Vietnam’s cosmetics and beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing in Southeast Asia, with a market value of over US$2.6 billion in 2023.

To penetrate Vietnam’s ever-expanding beauty market, brands need to work with beauty influencers, and here’s why.

Vietnam’s beauty and personal care market is vast and growing.

Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Vietnam

  1. Trang Ngo – @changmakeup
  2. Trinh Pam – @trinh.pamm
  3. Chloe Nguyen – @bychloenguyen
  4. An Phuong – @letsplaymakeup
  5. Quanch Anh – @quanchanhmakeupartist
  6. Nguyen Newin – @newynni
  7. Linh Truong – @themakeaholics
  8. Ling Makeup – @lingmakeup
  9. Lin Tieu – @lintieutieu
  10. Mai Trinh – @maitrinh0799

And Influencer Marketing in Vietnam is already a huge market.

There are many beauty influencers who help the public learn all things makeup and skincare for free.

These content creators are seen by their followers as the sole inspiration to help them elevate their looks.

And with their expertise and experience in the field, their recommendations and beauty advice are always taken into consideration.

List of the most popular type of influencer content in Vietnam in 2023
It’s almost always Fashion and Beauty in the top position.

Knowing how much trust Vietnamese makeup and skincare lovers have in these influencers, 

We can understand why they stick around and always anticipate their new content.

For brands, this can only mean one thing: 

You need their help to target beauty and self-care enthusiasts in the country.

Because once you leverage their significant influence, your brand will be guaranteed increased awareness and sales.

Not to mention that the chance for foreign brands to grow in Vietnam is big, even K-beauty products are popular there.

Ready to get familiar with Vietnamese beauty influencers?

Selection of the best beauty influencers in vietnam

Here are the top 10 most-loved beauty influencers in Vietnam.

1. Trang Ngo – Famous Makeup Influencer in Vietnam

Trang Ngo is the face behind the famous Changmakeup channel on YouTube.

She is one of the most prominent beauty influencers in Vietnam and her name is well-known among the country’s makeup lovers.

She started as a lipstick reviewer and has uploaded many lipstick swatch videos.

With lip products being one of the most dominant sectors in the Vietnamese beauty industry,

Trang has become a successful makeup figure and opened up her own lipstick line called OFÉLIA.

And now, upon being the most trusted “lipstick swatcher” in the country

Many people rely on her recommendations before purchasing a new lipstick.

Get in contact with Trang Ngo now if you want to get your brand recognized among Vietnam’s cosmetic enthusiasts.

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2. Trinh Pam – Vietnam’s Established Beauty Influencer

Next, we have Trinh Pam, a famous beauty influencer in Vietnam, and a… you’ll never guess it – a mom!

She doesn’t look like one, does she?

Trinh is known for her OOTD mix-and-match and fashion haul content.

She also chats about many kinds of skincare on her platforms.

And with her flawless and youthful appearance, it’s only understandable if her fans take her skincare advice seriously.

If you plan on working with Trinh, we can guarantee that your brand will increase in sales and exposure.

3. Chloe Nguyen – Vietnam-Based Fashion & Beauty Influencer

Chloe is a Vietnamese digital creator whose content focuses on beauty, fashion, and travel.

On her channel, you can see Chloe giving off skincare recommendations.

She also uploads Get Ready With Me videos and traveling vlogs showing her trips to many countries, like Malaysia, France, and the US.

Chloe has been in the beauty content-making industry for so long and has generated many loyal followers.

Your brand will be guaranteed to grow in Vietnam if you work with Chloe and leverage her online presence.

4. An Phuong – Beauty Content Creator in Vietnam

An Phuong is no stranger among Vietnam’s beauty enthusiasts.

The content creator makes a lot of haul content and gives off her version of top beauty products, such as top cushions, top face masks, and many more.

She also creates haul videos and shows her viewers where they can get the same cute stuff she bought.

For variation, An also uploads travel and daily vlogs on her channel.

Even though her content is mainly on YouTube, her Instagram is never not crowded by her loving fans.

With her influence, your brand will surely thrive and get the desired growth in Vietnam.

