Collaborating with fitness influencers in Singapore is just what you need to grow your business in the country.

Because influencer marketing works wonders for brands and helps them achieve the desired campaign results.

Singaporeans have taken a liking to fitness for a long time. And the good news is that the craze is not going to shrink anytime soon.

Top list of the best Fitness Influencers in Singapore

In fact, Singaporeans are becoming more enthusiastic about fitness than ever before.

This means that even though they are already well-known, fitness influencers are going to gain more popularity in Lion City.

Top 10 Fitness Influencers in Singapore

  1. Georgina Poh – @sugarrandspice
  2. Cheryl Tay – @cheryltaysg
  3. Preston Sin – @pressonpreston
  4. Natalie Yeo – @nattylifts
  5. Kirstie Gannaway – @kirstiegannaway
  6. Jasmine Danker – @jasminedanker
  7. Sabrina – @sabsiez
  8. Hana – @hanadoesyoga
  9. Joel Tan – @joeeetan 
  10. Jeremy Lee – @fab.abs.bulous

These fitness content creators are the promising gate for brands that plan to grow in Singapore.

They will introduce your brand to those who need to see it.

Increased brand awareness and sales are to be expected when you work with fitness influencers in Singapore.

If you are not familiar with any, don’t worry.

Because in this article, you will learn more about the most significant wellness personalities in Singapore.

Without further ado,

Here are the top 10 fitness influencers in Singapore in 2023.

1. Georgina Poh – Established Female Fitness Influencer in Singapore

Georgina Poh is a personal trainer and fitness influencer from Singapore.

You can find her workout routine on her Instagram account that you can follow. From upper body to leg workouts, she has them all.

Georgina also creates exciting wellness content that includes tips, product recommendations, and even fitness outfit inspiration.

What fans also love about Georgina is she always promotes body positivity.

She will remind you to create your own rules and not let society defines you.

Georgina’s influence is prominent. She even represented Singapore at the Influencer Asia event in 2015.

For brands, working with Georgina is definitely a must. 

2. Cheryl Tay – Inspiring Singaporean Triathlete & Wellness Content Creator

The fitness influencer Cheryl Tay makes use of her Instagram account to share her love for working out and outdoor activities like swimming, cycling, and running.

Cheryl has also run multiple marathons and gotten a medal from some, which you can see on her feed.

The content creator is loved by many because she is all about inspiring you to love your body through fitness and self-love.

Wellness is not about how thin you look, it’s also about being comfortable with your own body – that’s what the triathlete always emphasizes.

It doesn’t end there. Cheryl also uses her influence to talk about sustainability, so when you follow her, you’ll learn a lot about it and be inspired to follow her steps.

Taking care of our body and the environment at the same time? Sign me up!

With her dedication, Cherly is a must-work-with fitness influencer in Lion City.

3. Preston Sin – Insightful Fitness Influencer from Singapore

Preston Sin is a Singaporean men’s transformation coach who offers training support to help men achieve their dream bodies.

Being in the industry for a long time, he has the answers to your unique needs and will show you what routine is the most effective.

He also shares his insights on frequently asked fitness questions, such as “How to stay consistent with exercise?”, “What’s the best diet?, or “Why is it hard to lose weight?”

On top of that, he is a natural motivator, utilizing his page to encourage you to keep showing up, not quit, and give yourself some time.

He sometimes also reminds you that your hardships are not a waste and that you’re stronger than you know.

His content is as uplifting as it is inspiring. No wonder many Singaporean men chose to follow him and stick around.

Therefore, he is just the right influencer to help you reach fitness enthusiasts in Singapore.

4. Natalie Yeo – Comforting Female Fitness Influencer in Singapore

Wanna achieve your desired summer body? Then you need to follow Natalie now.

Natalie is a fitness personality in Singapore who will show you how to get your dream lean body through her platform.

Not only does Natalie shares her exercise routines, but she also uploads traveling and gym OOTD pictures.

