The Instagram algorithm is the main rule that determines how the app suggests posts to users and promotes creators & business content. It is crucial to understand the classifying method to increase your reach and grow your followers. In this article, I will guide you to comprehend how Instagram algorithmic rules work in 2023 and master the techniques.

You might be wondering how Instagram actually works today.

Like, why is this coffee shop content always showing up on your suggestion posts?

Or why your Reels page is full of everyone trying on filters?

Yup, Instagram has set a new algorithm to recommend posts for its users.

Instagram Algorithm Solved

For creators and businesses, it’s critical to know how the Instagram computation works.

When you master it, you can boost followers and get high engagement very easily.

The model will push and promotes your post, getting your content more reach.

Basically, knowing how it works is like a shortcut to a successful Instagram marketing strategy.

Now, stop guessing, and let’s find out how Instagram performs its algorithm in 2023.

From Reels, Stories, Feed Posts, to Explore Tab,

we’re breaking down Instagram’s algorithmic design on ALL of its features today.

Let’s dive in.


The Instagram algorithm takes the 3 key factors into consideration to suggest Posts, Reels, and Stories for users, they are:

  1. Who you are frequently interacting with
  2. User’s interest in specific content type and topic
  3. Content’s relevancy, including how recent and updated the content is

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

If you have no idea or this is your first time hearing the word “algorithm”,

Here, follow my explanation.

An algorithm is a process followed by calculations, typically used to solve a problem or to perform a computation.

While the Instagram algorithm is a set of rules that classify content ranking & suggestions on the platform.

What kind of content and in what order.

It determines what content that shows up on your, Explore Page, Reels homepage, hashtag page, and even suggestion posts on your feed.

Content recommendations on Instagram Explore Page based on the algorithm
Every activity on the platform defines your Explore Page.

Instagram takes every piece of information from content and account into consideration

That later can be distributed to its users in a very personalized way.

Recently, Instagram has built new tools for users to adjust their recommendations.

Selecting unwanted posts from Explore Page to hide from users' content recommendations
Now your timeline is in your full control 🔥

Instagram constantly makes adjustments because it wants users to stay on the platform as long as possible.

It will always optimize the Instagram algorithm process to keep giving relevant content to its users.

What are the last Instagram Algorithm Changes in 2023?

Instagram has changed over the years.

Since the beginning of this year, the visual app has made a few major changes

to the platform’s user interface and overall algorithmic process.

The “Following” and “Favorites” switch button as the Instagram new update chronological order home feed
Choose what you want to see on your timeline in one click.

Here are the latest Instagram algorithm changes in 2023.

  • Instagram shifted the chronological order to Favorites and Following home feed features after receiving backlash from users
  • Instagram shows users suggestion posts on their feed 
  • Instagram prioritizes original content that has never been shared before
  • Instagram will not promote content that has a TikTok watermark on it.
  • Instagram has improved how the platform identifies an image or video based on keywords and content.
  • Instagram puts 3 Reels on top for keyword searches and 1 Reel for content discovery by hashtag.

How does the Instagram Algorithm work in 2023?

The Instagram AI design works differently for each user.

So does the content suggestion.


Because each user has distinct activities that affect the algorithm.

Here are the 3 most important ranking factors you must know.

The Instagram algorithmic rules consider who you are frequently interacting with


It tops the reason why Instagram suggests certain posts for you.

For example, if you are often liking and commenting on your favorite creator,

who loves to workout or cook then you will also see more related content, 

You will see most of their content on your feed.

For business perspective, the key takeaway from this rule is:

Actively encourage your audience to interact with your content.

So that your posts can be frequently shown up on their post, increasing your brand visibility.

It is the number one factor, so take advantage of it.

Instagram takes your interest into account for the algorithm

What is your favorite type of content to view and engage with on Instagram?

Are you actively searching, and interacting with the specific content format and topic?

When you do, Instagram will consider this as your content interest.

