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10 Best Beauty Influencers in The Philippines in 2023 to work with

Are you looking for the best beauty influencers in The Philippines?

If your answer is yes, then we have what you need.

The beauty & personal care industries have been booming in The Philippines in recent years.

And although social media are not the only place to advertise your beauty products, their significance is to be considered.


Because research shows that Filipino beauty consumers browse social networking sites before making a purchase.

And in the beauty industry of The Philippines, the most-viewed beauty videos were made by influencers, not brands.

This is why many companies use influencers as their marketing plan.

If you plan on following their steps, we are here to help you take the initial one – getting familiar with beauty influencers in the country.

So, for you, we have curated the up-to-date list of the

Top 10 Beauty Influencers in The Philippines

  1. Sushi Girl – @sushi6irl
  2. Norika – @norikuh_
  3. Chelsea Robato – @chelseamaey
  4. Rov Mizuse – @rovmzs
  5. JP De Leon – @jpbdeleon
  6. Marj Maroket – @marjmaroket
  7. Denisse Sy – @denissesyy
  8. Pauline Diego – @its___pau
  9. Sarina Takeda – @inahtakeda
  10. Francine – @cinerubyjane

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Get to know the best Filipino beauty influencers to follow in 2023.

1. Sushi Girl – Famous Filipina Beauty Content Creator

The famous Filipina beauty TikToker, Sushi Girl, is known for her product reviews.

Ranging from makeup, skincare, body care, and fashion items, she has it all.

On top of that, she also shares themed makeup tutorials and hauls.

With the variety of her content, Sushi Girl is the inspiration for her fans when it comes to elevating their appearance.

And since they want to look as flawless as her, they always ask what products she used.

With the dedicated fans she has, Sushi Girl is perfect for your beauty influencer marketing in The Philippines.


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2. Norika – The Philippines’ Talented Beauty Content Creator

Norika is a talented beauty content creator in The Philippines.

With her magic hands, she shows her followers how to achieve simple, model, bold, soft glam, and everyday makeup looks.

She also does theme makeup such as barbie and the purge.

Makeup tips are found on her platforms, too.

She teaches people with her blush, eyeliner, and flawless foundation hacks.

It is unsurprising that her fans love her as they find the cosmetic help they need from Norika.

To grow your business in The Philippines, Norika should truly be on your A-List of beauty influencers to work with.

3. Chelsea Robato – Established Filipina Beauty Influencer


Take me on a date! Outfits from Lusciouscloset on instagram shoes @tutumshop #phasionista #dateoutfits

♬ original sound – XVX – XVX

Chelsea Robato is a model and a top Filipino influencer.

Her content focuses on travel, lifestyle, and beauty.

Chelsea always takes pictures of her pretty outfits and shares them on her socials as inspiration.

The online personality also shares her fitness routine and tips, such as how to get rid of bloat and stay fit.

Sometimes, she uploads her Get Ready With Me content and gives off cosmetics recommendations.

With the variety of content she provides, how can one resist following her?

To collaborate with Chelsea is to reach the beauty enthusiasts in the country.

4. Rov Mizuse – Beauty Influencer in The Philippines


FINALLY AFTER 3 1/2 MONTHS!!! Please don’t let this flop 😩😩😩 I had to reshoot because the original one got deleted so yeah 😩😩😩 #makeupph

♬ original sound – ty

Rov Mizuse is a beauty creator and YouTuber from The Philippines whose content is about beauty, makeup, and lifestyle.

Her makeup is versatile, from everyday looks to artsy ones requiring colorful face paints.

She is also passionate about skincare and promotes its importance.

And she also makes skincare routine videos.

Rov Mizuse’s content is always awaited by her viewers.

Connect with her and get a hold of beauty enthusiasts of The Philippines!

5. JP De Leon – Manila-Based Trendy Fashion Influencer

A Filipino fashion influencer, JP De Leon, is known for his trendy streetwear.

He loves simplicity, which is incorporated into his feed and style.

Despite the simplicity, his style never looks dull, like, at all!

