The Fashion and Apparel market in the Philippines is projected to grow by 3.25% (2024-2027) resulting in a market volume of 5.69 billions $ USD in 2027.

And working with filipinos Influencers and fashion creators will help you to grow your Brand and sales.

Everybody expresses themselves through fashion, especially in the Philippines where the Market of Influence Marketing is growing fast, like everywhere in South East Asia.

Here are the top 10 Filipino fashion influencers,

Fashion Influencers in The Philippines 👇🏼

  1. Sofia – @heyitsfiaa_
  2. Hajie Alejandro – @hajie_alejandro
  3. Gigi – @gigihajyy
  4. Anja Mendoza – @joaanmendoza
  5. Maricon Reyes – @cccpg_
  6. Hans Daily – @hansdailyfashion
  7. Pauline Diego – @its___pau 
  8. Third – @thhirdy
  9. Erika Chan – @erikadaniellechan
  10. Bianca – @bianccarts

Who are perfect for when you need fashion inspiration or when you want to grow your brand in The Philippines.

But oftentimes, you still need to learn from others and get inspired.

The most popular Influencer content chart in the Philippines
The top 3 most popular content will remain the same, even in the Philippines

Sometimes, you don’t know where to find a good piece of clothing and sometimes you don’t know how to style the one you already have.

It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

But what if I tell you that you can stop worrying about those kinds of things once you follow fashion influencers?

Because they will show you everything you need to do and have to look stylish while expressing yourself.

Many people in The Philippines have adopted this approach to stay fashionable.

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They follow top fashion content creators in the country and learn from them.

The public is just grateful these influencers are willing to share so many styling tips.

Filipino fashion influencers make fashion seem more approachable and fun.

Consequently, these influencers gain massive followers on their platforms.

Fans always want to stay updated with their latest content and their posts are never out of views and interactions.

If you are a brand owner, you shouldn’t overlook such significance.

Filipino fashion influencers are your gate to reach their audiences – which are none other than fashionistas in The Philippines.

Top list of Fashion Influencers in the Philippines

Once you work with them, I promise that your product will be even more acknowledged by the public.

Let’s learn more about them in this article.

Here are the best fashion influencers in The Philippines in 2023.

Sofia – Established Filipina Fashion Influencer


@The Editor’s Market PH will be on the ground floor of Glorietta 3 from Dec 3 until Feb only! 🤎 Be one of the first 50 visitors & get a special voucher + join a P500 voucher by joining a scavenger hunt 👀 #fashiontiktok #tryonhaul #outfitideas

♬ original sound – Josh Junio – Josh Junio

Many girls in The Philippines agree that every fit check video uploaded by Sofia is worth watching.

Because she is that inspiring when it comes to OOTD ideas.

You’ll find yourself taking notes of what Sofia is wearing because, in her videos, she gives out plenty of must-follow and gorgeous lookbooks.

Besides that, Sofia also provides a little makeup content to help you leverage your looks completely.

Her content is overall helpful for many and that’s why she is well-known on TikTok Philippines.

I encourage you to work with Sofia and have your brand introduced to many of her followers now!


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Hajie Alejandro – Famous Filipino Men’s Fashion Influencer 

Hajie Alejandro is a professional makeup artist and photographer.

Even more than that, he is also known as a fashion influencer in The Philippines.

His style is sophisticated and cool.

Hajie makes OOTD content on TikTok to inspire many other Filipinos about fashion.

Follow him now and be prepared to look trendier as you follow his styling tips.

Also consider collaborating with him now if you want to have your brand recognized by male fashionistas in The Philippines.

Gigi – Versatile Fashion Influencer in The Philippines 

If you are the kind of person who enjoys dressing up but doesn’t have a particular aesthetic,

Gigi is the fashion creator for you.

Gigi’s content offers versatile styles that range from cute, girly, tomboy, edgy, elegant, and many more.

No matter what the type is, Gigi’s fashion sense is always worth-following.

And she will help you look cool with whatever clothing items you have in your closet.

Gigi has many dedicated fans, so I suggest you leverage her influence now if you grow your brand in The Philippines.

Anja Mendoza – Rising Fashion Influencers in The Philippines to Follow 

Are you a girly girl who loves everything pastel colors or do you want to only wear black from head to toe instead?

Whichever category you fall into, Anja Mendoza is here to help you express yourself through fashion.

Anja has the must-follow suggestions so you can look stylish without giving up your aesthetic.

Anja also uploads hauls and try-ons and how to style a certain fashion item.

Given her helpful content, Anja’s page is understandably always flooded with likes and comments.

So, make sure to connect with her and utilize her influence now!

Maricon Reyes – Helpful Fashion Influencer in The Philippines


Happy Birthday, @SHEIN! 💝 Got my party outfits from @SHEIN Philippines you can check ‘em out during SHEIN’s birthday sale, also this 10.10 Sale! Don’t forget to use my code “cccpg” to save 15% off 😊 #SHEIN1010sale #SHEINph #SHEINforall

♬ original sound – 🖤

The thing about the Filipina fashion content creator Maricon Reyes is that she is a fashion icon for many.

She has OOTD try-ons to give you ideas on what to wear next.

Also, if you usually buy clothes from Shopee or Shein, you should also be happy because Maricon provides many try-on clips of her finds from both platforms.

