The Travel & Tourism market in in Singapore is projected to grow by 7.04% (2023-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$4605.00m in 2028.

Here’s why working with travel influencers in Singapore is the best way to grow your business in the country.

Singaporeans love traveling and are even known to be among the most well-traveled people in the world.

Be it for shopping, relaxation, or experience purposes, most people in Singapore have traveled abroad at least once in their lives.

But they still need help from travel influencers in the country so they’ll know where to go next.

Top 10 Travel Influencers in Singapore

  1. Jessica Liu – @jesssseca
  2. Grace – @graceglazee
  3. Amelyn Beverly – @amebeverly
  4. Herman & Cheryl – @todayweexplore
  5. Bino Chua – @iwanderrr
  6. Shu – @shuutravels
  7. Simon Chan – @travelledpaths
  8. Cynera Clement – @cynera
  9. Janice Lim – @wheresjanice
  10. Pamela Loh – @pamgoestravelling

Singaporeans are flocking to travel content creators’ platforms to get tourist spot recommendations.

The public knows that they’ll get what they need from these influencers.

Influencer Marketing in Singapore is not just a trend.

List of Travel Influencers available in Singapore

Whether it is about sightseeing spots, worth-visiting restaurants, or luxury accommodations, Singaporean travel influencers got the public covered.

This explains why many follow these digital creators and anticipate their content.

And this is an opportunity for brands planning to grow in Lion City.

If you are a brand owner, you’ll know why you need content creators’ help to reach travel enthusiasts in Singapore.

Their social media are your exhibition to get your brand known in the country.

Average Engagement Rate By Instagram Influencers in Singapore

Not familiar with travel creators in the home of the Merlion?

Let’s get to know them in this article.

Here are the 10 best travel influencers in Singapore in 2024.

1. Jesseca Liu – Most-Prominent Travel Influencer in Singapore

Jesseca Liu Jesseca is a famous actress in Singapore.

However, she made it to this list because she makes use of her platform to almost entirely show her love for traveling.

Most of her posts show the city and landscapes she visited.

And they always look as stunning as her.

Since Jesseca is known by many through her presence on TV, we can only understand why any of her posts are never vacant of interactions.

If your brand works with her, I can guarantee that it will increase in terms of awareness and sales right away.

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2. Grace – Elegant Travel Influencer in Lion City

Next off, we have Grace, a travel enthusiast in Singapore with a bunch of travel photos on her feed.

Pretty sea views and busy monuments in many countries can be spotted there.

But you will not only find spot recommendations when you follow Grace. Elegant OOTD inspo can also be expected.

Grace always poses before many beautiful views wearing simple yet graceful outfits.

Both her fashion sense and traveling posts are worth checking out.

For business owners, work with Grace to reach all the travel lovers in Lion City in an instant!

3. Amelyn Beverly – Singapore’s Girly Travel Influencer

The ultimate lover of adventure Amelyn Beverly is ready to bring you along to many parts of the world.

Amelyn has gone to many countries across all continents to visit their monuments, restaurants, beaches, mountains, villages, streets, and many more.

Knowing her passion for traveling, we know that she is only planning to add more to the list.

Another thing about Amelyn is that she is such a girly girl which shows through her Instagram feed.

Whatever the place and the weather are, Amelyn incorporates her feminine fashion taste into her traveling outfits.

A flowy dress on a vast dune? Check. Short summer dresses for the beach? Also check.

She is the perfect travel influencer for many Singaporean girls and might also be the perfect one to help your business grow in the country.

4. Heman & Cheryl – Luxury Travel Couple Influencer from Singapore

Herman and Cheryl, the travel-lover pair from Singapore are here to show many tourist destinations across the globe.

The duo is also famous for their uploads about fine dining and fancy hotel experiences.

Romantic poses by the beach and on a skyscraper rooftop, Herman and Cheryl have it all.

The lovestruck pair show that everything is more fun when it’s shared with someone you love.

Follow them and tag along in their everlasting adventures.

Also a piece of good news for brands: Herman & Cheryl are popular content creators. They are your gate to expand your reach in Singapore.

