Singaporean TikTok influencers are your ultimate gate to growing your brand in the country and here’s why.

Like in many other countries, TikTok is pretty popular in Singapore.

Everybody uses it, no matter how old they are.

And here’s the kicker: not only is TikTok a reliable source of entertainment but it is also the perfect marketing tool.

List of top TikTok Influencers in Singapore

Even Singaporean politicians use the video-sharing platform to get a hold of a wider audience. They even use viral terms and phrases to be more relatable.

And it works!

Now, this is the part where I tell you why you need to work with Singaporean TikTok influencers.

Top 10 TikTok Influencers in Singapore

  1. Isaac Lim – @izcreamz
  2. Glenn Yong – @glennyqh
  3. – @
  4. Kai – @pale.nerves
  5. Diani – @badgaldidiiii
  6. Devilwearsbata – @devilwearsbata
  7. Phone Pyi Kyaw – @phone_physique
  8. Qilah – @qilahrose_55
  9. Amandy – @hibye.lovez
  10. Shuangyu – @aflouryspace

Singaporean TikTok stars have amassed many dedicated followers on their platform.

That, combined with how well the TikTok campaign works, will get your brand introduced to plenty of the site users in Lion City.

Your brand’s awareness and sales will skyrocket instantly, it’s guaranteed.

Whatever product or message you are trying to share with the public, TikTok influencers will aid you to achieve your goals.

So, ready to start your influencer marketing journey in Singapore?

Here are the 10 best TikTok influencers in Singapore in 2023.

1. Isaac Lim – Handsome Gamer & TikTok Influencer in Singapore

Isaac Lim has everything that is needed to become one of the most followed TikTokers & top influencers in Singapore.

He is good-looking, relatable, and funny.

On his account, Isaac uploads clips of Twitch live streams, cosplays, skits, and life updates.

Many people from Singapore and other countries are drawn to Isaac’s charm and become his dedicated followers.

Whatever Isaac shares on his platform, fans will interact with it so he’s surely what you need to grow your brand.

Should you work with Isaac, your brand will be known by plenty of TikTok users all over the world.

2. Glenn Yong – Popular TikTok Star in Singapore

Glenn Yong is a Singaporean actor and singer who debuted on the television screen in 2019.

And with his handsome face and fashion sense, Glenn Yong is among the influential TikTokers in Lion City.

Glenn has useful tips for men who need outfit inspiration.

However, his audience is not limited to only males since his attractiveness is irresistible to everyone.

He has many followers who will crowd his posts no matter what it is about – life updates, projects behind the scenes, TikTok challenges, everything.

So make sure you leverage the influence of this male Singaporean influencer to get your brand recognized by many people in Singapore.

4. Kai – Entertaining Male TikTok Influencer in Singapore

Every day, we face a lot of challenges that can be stressful, but Kai will turn them into laughable situations with his videos.

Kai uploads entertaining and relatable clips of life struggles we face every day.

His content is light and hits just right.

For variations, Kai also uploads spooky stories, fun challenges, and unboxing videos.

Whichever it is, his content is always well-loved and has many interactions.

So don’t overlook his influence and grow your brand in Lion City through him ASAP.

5. Diani – Talented TikTok Influencer from Lion City

Good and helpful makeup clips never go wrong,

Which explains why plenty of Singaporeans enjoy watching Diani, the talented beauty content creator in the country.

On her account, this Singaporean female influencer covers flawless everyday looks and complicated-themed makeup, too. 

And everything is presented in a fun way using viral TikTok transitions and sounds.

Her makeup skill is just mesmerizing, so be sure to join many makeup enthusiasts in Singapore in following her now.

But if you plan to reach them for your brand campaign instead, then collaborate with Diani ASAP.

6. Devilwearsbata – Singaporean TikTok Influencer for Horror Junkies

Up next we have devilwearsbata who will shoo away your boredom with her stories.

True crime and horror fans, her content is just what you need to relax and unwind.

Devilwearsbata covers solved and unsolved murders, unexplained supernatural stories, and a lot of mystery.

Of course, devilwearsbata has many fans from the true crime community in Singapore.

And she is definitely your gate to reach them all in no time!

7. Phone Pyi Kyaw – Helpful Singaporean Fitness Influencer on TikTok

Phone Pyi Kyaw’s passion to help many people in their fitness journey is not limitedly realized through his job as a personal trainer.

He also offers everything he knows about fitness on his account.

His uploads will open your eyes and shift your perspective on fitness (in a good way) 😉.

Just like his bio says, he is here to empower you to take small steps in your wellness journey.

Phone is like a best friend for many fitness enthusiasts in Singapore.

And if they are who your brand plans to target then you need to work with Phone now!

8. Qilah – Funny Female TikTok Star in Lion City


Y’all not ready for my comebacks man😝 #tiktoksg

♬ original sound – Qilah – Qilah

Qilah’s reenactments of relatable day-to-day experiences are top-notch.

They’re funny, creative, and overall very enjoyable to watch.

Qilah’s content is what her fans watch (or re-watch) whenever they are having a bad day or just want to have a good laugh.

No wonder she is loved by many Singaporean TikTok users, especially those of the younger generation.

Leverage Qilah’s presence now and reach her many dedicated fans in an instant!

9. Amandy – Hilarious TikTok Influencer from Singapore

Funny skits are definitely Amandy’s expertise.

In her videos, you can see her acting out real-life scenarios with her own touch of humor.

And whether you are a Gen-Z or a part of the general public, Amandy’s content will make you laugh out loud.

Therefore, follow her now and let her make your day a little better through her videos.

And don’t forget to join her followers in interacting with her content because her comment sections are just as funny.

For business owners, take notes to work with Amandy and let your brand get a hold of her dedicated followers in no time.

10. Shuangyu – Lion City’s Foodie Influencer on TikTok

Singapore is home to many culinary attractions and if you find yourself lost in the diversity, then following Shuangyu most definitely helps.

Shuangyu is a TikTok influencer in Singapore who gives out eating place recommendations.

You will know where to go and which part of Singapore to explore once you followed her.

But if you don’t feel like going out, Shuangyu also has easy-to-follow recipes on her account.

Shuangyu is the ultimate content creator for many foodies in Singapore.

Collaborate with her now and watch your brand increase in awareness through her influence.

Work with Singaporean TikTok influencers and grow your brand in the country in no time.

As I said, TikTok influencers are who you need to reach many audiences in Singapore.

They will be a great help to get your brand acknowledged by the public.

Just imagine your product being promoted by these influencers. Think of how many people will see and be familiar with it.

That’s what I mean. 😉

But before you connect with any of these Lion City’s TikTok creators, be sure to choose one whose niche matches your brand.

Because the best influencer is the one who can represent your brand very well.

Want to collaborate with other Singaporean influencers?

Continue to read if you want to work with other Singaporean influencers

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