And proceed the signal to the algorithm, later suggest you more with typical, similar content in the future.

The Instagram algorithm examines content’s relevancy

Instagram will also consider how relevant content is for its users.

This includes timeliness. 

Meaning, that recent posts with updated information & context will appear higher than older posts.

There are also factors that determine the suggestion posts.

These are less affecting but still can impact your account under some conditions.

  • Instagram will also consider how often you scroll the app so it matches your time. If you spend very little time on Instagram, they will most likely recommend posts from friends and family they often interact with.
  • Instagram also takes into account how many users you follow. The more accounts you follow, the more posts will compete for your feed space.

It is true that Instagram is not singular, but multiple processes, and classifiers instead,

that work differently on every part of the app.

Let’s find out how the algorithm works on Feed Posts, Reels, Stories, and Explore Tab.

How the Instagram Algorithmic Rule shows Feed Posts on your timeline?

Here is the kicker: Instagram monitors every action you are doing on the platform.

In order to serve content that you are likely interested in. 

For your feed, Instagram considers 2 things:

The accounts you follow and how likely you are to interact with their posts.

All of this information is used to predict which content will appear on your feed.

You will also see some posts suggested for you, even if you don’t follow them.

Further, these are the determining factors that might affect your timeline appearances.

The first content appearing on an Instagram account’s feed.
This account definitely loves watching cooking videos🍳
  • Information about the post, like the content’s posting time, is it a photo or video? How many likes and comments it has? In what location the content is posted? And many more.
  • Information about the content publisher and your relationship history with them, like are they your friend? And how often you leave a comment on their posts, DM’ed them, etc. This is the relational factor upon the first rule, when the two match, you will definitely see them often on your timeline.
  • User activity. This is also relational, where your interest in specific content will count as much. What type of content do you like to watch? What topic you are most interested in on the app?

Also, take some notes to create good-quality content first.

Consider the image or video quality and make sure to follow Instagram video sizes & dimensions.

Do not expect high on recycled content, a Reel with a TikTok watermark,

Or content that violates Instagram Community Guidelines.

How does the Instagram Algorithm classify Reels on your page?

Since it is pretty new, many might be curious about how Instagram algorithm on Reels.

Here is the deal: Instagram will consider both accounts you follow and the ones you don’t.

Yup, similar to the TikTok For You Page.

They prioritize the users’ preferences on what kind of content they want to see.

See how the Instagram Reels parameters differ from Feed Posts.

  • Your activity, every content interaction you do on the platform will affect your Reels algorithm the most. What kind of Reels do you like, comment on, and basically which you engage the most will fulfill your Reels timeline.
  • Your relationship history with the content publisher, since the algorithm also recommends you Reels from people you don’t follow, you might find strange usernames on the content you are watching. Much like Explore Page, it will be mixed with videos from creators you follow or interact with previously.
  • Information about the Reel, what the content is about will also be included like the audio used, the quality of the video, whether is it HD or awkwardly cropped, does it contain watermark from other apps, and also the number of engagement.
  • Information about the content publisher, does the creator has an engaged audience, or whose Reels get steady engagement growth, Instagram takes any information from the poster into consideration too.

Basically, Instagram considers “what content you are most likely to interact with”

as the key algorithmic rule on Reels.

Reels’ popularity and the creators’ scale don’t matter that much.

Sometimes, you will also see Reels with only a few views sliding up your screen.

As long as it’s relevant for you, then Instagram will proceed.

Creators and businesses need to maximize production of Reels

As the algorithm allows everyone to appear on the relevant audience’s timeline,

even if they haven’t followed the accounts yet.

How the Instagram Algorithm works on your Stories

Since Stories is very short-lived, the algorithm is quite simple.

Instagram will put the accounts you interact with the most on the first Story lines.

Top three Story queues on an account based on the Instagram algorithm
Peek your best friend’s Stories easily on the top lines~

Although the timeliness only impacts a little, it still affects the Story order.