And although Leon’s fashion taste is mainly for his male audience,

Leon is followed by people of all ages and genders due to his aesthetically pleasing content.

His Instagram is like an exhibition of all the beautiful pictures he took.

Connect with JP De Leon now and reach Filipino streetwear lovers in no time!

6. Marj Maroket – Inspiring Filipina Beauty Influencer


for my guys & girlies with medium-tan with warm undertones 🤎

♬ Foundation Shade Twins – Yanna Machorro

With the complete cosmetic reviews she has on her social media, Marj is followed by many makeup lovers in The Philippines.

And despite the long-existing Asian beauty standard that favors fair skin more,

The Filipina beauty influencer encourages people with darker skin tones to be more confident.

Along with her helpful beauty tutorials, it is no surprise that Marj has a massive online presence in the industry.

Utilize her influence and work with Marj to create brand awareness in The Philippines ASAP.

7. Denisse Sy – The Philippines-Based Trusted Beauty Influencer


i apologise for gradually talking faster and faster but i have my captions on!!! 🤐 #fyp #tiktokph #kilikilireveal #bodycare

♬ original sound – denisse ☻ – denisse ☻

Denisse Sy is a Filipino TikTok influencer who presents outfit inspiration, makeup tutorials, and skincare and body care tips.

And one thing about this creator is that she always serves thorough reviews and explanations.

However, even with her relatively long videos, her fans still say that they can listen to her all day.

She shares her thoughts in a straightforward manner so her content is only packed with valuable beauty information.

Now we can get why she is famous and admired by many.

What are you waiting for? Work with Denisse now and grow your brand through her popularity.

8. Pauline Diego – Aspiring Beauty Content Creator in The Philippines


have had them for months now and the quality is 👌👌 #shopeecheck #shopee1111 #fyp

♬ All the baddies using this sound – 🤍

The Philippines-based influencer, Pauline Diego, has been in the content creation industry with a focus on fashion.

Pauline documents her outfit looks for her viewers to watch.

She presents them with outfit ideas for many different occasions and where to get them.

Her style is very suitable for teenagers and young adults who like simple yet cute outfits.

Occasionally, Pauline also shares her everyday makeup looks and cosmetic recommendations.

With her fans always asking the links to her clothes or makeup products,

We believe that she will be a great help to improve your brand’s exposure in The Philippines archipelago.

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9. Sarina Takeda – Dedicated Filipina Beauty Influencer

Sarina Takeda is a Philippines-based skincare influencer.

Her love for skincare has helped her with pores, eye bags, and acne.

Now, with her knowledge of skincare, she is ready to help others going through the same things.

Sarina gives off beauty hacks and shares skincare recommendations.

And with the clearly working results from her skincare journey, people trust Sarina with her reviews and suggestions.

Her fans buy a product because she approves of it.

Given the trust her followers have, working with Sarina will allow your brand to thrive in The Philippines’ lucrative skincare market.

10. Francine – Filipina Influential Beauty Content Creator


literally my favorites 🥹 @dcart ph

♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

This Filipina beauty video creator focuses on simple, everyday makeup content.

She shows her viewers how to achieve flawless looks through her “Get Ready With Me” videos.

Francine also shares the frequently asked products and reviews them on her TikTok.

Many brands have collaborated with her and benefited from her following.

And we encourage you to do the same if you also want to expand your business in the Republic of the Philippines.

Are you ready to grow your business with these Filipino beauty influencers?

There are countless talented influencers in The Philippines, from food content creators to this beauty niche.

With the inspiration and knowledge, these Filipino beauty influencers give out for free,

The flooding of followers, likes, and comments is expected.

Their posts are never without engagement and their opinions about beauty products are always respected.

And with their dedication to the field,

They have generated the trust and loyalty of their followers who will always take into account their beauty and fashion suggestions.

We promise you that these influencers will be an immense help to your company to bloom in The Philippines and reach the desired market.

One more thing,

Keep in mind that the best influencer is one whose niche and presence align with your company’s values.

And the one you’re sure can introduce your product to the right audience.

Now that you have your best pick, go contact your chosen influencer and start your influencer marketing in the country now!

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