In 2024, the projected revenue in the Video Games market in the Philippines is expected to reach US$ 2,12 billions

By the year 2027, it is projected that there will be 37 million mobile gamers in the Philippines. This reflects the smartphone user penetration rate in the country.

The Influencer Marketing industry is quite big in the Philippines and online gamers are leading the Market.

They are who you need to grow your business in The Philippines and reach many gamers in the country.

Here are the top 10 Filipino gaming influencers.

Gaming Influencers in the Philippines 👇🏼

  1. GLOCO
  2. JollySly
  3. Kristine Santamena
  4. Shola Hey
  5. Habitat Gaming
  6. Pech Gaming
  7. Biancake Plays
  8. Burg
  9. Vigor Gaming

With more than 30 million gamers, it is clear that games are really popular in The Philippines.

Some even take gaming seriously.

The most popular Influencer content chart in the Philippines
The top 3 most popular content will remain the same, even in the Philippines

Many would go their way to join e-sport tournaments, become professional players, and spend a fortune on in-game purchases.

The gaming industry is thriving more than ever, especially after the public realizes that it is for everyone.

And we need to credit Filipino gaming creators for this.

They make sure that all gamers in the country know that there are games they can enjoy even without an expensive PC setup.

Some can even be played on mobile phones,

And gaming influencers will show you how to make the most of your gaming experience with their posts.

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Consequently, their well-loved content makes games more and more popular in the country.

No matter how old they are or what kind of game they play, Filipino gamers can rely on these influencers

for in-game analysis, character recommendations, tips, and even a mere source of entertainment.

Because even if you are not much of a gamer, these creators’ content is so fun that you won’t have any problems watching them sit and play.

Their clips are always anticipated by many Filipino gamers,

Therefore leveraging their influence to penetrate The Philippines’ gaming industry is a must.

Read more about them and you will learn why they are your way to reach gaming enthusiasts in the country.

List of Gaming Influencers in the Philippines

Here are the 10 best gaming influencers in The Philippines in 2024.

1. GLOCO — Entertaining Gaming Influencer in The Philippines

GLOCO is no stranger to the Filipino gaming community. 

In fact, he is one of the most prominent gamers in the country.

He is known for his funny reactions while playing horror games.

From screaming, cursing, and coughing, they all add up to his entertaining nature and commentary.

You’ll get a little bit of everything while watching GLOCO – the jumpscares, the tension, and the laugh.

I suggest you collaborate with GLOCO now because he is your gate to reach all the game junkies in The Philippines.


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2. JollySly – Famous Filipino Survival Gaming Influencer

Horror and survival game lovers in The Philippines love JollySly. 

JollySly is a gaming channel that covers a wide variety of games, instead of only one. 

From God of War, It Takes Two, and Resident Evil, the channel covers all.

His channel is entertaining and suitable for video game lovers in the country, no matter the genre.

To reach them, I highly recommend you work with JollySly right now!

3. Kristine Santamena — Filipina Mobile Legends Player and Influencer

Kristine Santamena is known as a gaming influencer who uploads gameplay and commentary videos.

She mainly focuses on Mobile Legends and its in-game heroes.

Because of this, Kristine has established a name in the community and is subscribed to by plenty.

I mean, which Filipino gamer doesn’t know Mobile Legends?

The game is very popular that even those who don’t play it know what the game is about.

To reach many Mobile Legends players in The Philippines, it is clear that Kristine is who you give a call to.

4. Shola Hey – Entertaining Female Gaming Content Creator from The Philippines

Shola Hey is one of the must-follow Filipino influencers for all horror game lovers.

Jumpscares and scary creatures are what you are about to see when you watch her videos.

The games she plays include Little Nightmare, Lunch Lady, Specimen Zero, Devour, and so many more.

All guaranteed to creep you out so don’t watch her videos at night or before bed, okay?

Shola’s content is loved because of her entertaining commentary.

Working with her will surely open the door to reaching many horror game lovers in The Philippines.

5. Habitat Gaming – Pinoy-Based Dedicated Minecraft Gaming Influencer

Make the most of your experience in playing Minecraft with Habitat Gaming content.

Upon following him, you will know that there can be so much going on and things to explore in the game.

You can try fighting a giant, fighting 100 zombies, surviving a Plants VS Zombies apocalypse, and many others.

Minecraft is so much more fun when you take notes from him.

Many Minecraft lovers of all ages subscribe to Habitat Gaming,

And he is definitely your golden ticket to reaching them all in an instant.

6. Pech Gaming — GTA Gaming Influencer from The Philippines

GTA 5 might not be the newest game, but its loyal fans remain and they are everywhere, including in The Philippines. 

And GTA lovers in the country know they can rely on Pech Gaming for the ultimate source of content.

The Filipino YouTuber provides map exploration as well as entertaining episodes to watch. 

He will show you all the things you might not notice when playing GTA 5 by yourself.

Because of this, the channel has generated many loyal followers in The Philippines. 

Should your brand want to target gaming enthusiasts in the country, then collaborating with him is a must.

7. Biancake Plays — Well-Known Influencer & Gamer Girl in The Philippines

The stunning gamer girl Bianca Yao is famous among Filipino gamers. 

She plays a great variety of video games, including Outlast, Little Nightmare, Mobile Legends, Valorant, and more. 

For fellow gamers who need inspo for their gaming corners,

Bianca also posts room tours and device unboxings on her other channel, Bianca Yao.

Whatever type of content Bianca uploads, it’s always crowded with likes and comments.

So I suggest you work with her ASAP to reach plenty of gamers in The Philippines.

8. Burg – Dedicated Filipino Valorant Player & Gaming Content Creator

When it was released, Valorant became a sensation in The Philippines. 

It instantly garnered many fans and one of them is Burg. 

Burg is often praised for how good he is at playing the game, all while unintentionally teaching many to be more skilled Valorant players. 

Burg’s channel is of course subscribed to by many Valorant junkies.

Want to connect with Burg audiences? Then start collaborating with him ASAP.

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9. Vigor Gaming — The Philippines-Based PUBG Mobile Professional Player

PUBG Mobile has always been popular and is enjoyed by Filipino gamers of all ages.

With his reputation as a professional PUBG player, his channel is undoubtedly one of the most known among the players.

Vigor Gaming uploads relaxing gameplays and also clips of the e-sport tournaments he and his team had joined. 

They are always epic and worth watching if you love PUBG. 

Vigor Gaming is also definitely worth working with if you want to get a hold of PUBG lovers in The Philippines. 

And if you plan to expand your reach in Pinoy, his dedication will help your brand known in the country.

Work with gamers content creators in The Philippines.

The Filipino gamers I have on the list are all influential.

This means that they have the power to shape how their audiences think regarding gaming.

Overall perfect for your influencer marketing in The Philippines.

Once they introduce your brand to their subscribers,

I can guarantee that it will result in a boost of awareness, exposure, sales, and more.

Your brand will be more known and penetrating the gaming market won’t be as complicated.

However, be sure to choose one whose niche is in line with your business.

So it can be represented appropriately and successfully, in addition to reaching the right mass.

What are you waiting for?

Collaborate with them ASAP and see just how much impact they have on your brand.

Work with other Influencers and Creators in the Philippines

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