The revenue from photographic activities in the Philippines is expected to reach approximately 66.3 million U.S. Dollars by the year 2024, according to projections.

Finding the best 🇵🇭 photographers to promote your cameras or photo gears is a must to.

Here are the top 10 Filipino photography influencers in 2024.

Photography Influencers and creators in The Philippines 👇🏼

  1. Shaira Luna – @shairaluna
  2. Hannah Reyes Morales – @hannahreyesmorales
  3. Charisma Lico – @charismalico
  4. Edwin Martinez – @edwinmartinez
  5. Ezra Acayan – @ezra_acayan
  6. Eloisa Lopez – @eloisalopez
  7. Noel Guevara – @noelguevaraphoto
  8. Miguel Ncianceno – @mignac_
  9. Cru Camara – @crucamara
  10. Sara Erasmo – @sara.erasmo

Which are who you need to get inspired or to reach all the camerawork enthusiasts in The Philippines.

Photography is a form of art accessible to and loved by everyone, including Filipinos.

And the Influencer Marketing landscape is quite important.

Photographers in The Philippines are also the ultimate inspiration for many who just began to pursue photography.

The preferred social media platforms to run influencer marketing in The Philippines
Instagram is dominating influencer marketing platform in The Philippines with the gap

In fact, Filipinos love photography, and over time, more and more talented photographers have arisen.

Many of which use social media to showcase their talent, work, and niches as photographers.

And after some time displaying their dedication in showing a glimpse of the unseen, 

They have built the most dedicated communities online.

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Once these content creators post something, their work will be seen by loyal fans who genuinely love what they do.

It is clear that their pages are like tight-knit communities full of camerawork junkies.

That’s why I highly recommend you collaborate with them to reach their audience.

Once you do, your brand will gain accelerated awareness and sales instantly.

List of the best photography creators and Influencers in the Philippines

Let’s learn more about them in this article.

Here are the 10 best photography influencers in The Philippines in 2024.

Shaira Luna – Most-Established Filipina Photographer & Content Creator

Shaira Luna is perhaps one of the most prominent photographers in The Philippines.

Many celebrities in the country have trusted her to capture their important moments.

The self-taught photographer has also worked for big media and brands to snap editorial-style photos for them.

And with her clients being well-known by most it was easy for Shaira’s name to become popular.

She is who people think of when someone says “portrait photography.”

So I highly suggest you work with her should you want to target camerawork enthusiasts in The Philippines. 


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Hannah Reyes Morales – Notable Photography Influencer in The Philippines

Hannah Reyes Morales is a photographer, it is obvious, but once you really stalk her profile and read all her captions,

You’ll know that she is a storyteller at heart.

Hannah captures the most intimate moments of people she met and both her photos and captions are guaranteed to make you feel something.

Due to how heartfelt and ‘loud’ her work is, Hannah has been featured by The Washington Post, The New York Times, National Geographic, and Al Jazeera.

Hannah also won the 2019 Visionary Award from the Tim Hetherington Trust and was commissioned by Dior to photograph their fashion week in Paris.

It is clear that Hannah’s impeccable skills are recognized by many, 

So if you plan to reach Filipino photography lovers, Hannah is who you need.

Charisma Lico – Fashion & Commercial Photography Content Creator in The Philippines

Let me introduce you to the commercial photographer Charisma Lico.

She is an expert in portrait photography with mostly well-known women as her muses.

Close up or not, in a studio or at the beach, Charisma’s skill will flawlessly come to play.

And people follow her for all the majestic shots exhibited on her Instagram profile.

Charisma Lico surely has established popularity in The Philippines.

So I highly recommend you work with her now to get a hold of many photography lovers in the country.

Edwin Martinez – Professional Filipino Landscape & Nature Photography Influencer

Edwin Martinez is phenomenal and so are his shots.

His expertise includes landscape and nature photography.

The Canon ambassador for The Philippines has taken the most stunning pictures of Atlantic Puffins, auroras, and whales, among others.

All of his work is professional, like the one you see in front of a Natural Geographic book.

