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Top 10 best Nano influencers in Singapore, who you need to follow in 2021

What are nano influencers and who are they? A nano influencer is an influencer with 1k-10k follower count.

They’re smaller and have less followers than your typical influencer and micro-influencers

But that doesn’t mean that they’re any less powerful

Nano influencers are especially successful in marketing products that caters to their specific audience niche

Working with nano influencers isn’t only good for your budget, they also fulfil your marketing goals just like any other Instagram influencer with a large following.

In this list we’ll explain why nano influencers are important for sponsors to build influencer partnerships with.

Who are the top 10 nano influencers in Singapore?

NameInstagram UsernameFollowers
Travis Lim@travlim5.4k
Lydia Tham@lydtham3.4k
Megan Chia @meggychiaaaa8.2k
Yana @kebabom1.9k
Ririka @koyourichan8.4k

Here’s our updated list of the top 10 Singapore-based nano influencers in 2021:

1. Dione – Chic Model, Fashion Influencer

Dione is a Singaporean model and rising nano influencer with 5.8k followers.

Her chic aura, perfect figure and a knack for modelling has paved a path for her modelling career.

As a model under Now Model Management, Dione mainly does fashion and beauty photoshoots.

With her chic image and beautiful model figure, she’s an ideal influencer for brands with an overall sophisticated and luxurious image.

2. Travis Lim – Food nano influencer

Travis is a Singaporean food blogger with 5k followers

Highly versatile, he reviews a variety of food including snacks, pastries and desserts.

With a high engagement rate with his followers, it’s no surprise that there’s many brands working with this nano influencer

A small yet quality account with an audience that’s loyal and interactive, Travis is indeed a rising food influencer you need to add to your list.

3. Lydia Tham – Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer

Lydia Tham is a Singaporean fashion and lifestyle nano influencer with 3.4k followers.

Despite her small following, Lydia has successfully partnered with major brands such as Nature Republic, Her Velvet Vase, Yesstyle

With a high engagement rate with her community, Lydia is a quality influencer who can effectively appeal to the target niche of many brands.

It’s no wonder that she’s a rising nano influencer who’s well sought after by brands.

4. Steffi – Bubbly and cheerful dancer

Steffi is a dancer and a nano influencer with 4k followers on her Instagram page.

Her posts showcase her bubbly and cheerful personality, which makes her well-loved by brands and her community.

A quality influencer with a strong engagement rate, Steffi is highly versatile and creative with the content she posts

Brands who are looking for a nano influencer with a down-to-earth, bright image and strong influence? Keep Steffi on your list ;)

5. Megan Chia – Nano influencer and content creator

Megan Chia is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer based in Singapore.

With a well-managed Instagram posting strategy and regular IGTV series,

Megan Chia is surely a rising influencer and content creator.

From TV appearances to photoshoots and sponsorships with food and fashion brands

Her content is highly versatile, making her an ideal influencer for many brands to work with.

6. Cel – Monochromatic, moody tones

Cel is a Singaporean influencer with a uniquely monochromatic and muted Instagram feed.

Unlike typical influencers who often pose with brightly lit images

Cel’s posts appear muted, which creates an overall moody and chic vibe.

The unique and aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed that Cel maintains ever-so-perfectly is what makes her account grow steadily.

Undoubtedly, Cel is a great influencer for brands who are looking to explore and expand their target audience.

7. Yana – Boldly Creative Fashion Influencer

Yana, more commonly known by her quirky username @kebabom is an up-and-coming fashion influencer based in Singapore

Daring and not afraid to mix and match various combinations of clothing in her outfits

Yana is highly creative, unique with a bold sense of fashion.

A nano influencer who collaborates with fashion brands and spins ordinary clothes into fashionable outfits

If this screams your brand personality, Yana is the perfect influencer that can represent your brand.

A small, growing and loyal community of followers, Yana has a high engagement rate and is highly responsive with her followers.

It’s no wonder that she’s a rising influencer and we can’t wait to see her succeed as an Instagram influencer!

8. Ririka – Parent Nano Influencer #momstagram

Ririka is a influencer who runs @koyourichan as a dedicated mommy blog for her daughter Koyouri-chan.

A beautifully curated Instagram feed capturing her life experiences and moments with her daughter

Ririka seamlessly incorporates paid partnerships and sponsorships in her Instagram feed.

From lifestyle to food, Ririka is a versatile influencer with a niche audience of fellow moms.

If your brand caters to children and families – this is an account you definitely want to work with.

9. Jessica – Beauty Nano Influencer

Jessica is a Singapore-based lifestyle and beauty influencer with an audience of 4.4k followers.

As an influencer who loves beauty and self-pampering sessions

Jessica has successfully partnered with nails, lashes and other aesthetics services.

Not to mention sponsorships with makeup brands such as Forencos.

If your brand is in the beauty and lifestyle industry and looking for an influencer with a beauty target niche

Jessica is a rising and quality influencer to work with!

10. Hazel – Fashion and Lifestyle Nano Influencer

Hazel is a fashion and lifestyle nano influencer with 2k followers and growing.

Her Instagram feed is well-managed with aesthetically pleasing content creation that radiates warm vibes.

Her trendy sense of style has made her an influencer with partnerships with beauty and fashion brands such as Yesstyle, Marc Mirren, Cosrx and Rovectin.

As an influencer with a smaller audience, she has strong audience engagement and high engagement rates.

If Hazel meets your brand’s niche, target audience and vibe

We believe you’ll love working with Hazel – Keep her name in your list of nano influencer partnerships ;)


Now you’re familiar with the nano influencers of Singapore right?

Even though they have a smaller audience of Instagram followers

Partnerships with these nano influencers prove to be highly effective in reaching marketing goals

That’s due to their specialised niches and strong engagement with their loyal target audience.

As a social media community manager, I’ve learned that influencers of all follower sizes are equally as influential.

Of course, followers are just a number – nano influencers can equally make an impact as well!

We hope you’ve found this list of top nano influencers in Singapore helpful for your brand’s search for nano influencer partnerships.

Wishing you all the best in your influencer marketing journey!

What is a nano influencer?

Nano influencers are not full-time professional influencers, majority of their Instagram posts are typical personal content and post sponsored content occasionally.

They strike a balance between personal content and sponsored content.

How many followers do nano influencers have?

Nano influencers: 1k – 10k followers

Micro influencers: 10k – 50k followers

Macro influencers: 500k – 1M followers

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