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Top 10 TikTok Influencers in The Philippines in 2023 – Most Definitive List

TikTok is very popular in The Philippines and that’s why Filipino TikTokers are your gate to reach potential consumers in the country.

It has become known that TikTok is widely used by the general public of The Philippines and the platform gives more growth opportunities for businesses to grow.

So, when you work with Filipino TikTok influencers,

They are guaranteed to help your brand get recognized by many, hence increasing your brand awareness instantly.

Because whatever they upload on their social media is anticipated and flooded with online interactions.

Likes, comments, shares, you name it.

Not to mention that these TikTok influencers are indeed influential, too.

They have the power to shape their fans’ preferences toward certain products,

And we would want them to influence their followers to choose your brand instead, right?

Once you work with these creators, accelerated growth is promised in terms of awareness, sales, and more.

Top 10 TikTok Influencers in The Philippines

  1. Jen Barangan – @jenbarangan
  2. Arabella Racelis – @thatsbellayt
  3. Kyrus – @kyrus_gm
  4. Kuya Json – @chefchefan01
  5. Francis Bagsic – @francis_bagsic
  6. Nurse Rei – @reishaferr
  7. Justine Pllarena – @justinepllarena
  8. Anna Gonzales – @annagonzales
  9. Alvin Tries Tech – @alvintriestech
  10. Explore_PH – @explore_worldwithme

Many brands have proven how well influencer marketing through TikTok works for them.

And now it’s your turn to follow their steps and see it for yourself.

Here they are, the top 10 TikTok Influencers in The Philippines in 2023.

1. Jen Barangan – Famous Flight Attendant & TikTok Star in The Philippines 


Flight Attendant Challenge! ✈️ Let’s do the landing announcement. #flightattendant #flightattendantannouncement

♬ original sound – Jen Barangan – Jen Barangan

Jen Barangan might be one of the most famous flight attendants in The Philippines.

She started out sharing her day-to-day life as a cabin crew and people loved it, hence her popularity on TikTok.

However, Jen sadly lost her job due to the pandemic in 2020 but her popularity stays prominent.

Jen has established her fame on #tiktokph, which means that her other content including ‘Get Ready With Me’, vlogs, storytime, OOTD, and traveling clips are also well loved.

So be sure to follow her for chic outfit inspo and a never-ending source of entertainment.

Also be sure you leverage Jen’s influence should you want to grow your brand in The Philippines now!

2. Arabella Racelis – Popular Lifestyle Filipina Influencer on TikTok

Arabella Racelis, famously known as That’s Bella, is one of the most established lifestyle vloggers in The Philippines.

Bella has been on YouTube since she was only 13! And she started out with trendy challenges, shopping hauls, and back-to-school videos.

Now, Bella is on TikTok just like many other influencers and she presents fun content on the platform.

There, you can see her dancing, participating in trends, showing off her outfits and skincare routines, as well as updating her fans about her life.

Bella’s presence is already well-known among Filipino Gen-Z as she basically grows up with them.

And everything she does is always newsworthy, even her love life.

I highly encourage you to work with Bella now and get a hold of her dedicated fans ASAP. 

3. Kyrus – Funny TikTok Influencer in The Philippines

Are you having a bad day? Check out Kyrus’ TikTok account and prepare to laugh along with his followers.

Kyrus is a Filipino TikToker known for his funny skits.

The thing is, not only are they funny but they are also relatable, especially for the younger generation of The Philippines.

Kyrus’ clips revolve around everyday life struggles, love life, sarcasm, and funny comebacks.

He also gets creative when joining the current trends by incorporating his humor into it.

Kyrus is a well-known online comedian in The Philippines and his comments are always full of people reacting to how relatable and funny he is.

If you collaborate with Kyrus, I can guarantee that your brand will be instantly recognized by a much larger audience.

4. Kuya Json – Romantic Food Influencer from The Philippines


Spicy Chicken Adobo para kay baby 😋 Sobrang all-out sarap, iluluto ko ulit ‘to pang noche buena #tiktokfood #pinoyeats #chicken #ulam #foodieph #alloutpaskowithknorr

♬ ALL-OUT PASKO with KNORR – Knorr Philippines

Kuya Json is a Filipino food TikTok creator making use of his platform to share many authentic recipes you can try at home.

But what makes him stand out among others in the same industry is the fact that he uses food as a way to spoil his girl. What a gentleman. 

All of Kuya’s recipes are easy to follow so even if you are a beginner, you can make tasty Filipino foods after watching his videos.

Kuya is also open to suggestions and requests. Oftentimes, he cooks a dish picked out by his followers – stir fry, main dishes, side dishes, snacks, desserts, he can make them all.

His knowledge of home cooking is not to be doubted and so is his influence.

Which is why many brands chose to collaborate with him on TikTok.