Instagram will replace a Story after being displayed for 10+ hours with a newer Story from other accounts. 

No matter what the content is about,

For Stories, Instagram takes relationship history first over the content or publisher information.

And what makes your relationship good with your audience that can bring you to top Story lines is no better than engagement.

That’s why making engaging Stories is very important.

Use Stories stickers, make a poll, throw fun questions, make a Stories template, and more

To invite interactions from your followers.

Here are Stories ideas if you need any inspiration.

How does the Instagram Computation work on Explore Tab?

To be on top of results on Explore Tab, you need to be popular.

You need a decent number of likes, comments, shares, saves, and more,

To rank on Explore Tab.

Popular Reels recommended by the Instagram algorithm on the Explore Page.
Peek your best friend’s Stories easily on the top lines~

On the Instagram search bar, you can now type keywords to find anything you want.

From content, account, hashtags, etc.

But what affects the ranking? Take a look at these parameters.

  • Information about the content, the popularity of content is the key priority for Explore Tab’s algorithm. Instagram counts the number of likes, comments, shares, and more in order to put content on the top ranking.
  • Your relationship history with the content publisher, most of the top content on Explore Tab will be from accounts you don’t follow, because basically, it’s a recommendation page for users to find some new content. But sometimes you will also see some posts from creators you know.
  • Your activity, your overall activity across the platform comes third, generally taken from the idea of what content you prefer to watch. Instagram extracts this information from the posts you have liked, commented on, shared, etc.
  • Information about the content publisher, the last but not least to consider is the account information. If the content poster is an account with growing interactions in the past week, then the chance to be on Explore Page is high.

Take some notes, you also need to pay attention to your captions and visual aspects.

If it’s already good-quality content, it will be a lot easier to rank.

Plus, give them some extra push from relevant hashtags.

Basically, never forget to insert your SEO strategy into every post.

6 Tips to Master Instagram Algorithm

You might find the algorithm for each feature to be confusing and complicated.

Don’t panic.

Here is a guide for creators to optimize recommended content on Instagram.

We have also compiled a list of key takeaways from the overall Instagram algorithm rules.

These are the best tips to incorporate the Instagram algorithm design into your content strategy.

1. Always Create new Instagram Reels (aka video) to get into the algorithmic rule

For beginners and accounts who have established their influence on the platform,

Think of Reels as your main strategy to grow and discover your Instagram account.

As I explained, you don’t need a good amount of followers to start (not necessarily).

Instagram will still promote your content as long as it has good quality and is relevant to your target audience.

Trust me, when you do Reels consistently, you will get more reach and followers in no time.

Pay attention to the video dimensions, put some hook to catch the viewer’s attention,

And also add subtitles so the audience with their volume off still can watch your video.

Read here for updated Reels ideas, get inspiration from them, and modify it to your liking.

2. Encourage comments on any Instagram post with engaging captions to hack the classifier

Engagement always matters.

On Posts, Stories, Reels, everything.

A call to action in the captions of an Instagram account to trigger interactions
Just a simple question will bring you more than enough conversation.

You need engagement for your account to be popular,

For later be suggested and appear on many suggestions and feature pages.

On Explore Tab, Reels timeline, top Story queues, and many more.

Insert CTAs, and engaging captions that drive a conversation in the comment sections.

Reply to all your comments and messages, especially if you are a Brand.

3. Instagram SEO: Include relevant keywords and hashtags on ALL your posts

Here is the deal: Instagram Search Engine Optimization is a good favor to your posts.

Remember that Instagram allows users to find content by typing keywords?

Exactly, never forget to insert keywords into any post.

Keywords on Instagram captions to perform the algorithm
Easily find the content you desire by typing keywords

Instagram SEO, as part of the algorithmic program, also includes hashtags usage.

Think of hashtags as keywords to help push your content to rank higher.