Maricon’s finds are always cute and she mixes and matches them to achieve certain looks for certain occasions

Like going to school, the gym, parties, on a date, and so on.

Maricon’s sense of fashion is looked up to by many girls in The Philippines.

And if her audience is who you want to target, work with her and get a hold of them ASAP.

Hans – The Philippines-Based Famous Minimalist Fashion Influencer


Styling 4 outfits with my new @cullenwayneofficial Everyday Sling! 🖤🔥 A premium minimalist bag for your everyday essentials! 🖤👌🏼 You can get it on their official website and use my code CWHDF15 for 15% off! 💸✨ Discount code is valid until Nov. 30 only! #minimalistfashion #minimalistph #simplestyle #streetwearph #outfitideasph #porma #pinoyfashion #howtostyle #cullenwayne #everydaysling

♬ Mask Off LoFi Remix – Jonah Schwartz

Hans is a famous men’s fashion influencer from The Philippines.

He gives out fashion tips, outfit ideas, and product reviews to take notes of, especially when your style is minimalistic.

Hans’ closet is mainly black, white, and neutral colors and he is big on having a capsule wardrobe.

Hans also has accessory recommendations covering sling bags, watches, bracelets, and sunnies to complete your look.

And if you are currently on a budget, you don’t have to worry as Hans recommends affordable fashion items, too.

With everything he has on his page, we can only understand why he has a big following, so be sure to leverage Hans’ influence ASAP.

Pauline Diego – Cute Fashion Influencer from The Philippines

Pauline Diego is all about giving out cute fashion suggestions for every Filipina on TikTok.

Her style is pretty and cute, and she has a diversity of content for different occasions.

Whenever Pauline posts a video, her fans always crowd her comment sections.

“Where did you get the cute top? or “where did you get your skirt?” are the kinds of comments you will find there.

Her followers are always eager to follow her style and this is a good sign for brands wanting to thrive in The Philippines.

Should your products are promoted by Pauline, I can guarantee you that many want to purchase them in an instant.

Third – Trendy Micro Fashion Influencer in The Philippines


Sharing 5 comfy holidays/christmas party outfit ideas ft. @jockey_ph 🎄♥️ Shop it via the link in my bio 😉 #YouinJockey #YourJockeyHaul Items featured: Outfit 1 – Classic Fit Polo Shirt – Red Outfit 2- Classic Fit Polo Shirt – White Outfit 3- ELANCE Round Neck Tee – Green Outfit 4 – ELANCE Round Neck Tee – Grindle Black Outfit 5 – Zone Round Neck – Heather Gray + Twill Shorts (Beige) #fyp #fypシ #fypph #mensfashion #outfitideas #outfitinspo #fashiontiktok #poloshirt #jockey #trousers #elance #roundneck #twillshorts #outfittransition

♬ Tubarão Te Amo – DJ LK da Escócia & Tchakabum & Mc Ryan SP

If you are a guy wanting to look either casual or classy, then you must follow Third.

His suggestions are also perfect for every situation, be it hanging out with friends or attending a formal event.

Mix-and-match of baggy pants, shorts, sneakers, polo shirts, sneakers, and loafers, are all on his page.

Third is just so stylish he can even make slippers look cool. So, no wonder many Filipinos follow him.

Many brands saw the potential impact of his influence and collaborated with him.

And now it’s your turn to do so if you plan to reach many men’s fashion enthusiasts in The Philippines.

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Erika Chan – The Philippines-Based Dedicated Fashion Content Creator

Erika has all your answer if you’ve ever found yourself looking for OOTD inspiration.

From outfits for formal events, road trips, a night out, a date night, and even for Christmas, she has them all.

And if you prefer casual, formal, girly, or elegant approaches to dress up, 

Again, Erika also has them all.

No wonder her content is enjoyed by many girls in The Philippines who are in need of fashion inspiration.

Collaborate with Erika now and watch her help your brand get acknowledged by many of her dedicated fans.

Bianca – Sustainable Fashion Enthusiast and Nano Influencer in The Philippines

If you love thrifting, then you must follow Bianca.

Bianca shares her findings in both online and offline thrift shops across The Philippines.

And she does hauls and try-ons, too, showing how the clothes look on her.

The thing about thrifting is that you can’t really ask to get a piece of clothing of your size.

So, she gives off tips on how to overcome this, among other thrifting struggles you might encounter.

Thrifting is fun and cheap, and it’s going to be even more fun if you get free advice from her to maximize your experience.

For brand owners, I highly recommend working with Bianca to target affordable and sustainable fashion lovers in The Philippines.

Ready to work with Filipino fashion and clothing Influencers?

As mentioned, fashion influencers in The Philippines are looked up to by plenty.

Their content is always anticipated because they provide helpful styling tips to help everyone look and feel beautiful and comfortable.

Every time these content creators post something, it is guaranteed to be crowded with comments.

Either from fans asking where they get their tops, complementing their looks, or simply sending out heart emojis.

Their posts are also obviously viewed by many.

This means that once they post your product, it will be known among fashion enthusiasts in The Philippines.

So be sure to collaborate with them ASAP.

One thing to note, though.

Always pick the digital creator whose niche aligns with your company’s.

That way, you can get the best results from your influencer campaign in The Philippines.

Want to work with Filipino content creators in different niches?

Work with other Filipino Influencers

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