5. Bino Chua – Dedicated Male Travel Influencer in Singapore

Bino Chua has been in the game way before the term travel influencer was invented.

He started out as a travel blogger back in 2009, documenting his adventures on his blog

And what once was a passion to share about his journeys with friends and family is now intended for everyone.

On his page, Bino covers everything that you need to know about travel destinations in Singapore – the cityscape, nature, and even food.

Being in the field for so long, Bino has been featured in countless media in Singapore.

There’s nothing to doubt about this prominent Singaporean male influencer and that’s why brands must work with him to reach the travel junkies in the country.

6. Shu – Cheerful Travel Content Creator from Singapore

Don’t know where to go while in Singapore or other parts of the world? Shu is the travel influencer you need.

She has traveled to many places and always makes sure to share a glimpse of her adventures on Instagram.

From LA to Chiang Mai, lively cities to serene mountains, you can see them on Shu’s account.

Did I mention that Shu loves colorful things?

Well, she does and that’s why you’ll find yourself turning a little more cheerful after scrolling through her trip-themed feed.

Shu’s dedicated fans always anticipate her relaxing content and her posts are always full of likes and comments.

So be sure to collaborate with her and leverage her influence to make your brand known in Singapore!

7. Simon Chan – Singapore’s Well-Loved Adventure Blogger

Simon Chan is an adventure blogger for people who are lovers of nature and outdoor activities.

Because although he is an avid traveler who visits many kinds of places, Simon loves to explore nature more than anything.

And with his love for hiking, he can be seen posing on top of many mountains during all seasons in many countries.

So his account is perfect if you love hiking and traveling as he does.

Even if you don’t, his content will motivate you to do so and see how beautiful our earth is from the top.

But you know what else will be on the top? Your brand, once you work with Simon for your influencer marketing in Singapore.

So be sure to connect with him ASAP.

8. Cynera Clement – Singapore’s Successful Banker & Travel Influencer

Take a peek at Cynera’s Instagram now to see magical moments from her trips.

The Singaporean banker slash travel content creator Cynera Clement has visited 25 countries and never once forgets to share her moments on Insta.

Now married, her content is also perfect for pairs looking for honeymoon destinations.

Cynera is out here being in love and enjoying life, and fans love to see it.

Cynera indeed has many followers who genuinely enjoy her traveling content and life updates.

Should you work with her, I can guarantee that your brand will benefit from her great influence in no time.

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9. Janice Lim – Adventurous Travel Influencer in Singapore

Where’s Janice, you ask? Probably somewhere planning her amazing next trip.

Janice loves both traveling and outdoor activities.

Bot not only can you expect the content of her enjoying both, 

But you can even learn about hiking tips for beginners through her account.

Her posts are overall enjoyable and insightful, which is why many follow her and want to see what she will do next.

So make sure you work with her and get a hold of traveling and outdoor activities lovers in Singapore.

10. Pamela Loh – Insightful Travel Influencer from Singapore

Last, we have Pamela, a storyteller travel blogger & rising micro-influencer from Singapore who will make you yearn for more of her discoveries.

Pamela made her account with one main aim: to show people how to travel the world without leaving their full-time job.

And she has her own special ways of achieving it.

Pamela always puts heartfelt captions about her adventures, experiments on different cuisines, and experience of many local cultures.

She reminds you of travel bloggers back in the day, in the way that she writes personal and detailed stories about her stay.

Who wouldn’t love that?

With her dedicated fans, Pamela is who your brand needs to thrive in the home of Merlion.

Expand your reach in Singapore through travel influencers.

As previously mentioned, they are who you need to grow your brand in Singapore.

Growth in awareness and sales is promised once you work with travel influencers from Singapore.

Because they will introduce your brand to people who have yet to see it.

One thing to note before you work with Singaporean content creators:

Always choose the one you know will represent your company the best.

You wouldn’t want an influencer whose audience is not going to be interested in your product, right?

So, paying attention to their niches and audiences is very important.

If you already have your answer, then congratulations because you are one step closer to growing your audience in Singapore.

Continue to read if you want to work with other Singaporean influencers

Discover all the Traveler Influencers in Asia

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