Instagram hashtag usage in a post to outsmart the algorithm
If you need more reach, you can also put more relevant hashtags!

Use only relevant hashtags, mix popular and specific ones, and do not use generic ones.

Here are the best hashtag tools to help with your hashtag strategy.

A good keywords & hashtag strategy help your content reach more relevant people.

4. Invite to interactions by using Instagram Stories Stickers for the algorithm’s sake

It might be too crowded if you write too many captions on your Stories.

But here is the kicker: use Stories stickers to drive engagement.

Instagram Stories stickers usage to drive engagement
Playing polls is a such fun way to engage with your followers~

You can ask a question, throw a poll, or insert the emoji slider.

Those are the most popular, engaged stickers on Instagram so far.

You can also invite your audience to use your Story templates for fun.

That way, you can be on your audience’s top Story queues, and get more brand visibility.

5. Publish your Post, Stories, & Reels at the algorithm’s Best Posting Time

When you post your Instagram content matters a lot.

Make sure to peep into your audience analytics

And post at a time when your audience is mostly present.

Instagram audience most active times analytics assessment
Surprise your audience with your post right after the Instagram icon disappears!

Publishing your content at the right time helps you to gain more engagement.

And make your content more relevant to the Instagram algorithm.

6. Follow Instagram’s Rules to be on the Algorithm side

Last but not least, make sure to obey what has been set by Instagram.

Unless you want to get banned by Instagram.

Stick to the Instagram Community Guidelines and avoid posting shady, sensitive topics on the platform.

Don’t put banned hashtags or else, your content won’t be promoted.

Automation for businesses on Instagram is an art.

Trust me.

Do not buy likes & followers, and if you want to use bots, use them very wisely.

Our take on Instagram Algorithm in 2023: Beat the game to accelerate your account growth

There is no compromise,

You need to master the Instagram algorithmic rule or fail.

Instagram will always make changes for the sake of the users’ preferences.

As creators or business owners, being up to date with the latest adjustments is crucial.

Don’t get me wrong, growing an Instagram account is about following the trends and new updates.

When you are left behind, it’s very correct if your content performance drops,

Not getting enough reach & engagement, and your followers are stuck.

It’s a very bad situation for your business, isn’t it?

You need to keep growing your account for your business to survive.

But knowing the Instagram game is not enough.

You still need solutions on how to beat it, in this context, the Instagram algorithm.

The most important Instagram update in 2023 is that the visual app is full-focus on Reels.

So, leveraging Reels is the best way to beat the Instagram algorithm and increase brand visibility.

You have to master Instagram SEO as well to promote your content through search queries.

Also, publish at the best posting time and put “inviting” aspects to spark interactions from your audience.

That’s it for today’s topic. Do you have other solutions to master the Instagram algorithmic program?

Don’t hesitate to comment below and share your hidden trick with other readers 🙂

Answering Questions about Instagram Algorithm

How to get more views on your Reels by taking advantage of the new Instagram algorithm?

Add keywords and hashtags, they are proven reach boosters without any fault tactics. Keywords help your content be visible to users typing the same phrases. While hashtags help categorize your content. You will see a huge difference in your organic reach if you can leverage the two and incorporate them into your Instagram marketing strategy.

How to get more engagement on Posts and Stories utilizing the Instagram algorithm?

Write engaging captions and use popular Stories stickers. Always make sure you put something “inviting” to ignite conversations on your post. It’s a common rule if you want to increase engagement. For example, putting strong CTAs on your Post’s captions or using polls and questions to trigger interactions from your followers.

What to do if I don’t like what the Instagram algorithm suggests for my account?

For users, you can clear your search history and press “I’m not interested” to posts suggested by Instagram on your feed. You can also use the new Instagram tools to adjust your content recommendations. For creators, if you feel the Instagram algorithm doesn’t promote you enough, make sure to always update yourself with the newest changes from Instagram. Once you know how it works, directly perform the rule on all of your posts.

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