Now, it’s your turn to do the same if you want to reach many foodies in The Philippines.

5. Francis Bagsic – Insightful Filipino TikToker – ‘Skincare Boy’ of The Philippines


how are you doing for back to school? 💜 Lactezin helps me a lot! If symptoms persist, consult your doctor)

♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

Skincare is very important and Francis Bagsic knows that.

That’s why he utilizes his platform to educate many TikTok users in The Philippines about it.

The “skincare boy” content creator will provide you with many insights about skincare products, routines, tips, advice, and reviews.

Francis also talks about many common skin problems such as acne, aging, dull skin, and more.

And he will help you combat them with his knowledge and product recommendations.

Francis’ reviews are trustworthy and he has generated a big following because of this.

Follow Francis now to be in the know about the latest skincare products and work with him if you plan to reach his dedicated followers ASAP.

6. Nurse Rei – Well-Known Filipina Nurse & Influencer on TikTok

Nurse Rei is a Filipina TikToker who is famous for her nursing-related content.

But beyond that, she is also followed for her fashion, travel, and beauty clips.

Nurse Rei is a role model for future nurses in The Philippines in the way that she is unapologetically herself, with or without her scrubs on.

She also inspires many young girls in the country to never stop achieving their dreams because being a nurse is actually Rei’s lifelong dream.

Rei’s content is overall inspiring and that’s why her fans always look forward to her content.

Want to grow your brand in The Philippines? With her online presence, Rei is your one-way ticket to achieving the goal.

7. Justine Pllarena – Rising Filipina Model & Fashionable TikTok Content Creator


wednesday but in my personal style #grwm #outfitideas

♬ NEED A BIG BOY – sam

Justine loves modeling and experimenting with her closet.

So, she uses her TikTok to share her experience as a model in The Philippines and related story times.

Not only that but Justine also gives out ultimate outfit inspiration, complete with an accessory, bag, and hairstyle references.

She will show you how to elevate your look through fashion, from head to toe.

Justine also sometimes makes Get Ready With Me and haul videos, which are as informative if you plan to look more fashionable.

Justine is followed by many young fashionistas in The Philippines. Connect with her now to reach them in an instant!

8. Anna Gonzales – Helpful Finance Coach from The Philippines

We all know that being an adult can be complicated, especially when it comes to managing our finance.

But worry not because Anna Gonzales will save you the headaches of it all.

Anna is a Filipina TikToker who shares much financial advice, including how to save money, how to build your credit score, how to be more financially responsible, and a lot more.

Among many, Anna is also admired by her fans because she does not only emphasize the importance of money and wealth.

She will remind you that life is not all about money and that taking care of your physical and mental health is also important.

Anna’s content is super helpful and she is followed by many TikTok users in The Philippines.

She truly is your golden gate to expanding your reach in the country.  

9. Alvin Tries Tech – Tech Influencer in The Philippines & Nano Influencer on TikTok

When you plan to buy an electronic device, you’ll want to use it for a long time, right?

So, before making a purchase, it is only normal if you need thorough reviews about the product – and Alvin right here will help you with just that.

Alvin provides reviews, pros, and cons about plenty of smart devices and their accessories, including phones, tablets, keyboards, mouses, and even smart lamps.

The tech influencer also covers Android and iOS features if you need some insights on those.

It doesn’t end there because Alvin has a range of recommended gadgets within your budget, too. Very helpful, right?

This explains why he is who people remember whenever they want to learn more about electronic gadgets.

Contact Alvin now and consider a collaboration so you can reach many of his followers in no time.

10. Explore_PH – Travel Influencer of The Philippines – Filipina Nano TikToker

Exploring your own country is always fun, especially if you don’t have to worry about researching the places you need to go.

That’s why I recommend you follow Explore PH on TikTok.

Because she shares information you need to know about the most fun hangout spots, the most delicious food, and the best day and night sightseeing places in The Philippines.

Her videos are mainly about city life in the country, so expect many shoots taken from high buildings and rooftops.

Explore PH’s account is perfect for those who enjoy traveling, especially to enjoy the lively city atmosphere.

Overall, you need to reach out to her now and watch her help your brand get acknowledged by her loyal followers in The Philippines.

Ready to work with Filipino TikTok influencers?

You must be because they are your gate to reach an even wider audience in The Philippines.

With their influence and online presence, your products or services will be easily recognized by many.

Even if your brand is a newcomer in the market!

When you work with Filipino TikTok creators, your brand will have the same promising opportunity to thrive.

It doesn’t matter if it’s big, small, well-established, or new.

However, I’m also here to remind you to choose an influencer whose niche represents your company.

This is to make sure that it reaches the appropriate audience.

That way, your campaign will get the maximum results.

Continue to read if you want to work with other Filipino influencers

That’s it for now and good luck!

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