Edwin and his skills are worthy of recognition and he’s followed by many nature and camerawork lovers in the world.

Make sure to leverage his online presence now to increase your brand awareness among his audience.

Ezra Acayan – Manila-Based Journalist & Documentary Photography Influencer

Ezra Acayan is a journalist slash documentary photographer in Manila who focuses on politics, religion, social issues, and human rights.

He highlights stories that are often overlooked by the public,

Like the suffering of the people caused by the government, the battle against COVID-19, etc.

Ezra’s work is recognized internationally and he even received special merit at the Human Rights Press Awards.

In 2019 he received a World Press Photo Award in the Spot News category and in 2020 won Getty Photographer of the Year. 

I think we all can agree that Ezra is very good at what he’s doing, hence the reason he is followed by many.

Target the photography and journalism lovers in The Philippines all at once through Ezra’s influence now!

Eloisa Lopez – The Philippines’ Female Photojournalist & Content Creator

Eloisa Lopez is the female influencer behind several Reuters photos in The Philippines and other nations.

She has worked for an international news organization to document the unfiltered reality of the world.

Among her famous work brings light to the Manila gridlock, the Marawi siege, and even the Hong Kong protests. 

Eloise is undoubtedly one of the most known and loved photojournalists in The Philippines.

So I encourage you to work with her now to reach all the photojournalism enthusiasts in the country ASAP.

Noel Guevara – Skillful Conservation Photographer & Influencer in The Philippines

Noel Guevara is a talented photographer who travels across the globe to shoot mesmerizing conservation pictures.

Polar bears, wild birds, and other wildlife animals are some of many that can be seen in his work.

Noel’s photographs are inspiring for aspiring photographers.

But even if you are not one, his page is worth following because he has the most beautiful portrayals of our Earth.

So follow him now for high-quality nature camerawork and also be sure to collaborate with Noel now to reach his dedicated audience.

Miguel Nacianceno – Filipino Food & Object Photographer – Nano Content Creator in The Philippines

Something that Miguel loves other than riding bikes is photography – food and object photography to be exact.

He studied film in New York before coming back to The Philippines to pursue photography.

Now, he can be seen taking the most gorgeous flat lays of many dishes you can think of.

Miguel has been trusted by many food brands in The Philippines to capture their products,

And showcase them in the most appetizing and beautiful ways.

Miguel is the one you’re looking for to represent your product through camerawork.

And also the one you need to connect with many Filipino photography junkies in no time.

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Cru Camara – Colorful Photography Content Creator from The Philippines

It’s never a dull moment with Cru Camara and her camera around.

Cru loves shining with colorful lighting on her objects.

Be it of someone in a dramatic pose, a dog, or an inanimate object, every picture she took is unique and distinct.

She is surely not the one to flinch from stark concepts and experiments.

Her work is something you won’t find anywhere else, which explains how she has many followers.

Let your brand connect with the most dedicated photography enthusiasts in The Philippines through her ASAP.

Sara Erasmo – Rising Filipina Object Photographer & Content Creator

Who would’ve thought inanimate objects can be so photogenic?

That’s one of the things you would think of when stumbling across Sara Erasmo’s digital portfolio.

Flowers and many other things look elegant and stunning through her lens.

It feels like Sara has the magic to make them all pose for her and bring out their own beauty.

Follow Sarah now and join many of her loyal followers.

And also collaborate with her right now to help your brand grow in The Philippines through her influence.

Collaborate with Filipino photography influencers now and grow your brand

As stated before, photography content creators in The Philippines have tight-knit communities.

Their audiences consist of the most dedicated photography enthusiasts in the country.

It is clear that they are your ultimate ticket to reaching them all in an instant.

Working with these creators will bring nothing but more recognition to your brand.

Which is just what you need to gain more sales and thrive in The Philippines.

Always remember one thing, though:

Choose the best influencer whose niche matches your business.

Make sure they can represent your company’s value and help you connect with the right audience.

Work with more Influencers in the Philippines

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