Do you want to grow your business in Malaysia?

Then you must collaborate with the top Malaysian nano influencers.

I know, many of you might doubt their influence when you see how many followers they have.

After all, they have the least compared to other influencer tiers.

Influencer Marketing in Malaysia is a mature industry.

Selection of nano influencers in Malaysia

But collaborating with nano influencers actually has way more benefits than you realize.

Nano content creators have the most tight-knit community on social media.

They understand their followers more and know how to attract their attention.

So, when you want to introduce your product to a wider audience, they are who to call.

They also have no problems engaging with their fans by responding to their comments and answering their questions.

Which makes them even more admired.

Top 10 Nano-Influencers in Malaysia

  1. Yin Sinn – @yinsinn
  2. Nadia Najib – @neddiana
  3. Joe Brown – @pijo_mods
  4. Azri Sabri – @azrisabrii
  5. Megat Fazly – @megatfazly
  6. Hud – @hud_den
  7. Shal – @shalineeyyy
  8. Shahrul – @shrlsbrdn
  9. Tinizzle – @tinizzle_
  10. Emma – @fyi.khoo

Compared to other types, nano influencers are more cost-effective.

They are perfect for small brands trying to build awareness without spending too much budget.

Sounds great, right?

Let’s learn more about the best nano creators in Malaya should you plan to grow your business in the country.

Here are the 10 best Malaysian nano influencers in 2023.

1. Yin Sinn – Loved Malaysian Nano Fitness Influencer 

Yin Sinn is a certified trainer who uploads reels of her workout routines on Instagram.

The Malaysian fitness influencer also gives out wellness tips for others to follow.

Yin’s captions are always motivating, so she can definitely be your best companion throughout your fitness journey.

Working out or not, she loves to dress up and posts OOTD pictures on her feed.

So, if you also need fashion inspiration, Yin is who you need.

Yin has tight-knit communities consisting of Malaya’s women’s fitness enthusiasts.

If they are who you want to target, then leverage Yin’s influence ASAP.

2. Nadia Najib – Nano Lifestyle Influencer in Malaysia

Now we have Nadia Najib, a Malaysian hijabi and rising influencer.

Nadia posts lifestyle content covering room decor, appliances unboxings, pregnancy & parenting stories, 

As well as fashion content like clothing item recommendations and outfit photos.

Her content is useful and comforting for fellow moms in Malaysia.

Be sure to Nadia now to get a hold of her dedicated audience in no time.

3. Joe Brown – ‘Time Traveler’ Nano Influencer from Malaysia

Joe’s Instagram feed is the perfect illustration of the platform if it existed in the 70s.

There, you can see a portrayal of the era through Joe’s unbuttoned shirts and flares, topped with his Vespa and retro sunglasses.

Joe’s style is unique, of course, and that draws a lot of attention to his Instagram page.

Follow Joe now and time travel to the past through his content!

Joe has many followers and his content is always full of likes and comments.

So make sure you utilize his online presence to reach more audiences in Malaysia.

4. Azri Sabri – Creative & Entertaining Nano Influencer in Malaya

Azri Sabri is a cinematography junkie who found a way to share his creativity with the world through Instagram.

He makes short parody reels resembling Malaysian dramas.

And he has no problem playing the role of a woman, which makes his videos even funnier.

He is definitely a must-follow creator if you need a good laugh.

Azri is a dedicated video creator and it shows on his uploads.

Should you connect with him, your product will be introduced to many of his Malaysian fans.

5. Megat Fazly – Malaysia-Based Talented Nano Music Influencer

The music composer and arranger Megat Fazly is rising to fame on Instagram.

Through his song covers, on-stage photos, and inside-the-studio content, the public begins to recognize just how talented he is.

On his page, Megat can often be seen producing music with his best friends – a piano, a microphone, and a guitar.

It is clear that the nano content creator is dedicated to what he’s doing and we love to see it.

Connect with Megat ASAP to reach plenty of music lovers in Malaysia.

6. Hud – Carefree Malaysian Traveler & Nano Content Creator

Hud is a backpacker slash nano influencer from Malaysia.

He documents all the places he visited and shares them with his dedicated followers.

Hud also enjoys outdoor activities, like swimming and snorkeling.

And he will bring you along to see his exciting adventures.

Follow Hud now if you require place recommendations for your next trip.

And collaborate with him if you plan to target the travel junkies in the country.

7. Shal – Female Lifestyle Influencer in Malaysia

Shal, the nano lifestyle influencer from Malaya will brighten your day with her content.

Be it about her trips, pets, fitness journey, and relationship, 

Everything has something that makes you get hooked and stay around for more.

Not to mention that Shal presents the most gorgeous OOTD pictures you can take note of.

If you plan to expand your reach in Malaysia, I suggest you work with her and get your brand recognized by her audience.

8. Shahrul – Male Nano Photography Influencer in Malaysia

If you are one of many who love to make their Instagram feed look aesthetically pleasing, then you must follow Shahrul.

Because his content will get you inspired to take better photos, even of everyday things around you.

Shahrul also has his own presets you can try that will help your photographs have that specific and cohesive ‘look’. 

So, wait no more and give Shahrul’s account a follow.

Don’t forget to also send that collaboration email to him and grow your reach among Malaysian camerawork enthusiasts now!

9. Tinizzle – Talented Beauty Content Creator – Nano Influencer in Malaya

Tinizzle is a young and talented makeup artist from Malaysia.

She does theme makeup and everyday looks and both never scream basic.

On Tinizzle’s page, you can see many stunning looks and cosplays that require colorful eyeliner and eyeshadow.

After following her, you will surely know how to rock bright-colored eye makeup.

Tinizzle’s content is very suitable for makeup lovers in Malaya.

She’s been trusted by many beauty brands in the country to represent them – and her creativity to do just that never disappoints.

I highly encourage you to work with Tinizzle to connect with many beauty brand consumers in Malaysia.

10. Emma – Rising Nano Makeup & Fashion Influencer in Malaysia

Emma is one of the rising makeup and fashion influencers in Malaya and she will captivate you with her magic.

She loves to do themed makeup of anything and she always goes all out with her looks.

From a scary titan to a mesmerizing queen, Emma can turn herself into them all.

It doesn’t end there. The talented makeup artist also gives out fashion tips and outfit recommendations in her how-to videos.

Emma is the ultimate Malaysian beauty influencer you follow to elevate your look.

I also recommend brand owners collaborate with Emma to get your product promoted to her dedicated followers.

Grow your business in Malaysia by working with nano influencers.

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to penetrate the Malaysian market.

Many brands have proven how effective selling your product and promoting your brand can be when you work with content creators.

Virtual Influencers in Malaysia are also a trend.

And with all the advantages of working with nano influencers I mentioned,

You should give it a try and watch your brand thrive in the country without spending too much cash.

It’s a win-win situation all around.

Just remember to always pick the influencer whose niche matches your company.

That way, your brand can be acknowledged by the right mass. 😉

Continue to read if you want to work with other Malaysian influencers

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