Here are the 10 best Singaporean beauty influencers ready to aid you in your beauty journey with their knowledge, as well as in your influencer marketing journey with their influence.


Because Singaporean beauty influencers are who the public follows for cosmetics-related content.

The thing is, social media are undoubtedly what you access to help you elevate your beauty. 

Influencer Marketing in Singapore is the place for Beauty and Cosmetics. For Brands it’s the perfect place to start an Influencer Campaign.

List of the Top beauty Influencers and cosmetics Creators in Singapore

Be it through makeup or skincare, you can find insights on both by following beauty content creators.

You can also get easy-to-follow tutorials and product recommendations in case you don’t know where to start.

It seems like content creators have everything you need to know about beauty.

And this is what Singaporeans think about them as well, 

Hence following beauty influencers has become a must for them.

Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Singapore in 2023

  1. Mongchin Yeoh – @mongabong
  2. Christabel – @bwllywellyjelly
  3. Michelle – @bubblymichelle
  4. Leanne – @loveforskincare
  5. Adlina Anis – @adlinaanis
  6. Roanna – @paradeoflove
  7. Ivia Nat – @ivianthui
  8. Roseanne Tang – @roseannetangrs
  9. Michelle – @icefrostdiary
  10. Smita DeSouza – @smitadesouza

The Singaporean public resort to influencers for beauty knowledge and inspiration.

Consequently, they have a massive following and their content is always anticipated by many.

This is good news for brands trying to figure out what to do to penetrate the Singaporean beauty market.

Yes, all you need to do is work with the beauty content creators in the country and introduce your product to their dedicated audiences.

Don’t know who they are?

Don’t worry because this article discusses the most informative and influential beauty digital creators in Singapore.

Here are the top 10 beauty influencers in Singapore in 2023.

1. Mongchin Yeoh – Prominent Beauty Influencer in Singapore

Mongchin Yeoh is the ultimate beauty & female influencer to follow in Singapore.

Because she provides valuable content for those wanting to look flawless or tackle bad hair days.

Mongchin has makeup tutorials to get you ready for the day.

She also shares skincare tips so that when your makeup is off, you can still look as flawless knowing your skin is taken care of.

With her helpful tutorials and reviews, Mongchin is loved by her fans and her posts are never out of interactions.

So, make sure you connect with her and grow your brand in Lion City through her influence.

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2. Christabel – Lovely Beauty Influencer from Singapore

Christabel is a known content creator in Singapore for her helpful beauty content.

She mainly shares about skincare products that help her achieve clear skin.

Many appreciate her content since they also want to look as gorgeous as her, even without makeup on.

Follow Christabel now for authentic makeup reviews you definitely need for your skin, just like many others did.

As for brand owners, Christabel is the perfect gate to reach Singaporean skincare enthusiasts in no time!

3. Michelle – Singaporean Luxury Makeup Content Creator

Although you have to spend extra money on luxury brands, they are still very much loved by many, Michelle included.

And it’s her love for luxury cosmetics that inspired her to start writing beauty blogs in 2013.

With her unmatched passion, Michelle even became a beauty judge at Harper’s Bazaar Singapore three times!

The combination of her credibility and thorough knowledge is what gets her followed by high-end makeup lovers in Singapore.

Actually, not only do fans follow her but they also value her advice.

It is clear that Michelle is who you must work with to get a hold of luxury makeup lovers in Singapore.

4. Leanne – Lion City’s Beauty Enthusiast & Content Creator

I know, as much as we all hate aging, it’s unfortunately inevitable.

So, it’s important to take preventive measures to minimize its effect. And Leanne is here to help you do that.

Leanne is a well-loved beauty influencer in Lion City who show you all her secrets to combat aging.

I mean, look at her! How Leanne is in her 50s with that skin, I also don’t know how.

But you will once you learn all the knowledge and skincare tips she shares on her Instagram.

She is like the friend you need to accompany you in your journey of aging happily and healthily.

Don’t forget to collaborate with Leanne should you plan to reach anti-aging skincare fans in Singapore.

