Here are the top Singaporean gaming influencers you must collaborate with.

They are just who you need for your influencer marketing in Singapore and more.

Singapore is home to many dedicated gamers, who consume a wide variety of gaming content on the internet.

Thanks to digital creators in the country, Singaporean gaming enthusiasts don’t have to worry about getting helpful and entertaining content.

List of top gaming Influencers in Singapore

Many of these content creators are so entertaining that people are willing to watch them play games and talk.

Many others are insightful, presenting video game analysis, strategies, tips, and tricks.

Whatever the type of content is, gaming influencers in Lion City are loved by their viewers.

Their posts are always anticipated and whenever they post something, flooding likes and comments are to be expected.

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Top 10 Gaming Influencers in Singapore

  1. Shibe
  2. Simon Tay
  3. AintNoobie
  4. wadaM
  5. Vedui42
  6. XStation
  7. GameplayUploaded
  8. Keynes Ho
  9. Heejin
  10. jJae Studio

Singaporean gaming content creators are who you need to penetrate the profitable gaming industry in the country.

The top influencers help you reach many gamers in Singapore and grow your brand awareness in no time.

Ready to know who they are?

Here are the top 10 Singaporean gaming influencers in 2023.

1. Shibe – Singaporean PUBG Player & Gaming Influencer

Wanna be in the know about the complete PUBG Mobile tips, tricks, and analysis?

Subscribe to Shibe now and watch his content.

Shibe is a gaming YouTuber from Singapore who covers all things PUBG Mobile, ranging from gameplay, funny moments, tips and tricks, and even analysis.

Shibe will show you how to become a pro shooter and how to ultimately beat your opponents and win the game.

And if you are a beginner in PUBG, Shibe will show you around and get you prepared to master the game.

Shibe’s content is loved by many gaming enthusiasts in the home of the Merlion, particularly PUBG.

If you plan to reach them, be sure to leverage Shibe’s influence ASAP.

2. Simon Tay – Dedicated Clash of Clans Gaming Influencer in Singapore

Simon Tay’s channel presents Clash of Clans gameplays, commentary, and analysis videos.

And he’s been making them the center of his channel since 2012!

Simon is passionate about Clash of Clans and is here to invite everyone to learn better strategies for playing the game.

Now, Simon also presents informative, entertaining, relevant content and reviews on iOS devices and apps.

Simon has many fans who have been following him for so long.

And they trust his reviews and commentary, so you must leverage his influence to grow your brand in Singapore.

3. AintNoobie – Roblox YouTuber & Gaming Influencer in Singapore

The self-proclaimed “low-budget Singaporean Roblox YouTuber” AintNoobie will keep you entertained with all his Roblox content.

He uploads puzzle-solving and maze-building videos to help you get around in your Roblox gameplay.

Because of his entertaining and informative content,

AintNoobie is well-known among many Roblox players in Lion City.

Collaborate with him now to reach them in no time!

4. wadaM – Marvel Game Lover & Gaming YouTube Influencer in Singapore

WadaM is an influencer who shares his love for Marvel games on YouTube.

He will show you videos about Marvel super wars and his epic battles.

WadaM also loves experimenting with character skins and weapons to show you which can help you produce the most damage.

WadaM’s presence is pretty known in Singapore since not many gaming YouTubers cover his content.

So be sure to work with him now and leverage his influence to grow your brand in the country.

5. Vedui42 – Insightful Survival Gaming YouTuber in Singapore

Vedui42 is a European currently residing in the home of the Merlion.

He provides guides, tutorials, game reviews, and a bunch of myth-busting.

Vedui42 also plays a wide variety of games but mostly, he specializes in survival and multiplayer ones.

You can find him playing a diversity of games such as 7 Days to Die, Conan, Raft, No Man’s Sky, and many more.

Along with his diverse content, Vedui24 is also loved by his followers because he provides many tutorials and guides.

Which is helpful if you want to get better at playing a certain game.

For brands, working with Vedui24 is a must if you want to reach the gaming community of Singapore.

6. XStation – Helpful Gaming Influencer in Singapore

XStation is a gaming content creator from Singapore and a gamer who aims to help other players in solving puzzles and completing missions.

The kinds of games XStation has on the channel are adventure, shooting, action, puzzle, and role-playing games.

Which include God Of War Ragnarok, Gotham Knights, Starfield, One Piece Odyssey, A Plague Tale: Requiem, and Hogwarts Legacy.

XStation’s content is always helpful with all the tips and tricks to increase your character’s damage, win a mission, or beat your opponents.

With everything he offers, subscribing to XStation is a must.

And if you plan to reach many gaming enthusiasts in Singapore, working with XStation is highly encouraged.

7. GameplayUploaded – Gaming Channel in Singapore for Retro Game Lovers

GameplayUploaded is a small library of high-quality, non-commentary retro game playthroughs for your entertainment and nostalgic experience. 

So, it is obvious that the channel is crowded by many Singaporean retro game enthusiasts.

It’s like their comfort place to reminisce about their childhood or interact with fellow vintage video game lovers.

GameplayUploaded also posts about games you can play on Gameboy and Nintendo.

Oftentimes, the channel is trusted to introduce even the unreleased game, like the Newer Super Mario Bros.

Collaborate with GameplayUploaded now and have your brand introduced to many of its dedicated followers.

8. Keynes Ho – Singapore-Based Horror Gaming Influencer

If you love to get surprised by jumpscares, then you need to follow Keynes Ho.

Keynes Ho is a huge fan of IndieFist and many horror games.

And he makes use of his platform to upload gameplays of games like Cursed Emily, Smile X Corp, and Hello Neighbor.

Keynes Ho’s content is always entertaining and that’s probably why he is subscribed to by many Singaporean gaming enthusiasts.

So, if you need someone who can introduce your brand to them, working with Keynes Ho is a must.

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9. Heejin – Singapore’s Roblox Gaming Influencer

Roblox is the kind of game that never runs out of players.

And if you happen to be one of them, try checking out Heejing channel.

Heejin is a Korean-Singaporean living in Singapore who uploads gameplay and memes.

He also comes up with Roblox dramas so you can sit back and watch the entertaining plot unfolds.

For variations, Heejin also plays Bus Simulator and other games, which are just as enjoyable as his known Roblox content.

Work with Heejin now and reach the gaming community in Singapore in no time!

10. jJae Studio – Cute Game-Building Lover & Content Creator in Singapore

jJae Studio is the expert when it comes to game-building.

The cute influencer utilizes her YouTube channel to share tutorials on using Game Builder Garage 101 to create your own game.

She has helped many in the community with plenty of game-building insights and has received much appreciation for that in her comment sections.

She also occasionally holds Q&A sessions because apparently, the public has many questions regarding game-building.

And jJae Studio is always eager to help and will answer all of them in her uploads.

Collaborate with jJae now to get a hold of many game-building enthusiasts in Singapore.

Ready to work with Singaporean gaming influencers?

The influencers on the list are all amazing and loved by many gamers in Singapore.

They are your perfect gate to reach and get your brand recognized by them.

So wait no more and collaborate with them ASAP.

Either using a tool and do it internally or get some help using Agency services.

But of course, only after you are sure he or she is the right influencer for your brand.

See, the right influencer is one whose niche can represent your brand and introduce it to the right audience.

After all, that’s what your brand needs to grow your brand in Lion City, among many things.

That’s it for now about famous Singaporean gamers.

Want to know about other content creators instead?

Continue to read if you want to work with other Singaporean Influencers

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