietnamese foods.

Her content is well-loved by many people.

Because of this, brands must work with her and gain more exposure from her audience.

Average engagement rate of Vietnamese influencers by tiers in 2023
Nano-influencers are quite powerful in Vietnam

5. Kenjumboy – The Funny YouTuber from Vietnam

Kenjumboy is Vietnam’s YouTuber who features short comedy videos on his channel.

He makes skits and parody content.

And he goes all out producing them, utilizing props and costumes.

Kenjumboy is a YouTuber people watch when they need a good laugh.

Even his thumbnails are already funny

With so many enjoying his content, your brand is guaranteed to grow if you collaborate with him.

6. Dustin On The Go – Vietnamese YouTuber Who Interviews Celebrities

Dustin On The Go is an entertainment YouTube Channel dedicated to interviewing Viet celebrities.

Because he features celebrities, his channel keeps growing and we believe it will only continue to grow.

Dustin is known to incorporate unique concepts in his videos to make them more fun.

Unlike other YouTubers who invite public figures for interviews in a studio, Dustin would interview some of them at a bar all while serving their drinks.

He also sits down with some others in a restaurant while enjoying a meal.

In other videos, he invites some celebrities for a drive and a carpool karaoke then interviews them now and then.

It is clear that he has the dedication to what he is doing.

Connect with Dustin and expand your market in Vietnam now!

7. Kyle Le Dot Net – The Traveller Vietnamese YouTuber and Content Creator

Kyle is a Vietnamese-born American doing vlogs in different parts of the world.

He also makes documentary videos as she travels to many different countries.

He pretty much shares about the foods, places, and people he met.

Some of Kyle’s videos are in Vietnamese and some others are in English.

Due to her wide variety of content, his videos are enjoyed by her international subscribers.

Brands, take note of her popularity and benefit from it by working with him.

8. MienTayTV – Vietnamese YouTuber Who Documents Village Life

MienTayTV is a Vietnamese YouTuber whose content revolves around his life as a villager.

This Vietnamese YouTuber documents his family who cook and eat together.

He shows the process of getting the ingredients as well as turning them into delicious dishes.

He also features serene village life in his channel.

And because of the heartwarming content of the tight-knit villagers, MienTayTV has many loyal fans.

Connect with Mien Tay to reach his loyal audience and increase your brand exposure.

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9. Khói Lam Chiều – Vietnam’s YouTuber from the Countryside

Khoi Lam Chieu is a content creator from Vietnam who shares the most intimate beauty of the Vietnamese countryside.

She even uses drones to let her viewers see how beautiful the view is from above.

From her content, you will find Khoi Lam Chieu cooking the food she finds in nature.

She catches fish and harvests vegetables herself.

Then, she cooks them into delicious Vietnamese delicacies in her traditional kitchen.

She definitely should be a candidate for Vietnamese YouTubers to work with.

10. Chang Doran – The Entertaining Gaming YouTuber from Vietnam

Chang Doran is a  Vietnamese gamer and content creator.

She talks really fast and sometimes swears, which is funny. 

She does streams and her videos can be hours long.

Gen-Z Vietnamese love her due to her fun and relatable personality.

Work with Chang Doran to reach Vietnamese gen-Z gamers.

So, which of these top 10 Vietnamese YouTubers are you ready to work with?

All of these YouTube creators in Vietnam have their own niches.

They are all amazing and they have a passion for content creation.

And we can assure you that they are not fake influencers.

Working with them will open doors to more sales and awareness for your brands.


Because each of these Vietnamese creators has loyal fans on YouTube who are always waiting for their content.

On top of that, their fans always flood their videos with views and comments.

Go send them that collaboration email now and watch your brand benefit from the traffic they generate.

Continue to read to explore other South East Asia Influencers on Youtube

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