So if you want to also look cute when going to the gym, Natalie is the perfect influencer for you.

And if you plan to grow your business in Singapore through influencer marketing, Natalie is also the perfect choice.

5. Kirstie Gannaway – Lion City’s Female Fighter & Fitness Content Creator

Kirstie Gannaway is a professional auto-weight fighter and martial arts instructor.

So you can expect a lot of boxing, wrestling, and martial arts content on her Instagram feed.

Kirstie is also a huge foodie who will share healthy yet tasty recipes you can incorporate into your fitness journey.

Just like her strength, Kirstie’s online presence is not to underestimate.

Which is why many brands chose to collaborate with her to introduce their products to a wider audience.

And so should you if you plan to grow your business in Singapore in no time.

6. Jasmine Danker – Active Mom & Fitness Influencer in Lion City

Whether you work at a gym or at home, Jasmine Danker will accompany your fitness activities.

She shares many routines you can follow along. It’s going to feel like you have a coach right next to you.

Jasmine has recently had her baby and throughout her pregnancy and the postpartum period,

She shares many exercises you can safely do while pregnant or going through postpartum.

She teaches you how to make your after-birth body feels better and healthier through light exercises.

Her content is overall helpful for all women and that’s why following Jasmine is a must.

And if you plan to target women’s fitness enthusiasts in Lion City, working with Jasmine is also a must.

7. Sabrina – Adventurous Female Fitness Influencer from Singapore

Sabrina is a digital creator from Singapore known for her wellness content.

Her body goals and gym posts are ready to motivate you to get up and go to the gym right away.

Sabrina also has a feminine side that shows in her OOTD posts.

When she’s at the gym, she always wears cute fitness sets and when she goes out, Sabrina loves wearing elegant dresses that complement her body perfectly.

So, she can definitely be your source of outfit inspiration, too.

Follow Sabrina now if her content is what you’re looking for and make sure to collaborate with her if her audience is who you want to target.

8. Hana – Singapore’s Yoga Enthusiast & Influencer

If you’re looking for the best yoga influencer in Singapore, then Hana is the one.

Because she posts Instagram reels to help you learn new yoga techniques you can try at home.

Hana is also going to mesmerize you with all her impossible yoga poses.

And just like her flexibility, her influence is as outstanding.

So be sure to work with Hana to reach many yoga and fitness lovers in Singapore.

9. Joel Tan – Talented Male Fitness Influencer in Singapore

The former national swimmer Joel Tan is now one of the most well-known fitness influencers in Singapore.

His feed is full of gym selfies that will inspire you to get the same six-packs as him.

He also shares his workout routines that you can follow to achieve your dream body.

Many Singaporean men follow Joal for fitness inspo.

Therefore, Joel is a wellness influencer you must work with to get your brand recognized in Singapore.

10. Jeremy Lee – Rising Fitness Star from Lion City – Pilates Nano Influencer

Jeremy is a pilates trainer who has been involved in fitness since 2009.

Throughout the years, he has acquired many experiences and qualifications, hence having followers who trust his advice wholeheartedly.

But even if you are not a fan of pilates, Jeremy has plenty of content discussing workout routines at the gym.

When you stumble across his Instagram page, you’ll have no choice but to follow him upon knowing the content he offers.

As for brand owners, you also need to work with Jeremy and let him be your gate to reach the pilates and fitness lovers in Lion City.

Are you ready to work with Singaporean fitness influencers?

You must be!

Because fitness influencers will get your brand recognized by plenty of their audiences.

And when your brand is widely acknowledged, the chance to get increased sales is even bigger – which is just what you need to thrive in the Singaporean market.

If you agree, then connect with them ASAP.

But make sure to pick the fitness influencer whose niche will represent your brand.

From there, you can only watch your brand grow through their influence.

Want to work with other Singaporean influencers?

Continue to read if you want to work with other Singaporean Influencers

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