5. Quanch Anh – Vietnam’s Talented Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer

Quanch Anh is a pro when it comes to makeup.

From simple to themed makeup, her magic hands are ready to captivate Vietnamese makeup lovers.

The Vietnamese beauty content creator is a go-to MUA for people learning about makeup techniques.

She even provides content for beginners, including eyebrow and eyeliner tutorials.

She is followed by many in need of makeup knowledge.

Connect with Quanch now and grow your business in Vietnam through her online influence.

Preferred social media platforms used for influencer marketing by brands in Vietnam in 2023
Facebook almost takes up all the charts in Vietnam

6. Nguyen Newin – Viet Beauty & Self-Care Influencer

Nguyen Newin is the ultimate influencer who covers not only skincare but also self-care content.

Nguyen’s page is about makeup and skincare where she shows makeup dos and don’ts, as well as skincare recommendations.

She also promotes the importance of wellness and shares her weight loss journey with her followers.

She genuinely wants to help her followers elevate their appearances in many ways.

Now, she adds many vlogs and traveling content which her fans love just as much.

Brand owners, you can get a hold of Vietnamese makeup lovers easily with her online presence.

7. Linh Truong – Ho Chi Minh-Based Beauty Influencer

The Hanoi-born beauty content creator Linh Truong is long known for her makeup tutorials and reviews.

She also creates a bunch of empties hauls content, as well as cosmetic and skincare product recommendations.

On her Instagram, Linh is also followed for her trendy fashion – all of her clothing items are truly must-haves.

With her expertise, Linh is recognized on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and has gained many followers across the platforms.

If you work with her, we can assure you that,

Her online traffic will do nothing but get your brand widely recognized by the Vietnamese makeup and skincare community.

8. Ling Makeup – Talented Makeup Content Creator in Vietnam

What kind of makeup content are you looking for?

Whatever it is, Ling Makeup has it all.

The Viet beauty influencer is the answer to all your questions about back to school, American vs. Asian, douyin, natural, glittery, autumn, and Korean makeup.

And actually, there are many other kinds of makeup that you have to check out for yourself.

With her outstanding makeup talent, it is unsurprising that Ling occasionally opens makeup workshops.

Which are always highly anticipated because people want to be as talented as her, too.

Now, we believe that it is already obvious why you have to work with Ling if you want to broaden your market in Vietnam.

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9. Lin Tieu – Viet Fashionista & Rising Beauty Influencer

Lin Teu is a rising Viet beauty YouTuber who gives off makeup tips.

She breaks down what to do and what not to do when doing makeup.

She also shares her love for fashion through her fashion haul videos.

And she has much-needed fashion insights, such as how to dress to look skinny.  

She even has an Instagram account dedicated to her clothing items where fans can find out where she got her cute clothes.

It is no surprise that Lin is then popular among many fashion and makeup lovers in Vietnam.

Collaborate with Lin Tieu now and watch your brand increase in popularity through her influence.

10. Mai Trinh – Vietnam’s Aspiring Makeup Influencer

Looking for a Vietnamese beginner-friendly makeup influencer?

Let us introduce you to Mai Trinh, a beauty content creator who helps makeup beginners avoid beginner mistakes.

She also breaks down makeup hacks that help people achieve flawless results.

Besides, Mai also does makeup reviews and shares body care tips, such as how to get rid of back acne.

With her content being so helpful, we can see why her popularity keeps on rising.

Contact Mai now and maximize your beauty influencer marketing in Vietnam ASAP!

Ready to work with Vietnamese beauty influencers?

You must be because they will provide your brand with what it needs to penetrate the Vietnamese beauty market.

Increased awareness, recognition, sales, growth, you name it.

While we are sure that each of the influencers we discussed is outstanding, you still need to pick one whose niche matches your brand.

Because the best influencer for your campaign is that who can represent your brand very well.

If you have your answer, then you are only one step away from introducing your brand in Vietnam.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact them now and watch how they will aid you in penetrating the Vietnamese beauty market.

Want to work with Vietnamese influencers in different niches? Read more here:

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