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Top 10 Singaporean-owned Fashion Brands in 2021

The local fashion scene is thriving with Singaporean local fashion brand hitting the malls.

Fashion brands who successfully target the Singaporean fashion styles and tastes are now dominating the local fashion scene.

Think The Editor’s Market, Love Bonito and Benjamin Barker.

They’re local brands who have made their name in Singaporean’s fashion scene – loved by your average Singaporean and even Singaporean influencers.

Because they’re made by Singaporeans who understand what Singaporeans love wearing.

A staple in every Singaporean wardrobe, these brands have been successful in growing their target niche and have even expanded overseas.

What are the top Singaporean local fashion brands?

1. Youths in Balaclava
2. Depression
3. Love, Bonito
4. The Editor’s Market
5.Benjamin Barker
6.Our Second Nature
7.Young Hungry Free
9.The Authority Co
10.From There On

From youthful streetwear to punk designer and daily casual wear, here’s our list of top 10 Singaporean-owned fashion brands.

Youths in Balaclava – Eclectic, Alternative Designer Brand

Youths in Balaclava is a Singaporean-owned design collective.

They started off as a group of friends who simply designed clothes that they couldn’t afford.

They’ve now gone global and have been on international fashion shows.

Being on Paris Fashion Week and having their designs sold on Dover Street Market

Youths in Balaclava have put Singapore on the international fashion map.

Heavily inspired by local events and experiences, their brand showcases bold, eclectic designs.

They’re a brand you’d want to look out for if you’re into alternative designer fashion.

Next up is Depression, a Singaporean genderless fashion brand

Depression – Genderless Fashion Brand

Depression is a Singaporean fashion brand with a niche in genderless, edgy fashion.

Notice how their designs are all in black, with unique cuts and designs.

Depression is for the alternative, punk enthusiasts

Reminiscent of Yohji Yamamoto and Comme Des Garcons

While not typically worn by the average Singaporean

Their head-turning designs are intricately cut and sewn to create quality and edgy garments.

Depression is a favourite amongst alternative fashion lovers in Singapore.

Next up is Our Second Nature, a rising Singaporean womenswear brand.

Our Second Nature – Rising local womenswear

Our Second Nature is a rising Singaporean women’s fashion brand.

Featuring everyday pieces that are comfortable yet fashionable

Our Second Nature’s designs take a westernised twist to daily wear.

Featuring unique and noteworthy patterns

To uniquely cut shapes

They’ve taken chic womenswear to another level.

Young Hungry Free – Chic Women’s Fashion Brand

Putting an edge to the typical Singaporean look is Young Hungry Free, a Singaporean womenswear brand.

A bold, casual and stylish approach to the traditional officewear

Young Hungry Free’s designs go well in the evenings or on the weekends.

Quality fabrics that are cut and designed to the latest global fashion trends

YHF is the go-to for ladies in Singapore who want an edgy, fashionable and trendy spin to their wardrobe.

Love, Bonito – Well-loved local fashion brand

Featuring daily wardrobe essentials for every Singaporean lady is Love, Bonito.

They’re widely successful with various outlets internationally.

They’re truly a staple amongst Singaporeans, and their clothes are well tailored to the sizing and fashion tastes of the Singaporean woman.

Always fashionable and producing the latest trends

Which Singaporean woman doesn’t know this brand?

The Editor’s Market – Staple Womenswear for Singaporeans

The Editor’s Market is a Singaporean-owned women’s fashion brand.

A staple in every Singaporean women’s wardrobe.

The Editor’s Market feature work, casual, even hijabi-friendly designs.

Conservative options for those who tone it down with their outfits

To casual tops for the beach or even at the workplace.

The Editor’s Market is versatile and well-loved by Singaporeans.

Benjamin Barker – Preppy, Versatile Local Fashion Brand

Benjamin Barker is a Singaporean-based mens clothing brand featuring smart casual styles.

From officewear and smart shirts to casual-smart daily wear

Benjamin Barker produces quality, well-cut fabrics for Singaporean men.

Suitable for the office, casual outings in the weekends

Benjamin Barker’s clothing are a staple in every man’s wardrobe.

With multiple stores located islandwide, they’re truly successful and a go-to pick for men in Singapore.

The Authority – Local Fashion for Men

The Authority is a Singapore-based menswear brand with everyday effortless looks.

Simple, minimalistic yet stylish

The Authority designs clothes for the “boy next door” look.

Think daily staples, but with design elements that make them stand out.

Feel the quality of their fabrics with their carefully curated cuts.

Men in Singapore who want to pull off an effortlessly stylish and preppy look, this brand’s for you.

Next up is From There On, a Singapore-based womenswear brand.

From There On – Minimalistic Local Fashion Brand

From There On, previously known as Runway Bandits

They’re a Singaporean womenswear fashion brand focusing on quality, daily wear clothes.

With chic, minimalistic and calm vibes

Their brand appeals to the millennial woman who love comfortable, timeless and quality clothes.

From There On’s clothes are carefully and critically constructed from quality fabrics that are made to last.

If quality, minimalistic and timeless outfits speak to you

From There On is definitely a brand you should take note of.

Next up is a brand that’s representative of the vibrant youth culture in Singapore – Playhood.

Playhood – Street Fashion Brand, Energy of Youth

Rising in popularity among youth, Playhood is an up-and-coming streetwear fashion brand.

Full of youthful energy, their clothes are loved by young adults in Singapore.

Think streetwear, hip-hop and vintage – Playhood’s clothes are fun, trendy and hip.

They successfully targeted the youth and street fashion enthusiasts in Singapore through their influencer marketing strategy.

Using influential youths on Instagram as their brand models

Playhood are excellent in their Instagram marketing strategy – it’s evident in the popularity of their clothes.


Now that you’ve known the top Singaporean-owned fashion brands

You now know which local brands that may be looking for influencers to work with.

Support local brands – Singapore’s designers and fashion scene are successful in producing clothes that Singaporeans love.

From various styles and genres of fashion

Singapore indeed has a plethora of unique and growing local fashion designers.

With marketing strategies targeted for their respective niche, these Singaporean-owned fashion brand have successfully grown a local audience and even expanded internationally.

If you’re a Singapore-based influencer looking to work with a Singaporean fashion brand, we hope this list was helpful for you!

Where can I buy nice clothes in Singapore?

There are various fashion brands in Singapore

A mix of local and international clothing brands

Simply go to any major shopping mall in Singapore and you’ll find a large variety of fashionable and trendy clothes for any budget.

What fashion brands are popular in Singapore?

Singaporeans love wearing casual outfits to match the hot and sunny weather. Singapore has a variety of fashionable brands not just international, but local brands too.

Here’s a list of the most popular fashion brands in Singapore:




The Editor’s Market

Benjamin Barker

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