5. Adlina Anis – Hijabi Beauty Influencer from Singapore

Adlina is a must-follow influencer for Singaporean Muslim women.

Because not only is she one of the few representatives of hijab-wearing women in the country,

But her content is also helpful as she shares makeup reviews and hijabi fashion suggestions.

Yep, Adlina is also one of the prominent hijabi fashion influencers in Singapore.

On top of that, Adlina also shares skincare recommendations with her followers.

I highly recommend you work with Adlina to reach many of her dedicated fans.

Because once you do, your brand will benefit from the crowded online traffic on her posts.

6. Roanna | Beauty – Trusted Singaporean Beauty Reviewer & Influencer

Follow Reanne now and expect many skincare reviews on her Instagram account.

Makeup & hair care recommendations are also present on her page.

So don’t miss out on following her and get the best beauty product content for free.

No matter what it is, Roanna’s shared beauty finds always reach the right audience.

Therefore, I recommend you to work with her and get your brand recognized by many in Singapore.

7. Ivia Nat – Beauty Reviewer & Influencer from Singapore

For Ivia Nat, having flawless skin is essential and that’s why she wants to help others achieve it.

Ivia makes use of her Instagram to share beauty tips and must-have products. 

From skincare and haircare to oral care product recommendations, Ivia has them all.

If you follow her, you will be prepared to elevate your looks in many ways.

In addition, if you work with her, your brand is guaranteed to get increased recognition right away.

8. Roseanne Tang – Singapore’s Makeup Artist & Beauty Digital Creator

Roseanne Tang is not an ordinary makeup artist. She is a certified one from the London School of Beauty and Makeup.

With her clients being from all over Singapore, Roseanne shows the public that makeup is for everyone.

Whatever shapes your face, eyes, lips, or nose are, makeup will help you upgrade your looks without having to drastically cover your beautiful features.

Roseanne is overall a pro at natural makeup and has been trusted by many brides to do their makeup on their important days.

Whether you want to learn makeup professionally or not, Roseanne’s content is worth checking out.

And if you plan to grow your business in Lion City, it is obvious that Roseanne is who you should work with.

9. Michelle – Beauty & Skincare Content Creator in Singapore

Michelle is that influencer who will hold your hands in your skincare journey with all the reviews she has.

From serums, toners, sunscreens, creams, and face masks, she has many to help you with whatever skin problems you have – dry skin, oily skin, dull skin, acne, everything!

When you scroll through Michelle’s page, you’ll wonder if you are currently flipping through the pages of a skincare magazine.

Because her Instagram feed contains high-quality flat lays of products she reviewed.

That’s how dedicated she is to share her reviews with her followers.

Michelle has been in the field for so long and is trusted by many skincare brands in Singapore to endorse their products.

And so should you if you plan to have your business thrive in the country.

10. Smita DeSouza – Gorgeous Beauty Influencer in Singapore

Smita is a rising nano-influencer in the beauty industry of Singapore.

As an experienced makeup artist in Singapore and India, Smita couldn’t bear to keep all the knowledge to herself.

So, she created beauty blogs to assist other women when it comes to cosmetics.

But it doesn’t end there, Smita has also discussed many things skincare on her platform.

And she is the kind of skincare content creator who believes that the basics are not to overlook.

This is why you can expect her to encourage you to hydrate and cleanse your skin well, and not forget your SPF.

You can see that Smita is no longer young but her skin is definitely still as youthful as before.

Want to learn more about her secrets or maybe benefit from her influence? Go connect with her ASAP.

Ready to work with beauty influencers in Singapore?

The beauty influencers I have on the list are unique, despite working in the same industry.

They have different niches you should pay attention to before choosing the right influencer for your campaign.

Because to get the maximum results, you have to carefully pick the best content creator who can represent your brand the best.

If you are past this step, then wait no more and connect with them ASAP.

Collaborate with them and let them use their 🪄magic🪄 to help your brand get the recognition it deserves.

I promise, brand awareness will come instantly and your brand will flourish in the Singaporean market in no time. 

Continue to read if you want to work with other Singaporean influencers

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